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Foretold  . . .  in Bible Prophecy  !!!
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Beyond the normal use of symbols and metaphoric language , there are recurring themesconsistently found in these ‘ last days ’ prophecies.   These recurring themes  -  while at times having subtle differences in name  -  nevertheless speak clearly of the  same events  and details  that inextricably tie these end-times passages together .  While some are commonly assumed to be directly referencing  ‘ divine power ’  through the  ‘ forces of nature ’  this is frequently  NOT  the case ,  and a closer examination often reveals the origin of many of these judgments befalling mankind are actually from man himself  as we will demonstrate.  Equally, it’s also quite true that many of these  prophetic events  can also have a ‘ double-application ’ or outworking , and will soon originate from  both  man and God during the ‘ Great Tribulation ’.  Among the most notable  ‘ metaphoric ’  themes found in these end-times prophecies are the phrases “ THE CURSE  /  THE PLAGUE  /  THE PESTILENCE ”     


As noted in Verse 6 above , THE CURSE  ” is translated from the ancient Hebrew word ‘ אלה ‘ ( ‘ âlâh ’ – Strong’s H423 ).  It is an unusual rendering of the word that is found some 18 times in scripture, whereas the general English word  “ curse ”  is used  HUNDREDS OF TIMES.  One of the other ‘ rare ’ occurrences of this same Hebrew root is found in  Zechariah Ch.5 ,  a chapter and prophecy that speaks of a troubling vision seen by the prophet. The entire chapter - from beginning to end - is utterly replete with descriptive symbolism and metaphorical language that points meticulously and indisputably to the certainty of an  end-times ‘ global nuclear ’ war


It is a remarkable prophecy clearly never intended to be understood  ( in this manner )  until the very last days.  Down through the ages this prophecy in  Zechariah 5  has rightly had other ' legitimate ' interpretations attributed to it, however we would contend ( given the ‘ enormity ’  of this coming final fulfilment ) this will be its ultimate and principle outworking.  The prospect of worldwide nuclear war may be a shocking and confronting revelation to many students of God’s Word , however , it is also entirely consistent and in conformity with the  Time of the End / Great Tribulation  described in Daniel 11-12 ,  the  gospel accounts  and the devastating global events described in  Isaiah 24.   


In the event the reader still remains ' unconvinced ' of the bible evidence pointing to a coming nuclear war , there is still yet another  ‘ TRULY ASTONISHING ’  connection that will  TOTALLY and  CONCLUSIVELY CONFIRM  this approaching  scenario as described in God’s Word.  This previously ‘ unknown -and- undiscovered ‘ connection that we will reveal , quite incredibly is taken from  ( no less than . . . )  one of the  MOST  well-read , loved and cherished  ‘ PSALMS ’  known to bible students.           


However , for just a moment let us consider the remarkable language used in  Zechariah Ch. 5  that so unmistakably describes this approaching  ‘ nuclear nightmare ’.



Initially ,  as we read through  Zechariah 5  the reader is presented with a peculiar ,  and at times ‘ truly bizarre ’ series of descriptive mental images as seen by the prophet . . . ‘ a roll ... that flies ’ ;  ‘ a woman .. in a basket ’ and seemingly with a metal lid , as well as other women  ‘ ... who have wings ’ and who ‘ fly like storks ’.   These images seem utterly nonsensical and unrelated. Yet when two elementary  ( but critical )  ERRORS of TRANSLATION   are corrected and then the overall prophecy re-considered through its masterful selection and use of metaphors and symbols , what materialises before us is a precise and detailed depiction not only of  ' missiles '  but of a full-scale  ' nuclear war ' in the modern age.

Zechariah Vision - Flying Roll...jpg


The first error to be corrected is in Verses 1 & 2 with the words  “ flying ROLL ”.  For generations this has been interpreted as a TWO cylindered ‘ scroll ’  typical of writing parchments of that age.  Yet the original Hebrew word is ‘ megillâhמגלּה  Strongs H4039 ] which specifically defines a ‘ SINGLE cylinderedroll.   This distinction is critical.   As Zechariah looked skyward , the sight of a ‘ flying ’ object in the shape of twin cylindered scroll would make no logical sense.  However, if the object is in the form of a ‘ SINGLEcylinder it immediately reveals a plausible aerodynamic-shaped representation of an arrow . . . or more accurately a missile.


