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BIBLE PROPHECY  . . .  2014  in Review


December 30 , 2014


Iran has just held the " largest military exercise in its history."  Involving close to 13,000 personnel  &  all branches of Iran’s military , the six day exercises spanned 2.2 million from the Strait of Hormuz , the Persian Gulf , to the Gulf of Aden  & parts of the Indian ocean.  On the eve of the drills , the Iranian military said they planned to bring state-of-the-art  missile defence systems into its integrated air defence shield. An Iranian General said it was a " message of peace to our friendly neighbours , but also a show of force regarding our defence abilities which sends a message to our enemies.“  Described in Iran’s media as a massive show of force, it included the testing of Iranian warships & submarines.  The drills finished with a military parade on December 30.


How remarkable , over 2,000 years ago  -  in a chapter describing the end-times Day of the Lord  -  the Bible spoke of ‘ latter-day ’ Iran as being stirred up against its neighbor Babylon ( Iraq ).  Of its refusal to be swayed by financial or material gain , seen in recent years by Iran’s steadfast refusal to yield to Western economic sanctions wielded to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons development.  It spoke of their ' weapon of choice ' being arrows ( ‘ missiles ’ ) &  their ideological desire to use them to kill both man & child.  God’s Word makes clear … Iran will very soon join forces with Russia to not only invade Iraq . . . but also Israel.  That time is fast approaching…


Isaiah 13v17-18 – “ Look , I will stir up the Medes ( Iran ) against Babylon ( Iraq ) . They cannot be tempted by silver or bribed with gold.  The attacking armies will shoot down the young men with arrows. They will have no mercy on helpless babies & will show no compassion for children ”                       


Russia is planning to ignite a war in Israel in an alleged ‘ contingency plan ’ to trigger a direct military conflict between Israel  & its northern neighbors Hezbollah  &  Syria’s al-Assad regime. A French official has revealed Russia's plan to start a war in Israel was its weapon against its own deepening isolation over Ukraine & Crimea  &  the crippling sanctions the West was using to target Russia’s economy.  Russia has been secretly ' priming this plan ' by sending Hezbollah large convoys of Iskandar ballistic missiles & surface-to-air missiles , despite the efforts of Israeli airstrikes in December to target these weapons shipped by Russia.


Could Russia ignite a conflict between Israel & its neighbours in retaliation to Western sanctions ? According to the report the French official believes Russia is indeed planning a possible conflict in the Middle East to play out the country's confrontation with the West. Earlier this month Vladimir Putin was ' visited ' by Syria’s FM in Sochi  & given Russia’s recent shipments of high tech military weapons to Syria & Lebanon’s Hezbollah , it’s a ' plausible scenario that is consistent with bible prophecy. God’s Word clearly foretells there is a preliminary conflict between Israel & its surrounding neighbours that will ' PRECEDE ' the end-time confederate invasion of Israel led by ' Gog '.  It makes sense that Russia is behind the first war ( Israel’s neighbours ) before the second war , described in Ezekiel 38.


Ezekiel 38v8 - " After many days thou ( Gog / Putin ) shalt be visited :  in ' the latter years '  thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword  &  is gathered out of many people , against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste :  but it is brought forth out of the nations  &  they shall dwell safely all of them.  Thou shalt ascend  &  come ' like a storm ' , thou shalt be ' like a cloud ' to cover the land , thou  & all thy bands  &  many people with thee "

December 17 , 2014


Israeli PM Netanyahu slammed the European Union decision to remove Hamas from its ' terrorist list ' calling it a staggering example of EU hypocrisy & an indication that many on the continent learned nothing from the Holocaust. The EU court said it ordered Hamas’ removal from the list for procedural reasons .  The decision coming the same day as a United Nations body in Europe delivered a stinging rebuke to Israel's settlement construction in the West Bank & called for Israel to be investigated for potential ‘ war crimes ’. These two developments follow a recent surge in European Parliaments to unilaterally recognize a state of Palestine.


