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BIBLICAL PLAGUE HITS RUSSIA : Locust swarm blots out sun

RUSSIA - Plagues of locusts are swarming large areas of southern Russia, threatening thousands of acres of crops and in some places darkening the skies. . Videos, screened by local TV channels, showed clouds of locusts flying overhead. “ It was very frightening ” Lubov Timus, a local woman who lives in Achikulak, told ABC News. “ They came like a clouds ” The waves of locusts began around July 20, according to Stavropol’s regional agricultural ministry. Vasilii Yegorov, a deputy agricultural minister, told ABC News that locusts appear in the region every year but normally they are able to exterminate them before they hatch. Swarms have been reported across many other southern regions, st

RUSSIAN FINANCIAL CRISIS NEAR Oil-Gas crunch cripple economy

MOSCOW - Russia has fallen into full-blown depression & faces a mounting fiscal crisis as oil & gas revenues plummet. Output from country’s state-owned gas giant Gazprom has collapsed by 19pc over the past year as demand shrivels in Europe , falling to levels not seen since the creation of the company at the end of the Cold War. A report by Sberbank warned that Gazprom’s revenues are likely to drop by almost a third to $106bn this year from $146bn in 2014 , seriously eroding Russia’s economic base. Gazprom alone generates a tenth of Russian GDP & a fifth of all budget revenues. It will be several years at best before the country benefits from a new pipeline deal with China. Russia is a

EMERGENCE OF ' THE BEAST ' !!! French President call for EU Govt

EUROPE - The French President has lobbed a large boulder into negotiations on the future of Europe by calling for a full “ eurozone government ” with its own ministers, parliament & budget. Without mentioning Britain by name, François Hollande called for an “ avant-garde ” to push ahead towards a form of federal government leaving behind countries which opposed further “ deepening ” or “ integration ” of the 28-member European Union. Mr Hollande’s proposals – in an article to mark the 90th birthday of the former European Commission President , Jacques Delors – were framed as a response to the muddled, much criticised & fragile eurozone response to the Greek debt crisis. His comments were

LATEST BIBLE PROPHECY VIDEO "Iran Nuke Deal - Coming Chaos"

" MUST WATCH " END-TIMES VIDEO The Deal is signed ... The stage is set !! The shocking events foretold in end-time bible prophecy are on the cusp of fulfilment. As world leaders celebrate this ' historic deal ' on Iran's nuclear program , few realise it is the spark that will ignite global chaos & turmoil . . . & all vividly described in detail in God's Word , the Bible. Please view this video & the mind-blowing Bible evidence detailing these apocalyptic events - - BEFORE they happen !!! Iran Nuclear Deal Coming Chaos revealed in bible prophecy

RUSSIA BEGINS PUSH SOUTH ?? EU condemns move in Georgia

BRUSSELS - The European Union warned of growing tensions on Thursday amid reports that Russia had seized control of part of an international oil pipeline by unilaterally redrawing Georgia's border with a Russian-backed breakaway republic. Georgia says that Russian troops based in South Ossetia moved markers reading “ state border ” several hundred meters further into Georgian territory on Tuesday, leaving a portion of the Baku-Supsa oil pipeline under Russian control. Georgia has said the move was part of a campaign of “ creeping annexation ” that has also seen Russia erect new fences on other parts of the de-facto frontier. An EU foreign policy spokesman said the move " had led to tens

NEW RUSSIAN MILITARY FORCE : Putin bolsters army reservists

MOSCOW - Vladimir Putin has ordered the creation of a new military reserve force as part of steps to improve military readiness amid continuing tensions with the West. The plan, which is described in a presidential decree as an “ experiment ”, will allow soldiers leaving the army to take on three-year contracts as part-timers. All Russian men are meant to complete obligatory national service between the ages of 18 & 27. Several million ex-servicemen are already considered reservists who can be called up in times of military emergency , but they are unpaid & seldom trained. The new force will be more akin to the British Territorial Army , with reservists attending regular training & recei