Scroll vs Roll 002.jpg

The logical conclusion that this strange  ‘ cylinder-shaped ’  object that  Zechariah  witnessed  ‘ flying across the sky ’  was in fact pointing forward  ( prophetically )  to the latter day invention of  ‘ missiles ’ is given  even further credence  in the very same verse as the angel actually reveals to the ancient prophet  the   EXACT  DIMENSIONS    of these mysterious projectiles . . .



 the LENGTH  thereof  is twenty cubits  ”   (  approx. 34 feet   /   10.4 metres  )


  and   “  the BREADTH  thereof  ten cubits  ”    (  approx. 17 feet    /    5.2 metres  )


Anyone looking at these measurements would immediately ( and correctly ) assert that being ‘ half as wide ’ as it is in length would certainly not qualify the object as being ‘ aero-dynamic ’ let-alone suitable for flight.  


The Hebrew word for “ breadth ”  in this instance is a poor translation.  It does  not  mean the ‘ diameter ‘  ( this method of measurement was ‘ unknown ’ to the ancient Hebrews and was only devised later by the Greeks ).   Rather , “ breadth “ in this passage  speaks of  ' a line cast about '  in the same manner as a person In old times would cast a rope around the base of a tree to measure it’s girth.  For further biblical proof of this , we note in  all scripture  there are  ONLY TWO  other instances where ‘ cylindrical ’ objects ( ie. pillars ) are  measured for their ‘ breadth ‘.  In both  1 Kings 7v15  &  Jeremiah 52v21  this concept of a  “ line cast about ”  is clearly described as the means of measuring the breadthof the pillars.  LinesorFillets ( the identical Hebrew word in both verses )  are used to  ‘ compass around ‘  the columns or pillars to measure their respective sizes.  In both instances , it explicitly describes the measure of  the circumferenceof the pillars by use of a rope-like chord  ( Line / Fillet )  . . .  and  not  their diameter.

1 KINGS 7v15     -   For he cast two  PILLARS  of brass , of eighteen cubits high apiece :

                      and a  ' LINE '  [ H2339 ]  of twelve cubits did  ' compass ' [ H5437 ] either of them about.


JEREMIAH 52v21  Concerning the  PILLARS ,  the height of one  PILLAR  was eighteen cubits ;

            and a ' FILLET ' [ H2339 ]  of twelve cubits did  ' compass ' [ H5437 ]  it ;

            and the thickness thereof was four fingers :  it was hollow.



Furthermore ,  when we look deeper to the specific Hebrew meaning of these words  ( ie.Line / Fillet / compass ) their definitions provide yet another layer of unequivocable proof that the measurement described in  Zechariah 5  is indeed speaking of a line cast about “ ( ie. circumference ) and quite clearly  NOT  the diameter of these “ flying objects ” .


[ STRONG’S CONCORDANCE ]  -    LINE / FILLET   [ H2339 ]   חוּט   chûṭ  khoot  -  From an unused root, probably meaning to sew ;

                                                              a string ;  by implication  a measuring tape  -  cord , fillet , line , thread



[ STRONG’S CONCORDANCE ]  -    COMPASS   [ H5437 ]  סבב  sâbab  saw-bab'  - A primitive root ;  to revolvesurround  or  border used in various applications, literally and figuratively : -  bring, cast, fetch, lead, make, walk, X whirl,  X  round about ,  be on about every side ,  apply , avoid, beset (about), besiege, bring again, carry (about), change, cause to come about, X circuit ,  ( fetch a ) compass  ( about , round ), drive, environ, X on every side, beset  ( close, come, compass, go, stand) round about, remove, return, set, sit down, turn (self) (about, aside, away, )

So clearly , this term  “ breadth ”  in verse 2 actually refers to thecircumferenceof the flying roll and not it’s diameter.  When we then mathematically recalculate the objects’ correct dimensions using the stated circumference , we soon discover the actual ' diameter of these flying objects converts to   (  approx. 5 - 6 feet  /  1.6 metres  )


We therefore have a mysterious  flying object/s  whose dimensions are  :


( approx.  34 feet  LONG   X   6 feet  DIAMETER   /  10.4  metres  X  1.6 metres  )


Could it be merely an  ‘ astonishing co-incidence ’  that these measurements  -  as told to Zechariah over  2,500 years ago  by  ‘ an angel ’  -  are indeed reflective of the actual dimensions of nuclear and ballistic missiles typically made around the world today ??  Simply INCREDIBLE  !!!  . . .  but there remains  far more  to come !!