By taking Hamas off the ‘ terrorist list ’ the EU has given formal recognition to Hamas , who refuse to recognise the Israel’s ‘ right to exist ’ as an independent, sovereign nation & is totally opposed to any agreement or arrangement that would recognize its right to exist. Hamas’ own charter says “ Israel will arise & continue to exist until Islam wipes it out ”  While boasting it has killed 1365 Zionist soldiers , Hamas also deliberately targets Israeli civilians while hiding among its own civilians. There is a Hebrew word “ Hamas ( 'Chamas' ) in the Bible.  It means violence , malicious , cruel & unrighteous.  Everything that Hamas is. 


As we see the latter-day emergence of  ' the Beast '  ( of Revelation ) in the form of the European Union , we'll continue to see the EU's increasing hostility to God's people.  Europe despises the  Jews  &  will actually stand against Christ & the saints when he returns . . .


Revelation 17v12-14 - " The ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet ; but receive power as kings one hour with ' the beast ' ( Catholic EuroUnion ).  These have ' one mind '  &  shall give their power  &  strength unto ' the beast '. These shall ' make war ' with the Lamb ( Christ )  &  the Lamb  shall overcome them.


Israel has attacked Syria once again.  Reports of Israeli air strikes near Damascus have wiped out newly-arrived Russian hardware including missiles sent to help Syria & Hezbollah frustrate a US plan for a ' no-fly zone ' over northern Syria. The advanced weapons were sent after Russian President Vladimir Putin learned the Obama administration & Turkey were close to a final draft on a joint effort to activate a no-fly zone that would bar Syrian air force traffic over northern Syria.  In the past , Syria's Govt have not commented on Israeli airstrikes but this time spokesmen in Damascus warned their govt’s response would be clandestine & cause Israel "unimaginable harm.”  We know from Isaiah 17 there is conflict btwn Israel & Damascus at the ' time of the end '.  The Bible says , when Damascus is finally destroyed Ephraim ( Northern Israel ) will be greatly weakened.  These events have moved us closer to this


Isaiah 17v1-3  -  Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city  &  it shall be ' a ruinous heap '.  The cities of Aroer are forsaken : they shall be for flocks, which shall lie down  &  none shall make them afraid.  The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim  &  the kingdom from Damascus  &  the remnant of Syria : they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel , saith the LORD of hosts . . . In that day it shall come to pass , that the ' glory of Jacob ' ( Israel ) shall be made thin  &  the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean.



Responding to the airstrikes , Russia sent a protest letter to the United Nations demanding an explanation to the " Israeli aggression ".  Analysts say the air-strikes are the first overt military clash with Russia in the course of the 3 year Syrian War , destroying components of Russian anti-aircraft missiles system Russia had delivered to Syria only days prior & were intended for the Lebanese terrorist group, Hezbollah.  Significantly , the strikes occurred only 24 hours after Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister had met with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.  The Bible says  Russia's Gog  will invade Israel.  With Russian - Israeli hostilities escalating . . . it may be very soon !!!


Ezekiel 38v15-16  -  ... thou ( Russia ) shalt come from thy place out of the north parts , thou  &  many people with thee , all of them riding upon horses , a great company  &  a mighty army :  &  thou shalt come up against ' my people ' of  Israel , as a cloud to cover the land ;  it shall be in ' the latter days '  &  I will bring thee against my land , that the heathen ( nations ) may know me . . . 

December 5 , 2014


In yet another disturbing insight into the secret & immoral practices of the Roman Mother Church , the Vatican has revealed it has uncovered ' hundreds of millions ' of Euros/dollars allegedly ' stashed away ' in hidden Vatican bank accounts.  It is a stunning but wholly unsurprising admission.  But in a cunning ploy to deflect the Holy See’s culpability , Cardinal George Pell ( the Vatican appointee charged with ' cleaning up ' its scandal-ridden finances )  issued a special report explaining the discovery , titled “ The Days of Ripping Off the Vatican are Over ” … quite shamelessly portraying the Vatican as ‘ the victim ’ in the scandal , rather than the countless millions of followers ( often who live in poverty ) who have been deceived & defrauded by this Apostate religious system.  Of course , one must ask after this enormous discovery of hundreds of millions of Euros/dollars lying unused in the Vatican vaults , will the Catholic Church make these vast amounts of idle money available to help the plight of the poor & the needy ?!?   We’ll not hold our breath !!!