ISRAEL & SAUDI UNITED FRONT : End-times co-operation foretold

MID-EAST - The nuclear deal with Iran caused fury in Israel & consternation around the region at the likely increase in influence & resources of a newly enriched Iran. Most telling was the loudest expression of support. " I am happy that the Islamic Republic of Iran has achieved a great victory by reaching an agreement," President Bashar al-Assad of Syria said in a message to his Iranian opposite number, Hassan Rouhani. " In the name of the Syrian people, I congratulate you & the people of Iran on this historic achievement.” Israel & the Sunni Arab world have set aside old grievances to stand together against the West’s engagement with Iran. Saudi officials have previously voiced fears

HISTORIC IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL : Will global peace & safety follow?

VIENNA - Joint Statement by EU & Iran : " Today is an historic day. It is a great honour for us to announce that we have reached an agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. With courage, political will, mutual respect & leadership, we delivered on what the world was hoping for : a shared commitment to peace & to join hands in order to make our world safer. This is an historic day also because we are creating the conditions for building trust & opening a new chapter in our relationship. This achievement is the result of a collective effort. No one ever thought it would be easy. Historic decisions never are. But despite all twists & turns of the talks, & the number of extensions, hope

PUTIN WAITS IN THE SHADOWS : Russian tank build-up in Ukraine

EUROPE - New evidence is exposing Russia's deepening role in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, suggesting Vladimir Putin may be preparing to gobble up more territory undeterred by NATO -- as a new U.S. military document highlights the extent of Moscow's aggression. Bloomberg View reported that Ukraine security officials have found five Russian generals are playing a lead role commanding separatist units inside the country, despite Kremlin denials. This comes as aerial video shot by a drone -- & provided by pro-Ukraine fighting units -- depicts the build-up of a Russian military base with tanks & other gear in eastern Ukraine. " We see a more assertive Russia trying to intimidate neighbour

ISRAELI PM WARNING ON IRAN : Nuclear threat worse than ISIS

ISRAEL - As the Iranian nuclear negotiations teeter on the brink, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is saying the world has more to fear from a nuclear-capable Iran than ISIS terrorists. The statement comes after the jihadists threatened to “ uproot ” the Jewish state. Netanyahu’s statement was made on Thursday, as the talks over Iran’s nuclear program held in Vienna showed no clear sign of progressing to a solution acceptable to all sides. The Israeli PM, famous for showing a cartoon with a bomb at the UN to illustrate his fears , made the warning during a visit to Israel’s cyber park in Beersheba. He sent his condolences to Egypt for the recent terrorist attacks in Sinai that killed dozens o

ISIS FIRE ROCKETS AT ISRAEL : Islamic State claim Egypt's Sinai

ISRAEL - Two rockets fired from Egypt's violence-plagued Sinai Peninsula exploded inside Israeli territory on Friday without causing casualties. " Two rockets fired from Sinai struck southern Israel, but without causing casualties or material damage ," the spokesman said, without elaborating. The Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant jihadist group's affiliate in Egypt, " Sinai Province ", said it had fired three Grad rockets at Israel. It said this was in retaliation for alleged Israeli support for Egypt's armed forces on Wednesday when the jihadists attacked army checkpoints in northern Sinai. Egypt is reeling from a string of deadly attacks by ISIS on its security forces in the Sinai. Jih

WORLD'S JEWISH POPULATION : Nearing pre-Holocaust levels

ISRAEL - The world's Jewish population has grown to be nearly as large as it was before the Holocaust, according to an Israeli think tank. The Jewish People Policy Institute said there were currently 14.2 million Jews in the world. When factoring in individuals with one Jewish parent & others who identify as part Jewish, the figure approaches 16.5 million - the Jewish population on the eve of the Second World War. The Nazis & their collaborators killed about 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. The report said the rise has been due in part to natural growth , mainly in Israel , which has about 6.1 million Jews & one of the Western world's highest fertility rates. The United States has the w

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