Verse 3  is the terrible heart of this prophecy.  It contains a  critical link  that inextricably connects this chapter to the apocalyptic prophecy we previously examined in  Isaiah 24 .   While speaking to Zechariah ,  the angel of the LORD also defines this impending cataclysmic event as  THE CURSE ,  the exact same phrase used by the prophet Isaiah and who described the same terrifying effects in his vision.  Compare the words of both prophets :


      ZECHARIAH 5 v3  -  This is  ' THE CURSE '  [ H423   אלה'  âlâh ]  that goeth forth over the face of  THE WHOLE EARTH 


      ISAIAH  24 v 6  -  Therefore hath  ' THE CURSE '  [ H423   אלה'   âlâh ]  devoured THE EARTH

This use of the ‘ identical ’ Hebrew word for THE CURSE  in both these two passages is extraordinarily unusual. As noted in our prior examination of  Isaiah 24   THE CURSE  ” is translated from the Hebrew word  ‘ אלה ‘ ( ‘ âlâh ’ – Strong’s H423 ) .  It is a very rare rendering of the word found only 18 times in scripture , whereas the more common English word for “ curse ” is used  HUNDREDS OF TIMES.  Given the same ‘ apocalyptic back-drop ’ in both these two chapters we can see how the LORD has ‘ tied ’ these two prophecies together simply through the common use of this one unique Hebrew word.


As we continue to read through the balance of  Verse 3 we are presented with a vision of widespread death and destruction as THE CURSE sweeps forth over the ‘ whole earth ’ with many being cut off( ie. ‘ die ’ or ‘ perish ’ ).  We note specific focus is placed upon  everyone  that either ‘ steals ’  or  ‘ swears ’ ( ie. falsely or profanely ).   All these will perish .   This clearly indicates that the effects of this ‘ man-made nuclear curse ’ will be  NOT  be arbitrary or chance , rather it will be the execution of a ‘ moral  judgment ’ and the passing of a sentence against a wide swathe of mankind.  However , there is also an absolute implication in this passage , those who are  NOT  found amongst these two evil classes of mankind ( that steal or swear ) will actually be  ‘ preserved ’  from the deadly effects of this global nuclear war.  Sound improbable ?? . . .  even impossible ??  Later, in yet another ‘ stunning ’ bible passage we will provide  ‘ incontestable bible proof ’  of this exact promise ,  expressly pledged by God Himself and made to ‘ the faithful ’ . . . and ( once again )  all found in the ‘  indisputable  context ’  of  an  end-times ‘ global  nuclear ’ war !!!   . . .   and incredibly ,  all within our ‘ much-loved PSALM ’  !!


Finally as  Verse 3  concludes , we note the descriptive label of this CURSE that Yahweh uses as His chosen agency for the end-times judgment of the nations ,  changes for much of the remainder of the chapter  to IT  or  ‘ THIS  perhaps to underline the  ‘ mysterious ’  and ‘ utterly inexplicable ’ nature of the event/s that Zechariah was witnessing in this vision . . . yet wholly unable to comprehend.  Quite simply , this prophecy was  never intended  to be fully understood either in Zechariah’s time ,  nor in the ages up until the final days ,  when these technologies would come into being.


While this coming nuclear holocaust is absolutely of man’s making and foolishness - nevertheless Verse 4 provides a powerful and authoritative ‘ divine commentary ’ of this event , that  unequivocably establishes  that  it is  God Himself who ‘ initiates ’ this judgment on mankind. We know this for a certainty because at the very outset of the verse He states clearly :  


“  I WILL  bring  ' IT '  forth  . . .  saith the LORD of hosts ”


He neither apologises for  -  nor baulks from  -  the fact that ,  it is He ( the divine ruler of the universe )  who Himself has previously sworn that at the appointed time He would ‘ judge the nations ’,  now pronounces the execution of His righteous judgment in the form of  ‘ the fire ’  and  ‘ the flame ’  of nuclear war.   It is by no means unusual that God has used a  symbol or metaphor to declare the impending prosecution of His divine will.  Indeed throughout scripture we know of many instances where God uses illustrative language ( both literal and figurative ) to announce an approaching evil whether in the form of  THE WHIRLWIND ,  THE SWORD ,  THE PESTILENCE ,  THE PLAGUE   or  THE LOCUSTS.    Just a few examples include :


EXODUS 10 v 4    -     If thou refuse to let my people go, behold, to morrow

                                      WILL I  bring  the  ‘ LOCUSTS ’  Into thy coast


JEREMIAH 25 v29   -   For, lo,  I BEGIN  to bring  ‘ EVIL ’  on the city which is called by my name  . . .