This scandal further illustrates the unscrupulous & evil practices of the Papacy. The Bible speaks ‘ repeatedly ’ of the wickedness & sorceries perpetrated down through the centuries by the Vatican.  The prophet Nahum speaking allegorically of this ' great city ' situated in Rome described it as “ the well-favoured harlot  , the mistress of witchcrafts , that ‘ selleth ’ nations through her whoredoms  &  families through her witchcrafts ”,  a city of blood “ full of lies & robbery ; where the prey ( victims ) departeth not ”.  However , Bible Prophecy also speaks graphically concerning the great judgments & destruction the LORD will soon bring upon Rome . . . .


Revelation 18v16-20  -  Alas , alas , that great city ( Rome / Vatican ) , that was clothed in fine linen  &  purple & scarlet  &  decked with gold & precious stones & pearls.  For in one hour ' so great riches ' is come to nought ... And ( they ) cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city !  And they cast dust on their heads & cried , weeping & wailing , saying ,  Alas , alas , that great city , wherein were ' made rich ' all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness !  for in one hour is she made desolate.  Rejoice over her, thou heaven , &  ye holy apostles & prophets ; for God hath avenged you on her.


Prophecy is unfolding before our eyes !!  Britain  -  for the first time in over 40 years  -  has announced it will open a new permanent military base in Bahrain in a deal to increase cooperation in tackling security threats in the region.  Bahrain is part of a US-EU led coalition of nations fighting extremist Islamic State militants which have carved out large parts of Syria & Iraq.  Britain pulled out of the region in 1971 , ending an enduring presence that dated back to the mighty British Empire.  But this week it announced a major strategic reversal of that decision.  Britain’s Foreign Secretary said Britain was intending to take up a greater security role in the Middle East  as the United States pivots toward Asia. The base will host the Royal Navy's Type-45 destroyers as well as 2 new aircraft carriers


Four years ago , David Cameron's new government made reviving Britain's old strategic & trading alliance with the Gulf states the key priority of its foreign policy.  This is exactly what the Bible says would happen.  Britain ( Tarshish ) would be working with Saudi Arabia & the Gulf states ( Sheba & Dedan )Bahrain is one of the states on the Arabian peninsula that is covered by ancient Sheba & Dedan.  We know the day is coming when the king of the north will come against the king of the south


Ezekiel 38v13  -  Sheba & Dedan  &  ' the merchants ' of Tarshish ( Britain ) with all the ' young lions ' ( Canada , Australia , NZ , India ) thereof , shall say unto thee ( Russian Gog ) , Art thou come to take ' a spoil ' ? ... hast thou gathered thy company to take ' a prey ' ? ... to carry away silver & gold ... to take away cattle & goods , to take a ' great spoil ' ?


Daniel 11v40  -  At the ' time of the end ' shall the  king of the south ( Britain ) push at him :  &  the king of the north ( Russia ) shall come against him like a whirlwind , with chariots & horsemen & many ships  & he shall enter into the countries & shall overflow & pass over