                                       For  I WILL  call for ‘ A SWORD ’ upon all the inhabitants of the earth , saith the LORD


JEREMIAH 30 v23   -   Behold, the  ‘ WHIRLWIND ’  of the LORD  goeth forth with fury  . . .

                                       it shall fall with pain upon the head  of the wicked.


As  Verse 4  continues ,  the reader is introduced to a ‘ new and striking ’ theme.  Despite the  massive scale  and  enormity of nuclear detonations  ( as we know capable of wiping out ‘ entire cities ’ in an instant )  the language in  verse 4  describing this approaching  ‘ world-wide ’ disaster , surprisingly and somewhat oddly is scaled down dramatically to a commentary of events at a domestic -or- household level.  This is quite peculiar but is also deliberate.  Critically it also provides yet another  ‘ remarkable link ’  to our previously mentioned connection to a ‘ much-loved ’ PSALM  that points unmistakably to the certainty of a coming nuclear war.    We will graphically illustrate this later.

This  CURSE  is then labelled in  Verse 4  as  ‘ IT ’  and is repeatedly described as  ‘ entering into the house ’  and also  ‘ remaining in the house  ’ specifically identifying the dwellings of  " the thief "  and  " him that swears falsely ".   So again ,  we see further reinforced  ( from Verse 3 )  the DISCRIMINATORY ’  SELECTION  of those in society who commit these evils ,  as they are purged ' individually and collectively ' as a result of this nuclear scourge .  Beyond this , we are told in  Verse 4  after  ‘ entering in ’  and  ‘ remaining in ’ the house  this undefined and unidentified  curse ( IT) also has a tertiary phase that actually “ consumes ” the timber and the stones of the house.  We would contend that this lethal and destructive substance that enters into , remains in and ultimately consumes these houses  ( which could not have been more accurately and graphically described over 2,500 years ago )  is without doubt the residual effects of  nuclear radiation ’.    What else could it be ??

[  NOTE :   As a further point of clarification ,  to the passage  ‘  . . .  of him that  SWEARS FALSELY  . . .  BY MY NAME ’ ,  the inclusion of    BY MY NAME ’  ( God’s )  denotes a strong religious connotation.  It is by definition those who swear allegiance ‘ falsely in a religious sense ’.  It is a condemnation of mainstream religions.  It is a statement identifying those corrupt religious institutions that down through the centuries have adopted  ( and continue to teach )  the  ‘ false doctrines ’  of the Roman ‘ Mother Church ’.  Therefore by direct implication , this judgment will also apply to all the unfortunate ‘ individual followers ’ of these false faiths ,  as they themselves have not personally searched out ‘ God’s Truth ’ in His Holy Word ,  but opted to ‘ entrust ’ their belief and understanding to the  corrupt teachings and traditions of  ‘ men in robes ’. ]


Verse 5 & 6   -  The angel speaking with Zechariah then seeks to inform him further of the nature of

this CURSE ,  but still unable to understand the meaning or import of this vision , Zechariah directly

asks the angel  What  is  IT  ? .  The angel proceeds to offer additional details telling Zechariah, IT

is an  ephah.  An  ‘ ephah ’  is a  ‘ basket-like container ’  dating back to ancient Hebrew times , it was

commonly used for measuring quantities of grain and produce ,  and was approximately 40 litres in

capacity.   Once again ( on the surface ) this additional clue seems bizarre and completely unrelated

to the  ‘ flying object ’  yet it is a vital component within what we now know today as ‘ missiles ’.  This

' ephah '  ( or basket ) represents the payload that contains the deliverable elements forming the

explosive warhead.  Finally the angel says : 


“  This is  ‘ THEIR  resemblance ’  through  all the earth  ”



This simple statement reveals two major factors concerning the ‘ flying object ’.  Firstly, that they are all of ' similar ' design and construct , particularly with respect to the carrying of an ephah / basket.  Secondly , these flying objects are found through all the earth. . . and by implication , they are too numerous to be counted.  So we see the figurative description of  the basket ( payload ) ;  the broad uniformity of design and construction ; and their widespread proliferation globally are consistent with the ballistic missile industry we see worldwide today.


Verse 7 & 8 ... then continues to provide more overwhelming evidence that the angel is indeed pointing forward prophetically to the advent of the nuclear age , when he then speaks of a  ‘ talent ( or weightof  LEAD being lifted up.  As in prior instances , a completely random and seemingly unrelated item is introduced , but once again , it serves as a symbolic representation of a key facet of the actual subject matter , namely  ‘ nuclear missiles ’  in the modern age.   It is no coincidence the angel chose ‘ LEAD ’.  The crucial element that is at the ‘ very heart ’ of nuclear weapons technology  is ‘ Uranium 235 ’.   It is a scientific fact , that when this radio-active substance ( Uranium 235 ) ‘ degrades and decays ’ it actually turns into ‘ lead ’.  Could this be purely co-incidence ??  What other metallurgical substance could the angel have possibly nominated to ' more accurately ' depict the nature of this ' end-times ' weapons technology ??


Furthermore  the angel describes the  lifting up of this  weight of  LEAD  and then in  Verse 8  the  casting down ’  of the same upon the ephah ( basket ).  It is a remarkable ( coded ) description of the ‘ nuclear trigger ’ used to detonate warheads in ballistic missiles.  Not only do we have descriptions of the core ingredient ( Uranium 235 / Lead )  but also an illustrative overview of the operational trigger.  This leads us to the  ‘ actual effect ’  of this detonation ,  which  INCREDIBLY  is  ALSO described in  Verse 7 .  However , this also brings us to the second major correction of ‘ TRANSLATIONAL ERRORS ’  contained in this chapter  -  which once corrected  -   will incontrovertibly  lift the lid on this widely misunderstood prophecy.  


ERROR # 2  -   In Zechariah 5 the translation of the word  ‘ woman ’  has been source of confusion and consternation for centuries.  A woman sitting  ‘ in a basket ’  ?!?  An extremely bizarre image to try to make sense of.   Almost comical.  Yet it did not need to be so.   The original Hebrew word that the translators have erroneously derived  woman ’  from is  " ishshah "  ( Strong’s Heb. H802 )  as found in Strong’s authoritative concordance of the Bible.


This word is among a cluster of 3 almost identical Hebrew words , all have their original root in a primary word  H784 :


 H784     אשׁ     'êsh            aysh             A primitive word ;  fire  ( literally or figuratively ) : -  burning ,  fiery ,  fire ,  flaming ,  hot



 H800     אשּׁה    'eshshâh   esh-shaw'    Feminine  of  H784 ;  fire  : -   fire.


 H801     אשּׁה    'ishshâh    ish-shaw'     The same as H800 ,  but used in a  ‘ liturgical ’  sense ;   properly a ‘ burnt offering ’  ;  

                                                                               but  occasionally  of  any  sacrifice  :  -  ( offering , sacrifice ) ,   ( made )  by fire .


 H802     אשּׁה    'ishshâh    ish-shaw'     is the feminine of H376 or H582 ;  a woman  ( used in the same wide sense as H582 ) :

                                                                               [adulter]ess, each,  every, female, X many, + none, one, + together, wife, woman.


In fact ,  the reader will notice the word ( ‘ woman ’ - H802 ) the translators chose to insert in  Zechariah 5 v 7  is the ' VERY LAST ' of this series of Hebrew words.  Incongruously,  they also used a translation that is  ‘ THE LEAST ’  reflective of the original root word ( H784 ) and defies  ALL ’  the preceding translated words that speak incontrovertibly of  ‘ FIRE ’ .  Is it any wonder this prophecy has been so misunderstood for two millennia ??  Clearly  FIRE  was the intended word.


Strong's 784 - 787b.jpg
Strongs 800 - 802a .jpg
Hebrew H801-H802 - 002.jpg

Upon substitution of the word  FIRE ’  in place of  woman  the prophecy  -  and the vision of  WHAT is coming  -  becomes infinitely clearer. We see the causal effect of the ‘ casting down ’ of the lead will spark a ‘ fiery ignition ’ of the nuclear elements within the missile warhead. This is represented by the ‘ FIRE ’ in the basket.  It is a terrifying prospect that is being revealed.   If the reader has any doubt concerning the true nature of this evil and destructive man-made device , in  Verse 8  the angel himself , being aware of the intended purpose of these weapons, succinctly concludes  “ This is WICKEDNESS ”.


Verse 9 . . .  then reveals  ‘ three ’  additional features  of these modern day ‘ missile systems ’  . . . 


Firstly , as  Zechariah  looked skyward to witness this unfolding vision , he saw not two women  but rather two separate “ FIRES ” come out of the  ‘ flying roll ’  while it was in flight.  This could not speak more conclusively to the widespread configuration of ballistic missiles today that often have ‘ multiple ‘ independent warheads that actually detach  and  deploy in flight to strike separate targets.   Some missiles can ‘ carry up to 14 ’  independent nuclear warheads  and  have the capability to wipe out entire countries.  Each of these smaller individual MIRV’s ( Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicles )  are deployable  ‘ missiles / warheads ’ in their own right ,  which Zechariah saw as smaller “ FIRES ”  coming out of the larger.