December 1 , 2014


Russia has unveiled a new national defence facility , designed to monitor threats to national security in peacetime ... & in the event of war , it would take control of the entire country. The new top-security, fortified facility in Moscow includes several large war rooms , a brand new supercomputer in the heart of a state-of-the-art data processing centre , underground facilities , secret transport routes for emergency evacuation & a helicopter pad. The Kremlin won’t disclose the price tag for the site, but its estimated to have cost several billion dollars. The new National Defence Control Centre  (NDCC) is a major upgrade on the previous Russian Central Command , a unit tasked with round-the-clock monitoring of military threats against Russia , particularly ballistic missile launches & deployment of strategic nuclear weapons.  Meanwhile , Russia's crippled economy further deteriorates Even in the face of national financial ruin - we see the stunning fulfillment of Bible Prophecy as ' weak nations ' ( most notably  Russia , Iran , North Korea ) deeply invested in rampant militarisation programs & continuing to beat war drums , as they race toward a long-prophesied war - foretold in the Bible - that will involve ' all nations '.  As we watch these mindless & irrational preparations for war , we can see just how accurate & trustworthy God's Word is  &  take confidence that it will be the LORD's ' mighty one's '  led by the Lord Jesus Christ who will have the last word.


Joel 3v9-11  -  Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles ( nations ) ; Prepare war , wake up the mighty men , let all the men of war draw near ; let them come up : Beat your plowshares into swords  &  your pruninghooks into spears :   let ' the weak ' say , I am strong.  Assemble yourselves  &  come , all ye heathen  &  gather yourselves together round about  ....  cause  ' thy mighty ones '  to come down , O LORD

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Nov28,2014 - Oil & Sanctions - Hooks in Jaws


Russia is facing an financial catastrophe .  It's economy is in tatters , strangled by the ever-tightening economic sanctions  & further crippled by the recent collapse in global oil prices.  The combined effect has estimated to have cost the Russian economy over $140 Billion to date.  Add to this the ' flight of capital ' overseas by panicked investors who  -  foreseeing coming turmoil  -  are turning to safer markets.  The consquence has been Russia's currency has plunged recently by over 40% , despite Russia's Govt spending over $700 million ( 20% of its gold reserves ) in a futile attempt to stabilise & support the freefalling Rouble.  With an imminent financial crisis looming on the horizon , Russian President Vladimir Putin remains defiant , fiercely railing against international sanctions & bolstering his domestic popularity by demonising the West with belligerent rhetoric & threats.  With Russia relying on its oil exports for half its revenues & no prospect of sanctions being removed , economic realities & financial hardship will soon ' force ' the Russian Bear to lash out militarily in an aggressive drive into the Middle East to seize a lucrative spoil , exactly  as foretold  in scripture over 2,000 yrs ago.  Amazing !!  We are on the threshold of ' cataclysmic world events ' soon to unfold  &  so clearly detailed aforetime in God's Word


Ezekiel 38v3-12  -  Thus saith the Lord GOD ; Behold , I am against thee, O Gog , the chief prince of Meshech & Tubal . . . I will turn thee back  &  put hooks into thy jaws  &  I will bring thee forth  &  all thine army , horses & horsemen , all of them clothed with all sorts of armour , even a great company with bucklers & shields , all of them handling swords . . . in the latter years , thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword  &  is gathered out of many people , against the mountains of Israel . . . but it is brought forth out of the nations  &  they shall dwell safely all of them.  Thou shalt ascend & come like a storm , thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land , thou  & all thy bands  &  many people with thee . . . It shall also come to pass , that at the same time shall things come into thy mind  &  thou shalt think an evil thought : ... thou shalt say , I will go up to the land of unwalled villages ; I will go to them that are at rest , that dwell safely , all of them dwelling without walls  &  having neither bars nor gates . . . To take ' a spoilto take ' a prey '