Secondly ,  Zechariah then vividly describes  ‘ the flight ’  of these two new  ‘ fiery objects ’  as he witnessed these happenings , saying  the wind was in their wings ;  for they had wings like the wings of a stork ”While missiles do not typically have elongated wings as a stork , Zechariah being unable to conceive of the invention of rocket propulsion could only liken the motion of these ‘ flying objects ’ with something that he knew.  His description speaks to the smooth , effortless and graceful motion classically associated with storks , gliding through the sky with unbridled ease , elevated and propelled through the air as the wind gathers beneath their wings.  He saw this ‘ mirrored ’ in the motion of these fiery  ‘ flying objects ’.


Thirdly , in  Verse 9  Zechariah once again hearkens back to the ephah ( basket / payload ) as he completes the picture , revealing these two new smaller ‘ fires ’ ( missiles ) also lift up the ephah  “ between the earth and the heaven ”.   So in other words , both these two MIRV’s each have their own ‘ ephah ’ or deliverable payload that the missiles carry in flight between the heaven and the earth , that is  ‘ through the sky ’ or the upper bounds of the ‘ stratosphere ’ ( near to heaven ).  This is ‘ exactly ’ how ballistic missiles are conveyed to their intended targets around the world today.  How could ‘ a vision ’ from 2,500 years ago  . . .  provide a more accurate  and comprehensive depiction of these horrendous weapons of war ??

So in  Zechariah’s  vision  we can see that  almost every aspect  of this  ' coming nuclear war '  is comprehensively and graphically detailed for the reader’s benefit.   How amazing that so many details of this 21st century military technology and warfare could be so meticulously explained and illustrated through ‘ natural and symbolic ‘ imagery that  -  for the most part  -  did not seem out of place in these passages when written by Zechariah so long ago.


Verse 10 & 11 . . . Finally, to understand the ultimate destination and purpose of these highly destructive projectiles Zechariah enquires of the angel , Whither do these bear the ephah ? ”.  The angel responds somewhat cryptically by telling Zechariah to build it  AN HOUSE  in the land of Shinar .  As we consider the unmitigated death and destruction ( on a world-wide scale )  found in  Zechariah’s  prophetic vision , the answer  to build a house  in an ancient Babylonian land of ‘ Shinar ’ seems utterly detached and unrelated to the question.  Yet hidden within this  simple statement ,  rests the  entire scope of God’s eternal plan and purpose with mankind.   The term ‘ Shinar ’ is used as a representation of the first ‘ kingdom of men ’.  The Assyrian / Babylonian empire was the Head of Gold in Daniel’s vision , the quintessential symbol of the rulership of man.  It was renown for its wealth , its glory , its idolatry ,  its immorality  and most of all its ungodliness.   Several thousand years later , its pagan and hedonistic influence , ideologies and practices can still be found in society today. For this reason the angel used ‘ Shinar ’ as a symbol for  ‘ the world ’  today ,  in all its corruption , depravity and godlessness. 


The purpose of delivering these  ‘ ephahs ’  is to finally  cleanse the world  of man’s evils.  It is why ‘ THE CURSE . . . goes forth over the face of the whole earth . . . cutting off  all  evil-doers who steal and swear falsely ( both institutions and individuals) ’.  Essentially its purpose will be to ‘ wipe the slate clean ’ in preparation for the building of  ‘ the house  of the LORD ’  in Zion ;  the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth and the rulership of the Lord Jesus Christ worldwide.  This global harvesting  ( or removal ) of all ungodliness in the earth , will come in two stages , first this ‘ man-made ’ nuclear holocaust , before the full forces of nature are unleashed on the nations through the agency of the Lord Jesus Christ at his return.  Once this  ' cleansing process '  is complete then as the angel says in  Verse 11  (  . . .  of the LORD’s House and kingdom on the earth ) and it shall be established . . .  and set there upon her own base ”.



v1  -   Then I turned  &  lifted up mine eyes  &  looked  &  behold a  ' FLYING ROLL '


v2  -   And he said unto me , What seest thou ?

          And I answered ,  I  see a  ' FLYING ROLL '  [  H4039   מגלּה   megillâh  -  Note : It is a " ROLL "  NOT a scroll  ► ie. " missile "]

          the length  thereof is twenty cubits   ( approx. 34 feet ) 

          &  the breadth thereof ten cubits   (  ie. circumference " … line cast about "  --  diameter approx. 5 - 6 feet  )


v3  -  Then said he unto me,  This is  ' THE CURSE '   [  H423    אלה'   âlâh  ]

          that goeth forth over the face of  THE WHOLE EARTH   ( nuclear war )

          for every one that ‘ stealeth ’ shall be cut off   [ perish ]       

          as on this side according to it  &  every one that ‘ sweareth ’ shall be cut off  [ perish ]  as on that side


v4  -  I will bring  ' IT '  forth, saith the LORD of hosts 

         and  ' IT '  shall enter  into the house  of  ' the thief '

         and   into the house  of him that  ‘ sweareth falsely by my name ’  (  false religion  )                   

         and  ' IT '  ( ie. ' nuclear  radiation ' )  shall remain in the midst  of his house 

         and  shall  consume it  with the timber thereof  &  the stones thereof  ( ie. ' nuclear  radiation ' )


v5  -  Then the angel that talked with me went forth  and  said unto me ,

         Lift up now thine eyes  and  see what is  ' THIS '  that goeth forth.


v6  -  And I said , What is ' IT '    And he said , ' THIS ' is an ' ephah '  ( ie. ' basket '  approx. 40 Litre  ~  " payload " ) 

         that goeth forth.  He said moreover ,  This is  ‘ THEIR  resemblance ’  through all the earth.



v7  -   And, behold , there was lifted up a  ' talent of  LEAD  ' ( ie. ' Uranium 235 ' ) 

          and  this is  ' A WOMAN '  ( Heb. H801/802  " ishshah "  -  BURNT / FIRE  offering )  that sitteth in the midst of the ephah


v8  -   And he said,  This is  ' wickedness '.  And he cast  ' IT '  into the midst of the ephah  ( ie. ' nuclear trigger ' )

          and  he cast the  weight of  LEAD  ( ie. uranium )  upon the mouth thereof.


v9  -  Then lifted I up mine eyes  and  looked  and  behold ,

          there came out  ' two women ' (  ie. ' BURNT / FIRE  offerings '  -  Heb. H801/802  " ishshah "  ) 

          the wind was ' in their wings ' ;  For they had  ‘ wings ’  like the wings of a stork 

          and  they lifted up  the ephah  (  ' basket / payload ‘  )  between  the earth  and  the heaven  ( ie. ‘ stratosphere ’ )


v10 -  Then said I to the angel that talked with me ,  Whither  ( where to . . )  do these bear the ephah ?


v11 -  And he said unto me , To build it  ‘ an house ’  in the land of  Shinar  ( Babylon  ~  ie. ‘ The World ’ )   

          and   it shall be established   and  set there upon her own base



The use of metaphoric and symbolic language , so masterfully woven into scripture , is a key feature that has allowed these prophecies to be written thousands of years ago , yet also ensured so many of them would only come to be ‘ fully understood ’ with the passing of time , when the time was right in God’s eyes.  It is a truly unique aspect of scripture and an unmistakable testament to its divine authorship , that the gradual ‘ rolling out ’ of His plan and purpose has been facilitated over vast expanses of time through these ancient allusions and analogies.  We can look to many other bible passages which further illustrate the use of this ‘ hidden ’ but purposeful language in God’s Word. 


A simple , but powerful example of this is found in  Jeremiah Ch. 51 .  This is a chapter and prophecy that has a clear outworking in the present age as we now see in current world events ,  the ‘ Medes ’  ( modern day ‘ Iran ’ )  rising to the fore just prior to Armageddon , but also ( as noted in this chapter ) with both hostile and hegemonic intentions towards its neighbour Iraq ( ancient Babylon ).  Similarly and absolutely consistent with the Iranians we see today  ( who arguably , more than any other nation have an ‘ obsessive pre-occupation ’ with missiles and rocket technology )  the prophet Jeremiah actually describes these people making ‘ BRIGHT ' the arrows .  Writing thousands of years ago of the ancient Medes , the mention of perhaps ‘ torch-lighting ’ a primitive arrow would be entirely normal and appropriate in such a context.  Yet this figurative analogy  also presents an amazing long-sighted vision ( that has remained undetected and misunderstood for millennia ) of the fearful ‘ weapons technology ’ that would ultimately be developed and used in the future.  It will be this technology foreseen so long ago , that will be the ' principle delivery vehicle ' to this looming ‘ nuclear war ’  at the end of time.


v11 -  Make  " bright "  THE ARROWS  ( missiles ) ;   gather the shields  :

          the LORD hath raised up  ' the spirit '  of the  kings of the Medes ( IRAN )

          for his device is against  Babylon ( Iraq )  to destroy it  ;

          because it is the  ‘  vengeance of the LORD . . . ’ 

Importantly, it is also noted that whilst  Jeremiah 51 v11 describes these destructive evils ‘ unleashed by man ’, it is nevertheless characterised and explained by the prophet as because it is the  VENGEANCE  OF THE LORD indicating these are in fact ‘ divine  judgments ’ upon the people.



We have already seen the use of the phrase  “ THE CURSE  in the apocalyptic contexts of  Isaiah 24  and Zechariah  5.   Another prophecy widely accepted as having a ‘ latter days ’ application is Zechariah 14.  In fact, it’s one of the signature passages often held out as bible evidence to support the idea a nuclear war is coming , with its haunting description ( v.12 ) of men’s  ‘ flesh , tongues and eyes ’ consuming away while they stand on their feet.  It is graphic imagery that certainly does lend weight to the nuclear war concept.  However , most importantly  in the very same verse , this grievous affliction that consumes these men is actually called  THE PLAGUE.   This simply cannot be  ‘ a co-incidence ’  when we consider the thematic links between these prophecies ( The Curse  /  The Plague  /  The Pestilence ).  In fact ,  the term THE PLAGUEis used repeatedly in this chapter ( v12, v15 x2 )  as if to underscore its importance.  In  Zechariah 14  the original Hebrew word for  THE PLAGUE  is : 


  H4046      מגּפה    maggêphâh  mag-gay-faw'    From H5062 ;  ‘ a pestilence ’ ;  by analogy defeat : -  plague (-d),  slaughter,  stroke


The translation here of the word  PLAGUE  as  “ a pestilence ”  is quite uncommon and different to the majority of translations for Plaguethroughout scripture wherein most instances have a primary meaning of a ‘ personal ’ wound , stroke or sore pertaining to leprosy.  Whereas all 3 instances  Zechariah 14  use this Hebrew word for  plague  that relates to a  collective affliction , a widespread slaughter or defeat resulting from a pestilence / plague which is entirely applicable to nuclear war.


Verse 12 and 15 also highlight there is no distinction between man and beast , both are mortally effected by this  PLAGUE .   So we can see the chilling parallels between the effects of  THE CURSE  ’ ( both  in  Zechariah 5  &  Isaiah 24 )  and also the  THE PLAGUE  ( Zechariah 14 )  and their  accuracy and consistency of detail with modern nuclear war are undeniable.


It is also critical to note in  Zechariah 14  the contextual backdrop to this PLAGUE .   Verses 13-14  make perfectly clear at the ‘ same time ’ this nuclear  PLAGUE ’  happens , there is also  ‘ widespread conflict ’  between men,  as the  nations  fight against each other at Jerusalem.  This further underlines that this  PLAGUE  is the direct  ‘ by-product ’  of man , not God.




v12 -  This shall be  ' THE PLAGUE ’  which the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem 

          Their  flesh shall consume away  while they stand upon their feet 

          and  their  tongue shall consume away 

          and  their  eyes shall consume away  in their holes  


v13 -  And it shall come to pass  IN THAT DAY , that a  great tumult  from the LORD  shall  be among them ; 

          and  they shall lay hold every one on the hand of his neighbour 

          and  his hand shall rise up against the hand of his neighbour


v14 -  And Judah also shall fight at Jerusalem  and  the wealth of  ' all the heathen '  ( nations )   round about

          shall be gathered together , gold  and  silver  and  apparel  in great abundance.


v15  -  And so shall be  ' THE PLAGUE ’  of the horse, of the mule, of the camel, and of the ass,

           and of all the beasts that shall be in these tents  AS THIS  ' PLAGUE ’  .


So we have examined Isaiah 24 , Zechariah 5 and  Zechariah 14 which all speak of this coming man-made nuclear nightmare in metaphorical terms , each prophet describing it as  “ THE CURSE ”“ THE PESTILENCE ”  or  “ THE PLAGUE ” Likewise in each of these cases , the translations relate back to often exceptionally uncommon ( but highly specific ) Hebrew words that portray flawlessly this ‘ nuclear war ’ scenario.  This incredible level of specificity - that has been masterfully hidden in God’s Word  for literally ‘ thousands of years ’ -  has  NOT  happened by chance.  It is undeniably  ‘ by design ’  and represents the indelible marque of   ‘ divine ’  authorship.


Which brings us to   -  PSALM 91  -   perhaps  the most astonishing  revelation concerning this subject of bible prophecy.   

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