November 28 , 2014


In a speech to the European Parliament , Pope Francis has urged an " elderly  &  haggard "  Europe to overcome economic crises  &  rising nationalism to reclaim a global leadership role.  This was clearly  foretold in God's Word 2,000yrs ago !!!   ' The woman '  in Revelat'n 17 ( with Babylon Mother of Harlots written on her head ) is riding  ( or controlling )  the ' scarlet beast '  with 7 heads  & 10 horns.  ' The woman encouraged  ' the beast '  to come out of the ' bottomless pit that it has been in for a long time.  So how do we know ' the woman '  is the Papacy   &  ' the beast '  is Europe  ??  It's simple.  Revelation 17v9  says ' the woman ' sits on 7 hills.  The entire Vatican City  sits within the famed 7 hills of Rome' The beast '  with 10 horns links back to Daniel 7  -  the 4th terrible beast.  That beast is the 4th empire after ancient Babylon -  which in history was the Roman Empire  -  what we now is now ' Catholic  Europe '.  The little horn in Daniel 7 is the Pope so Revelatn 17  &  Daniel 7 are the same story.  When  Christ returns  the  Papacy  &  Europe  will wage war against  Him  &  the saints


Revelation 17 v 7-9 And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel ? I will tell thee the mystery of ' the woman '  &  of  ' the beast ' that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads  &  ten horns' The beast ' that thou sawest was,  &  is not ;  &  shall ascend out of the bottomless pit  &  go into perdition  &  they that dwell on the earth shall wonder , whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world , when they behold ' the beast ' that  was  &  is not  &  yet is.  And here is the mind which hath wisdom.  The seven heads are seven mountains . . . on which ' the woman ' sitteth.


November 26 , 2014


Once the ' unrivalled ' global superpower  &  engine of the world economy ... the USA is in freefall.  Obama's radical transformation of America is nearly complete.  Domestically , his presidency has been a littany of political scandals , highly divisive social policies  &  economic mismanagement which over 6 years has devastated the social fabric & financial strength of America.  With 2 yrs remaining in his term & nothing to lose , Obama is now creating havoc by defying the US Constitution & the electorate , issuing sweeping executive orders on immigration , Obamacare &  further vetoing & over-turning traditional US policy.  The only options to stop this are either ' impeachment ' or ' govt shutdown ' - bringing a catastrophic constitutional & economic crisis  for America . . . &  for the world


Barack Obama's Foreign Policy has been a violent polar shift in US policy.  His withdrawal from Iraq & Afghanistan , refusal to confront or  acknowledge Islamic Terrorism , his slashing of US military capability , his timid appeasement to Russian aggression & his abandonment & hostility toward Israel bespeak Obama's true intentions.  But could he do the unthinkable . . . & sign a ' co-operation deal ' with the world's largest state-sponsor of terrorism - Iran ???   A deal of ' mutual convenience '  where Iran takes responsibility for crushing the ISIS threat in Iraq/Syria  -  in return for ' lifting of sanctions '  &  a green light for its " nuclear enrichment program " ( & weaponisation )  As the Nuclear Talks deadline ( Nov.24 ) nears , its a scenario that fits with Isaiah's words , as the world spirals toward an economic & ' nuclear ' crisis.


UPDATE :  Iran & the P5+1 Nations fail to reach any agreement - agreeing to continue talks for a further 7 mths - critically giving Iran more time to continue its nuclear program  


Isaiah 24v1-6 - The LORD maketh the earth empty  &  maketh it waste  & turneth it upside down  &  scattereth abroad the inhabitants.  It shall be, as with the people , so with the priest ; as with the servant , so with his master ; as with the maid, so with her mistress ; as with the buyer , so with the seller ; as with the lender, so with the borrower ; as with the taker of usury, so with the giver of usury to him. The land shall be utterly emptied  &  utterly spoiled :  for the LORD hath spoken this word.  The earth mourneth  &  fadeth away , the world languisheth  &  fadeth away , the ' haughty people ' of the earth ( USA ) do languish.  The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof ; because they have transgressed the laws , changed the ordinance , broken the everlasting covenant.  Therefore hath ' the curse ' ( Nuclear War ) devoured the earth  &  they that dwell therein are desolate :  therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned  &  few men left

November 14 , 2014


Continuing decades of vile rhetoric towards Israel , the Supreme Leader of Iran , Ayatollah Khamenei has revealed his ' 9 Point Plan ' for the ' elimination of Israel '.  It is a thinly veiled threat , to eradicate the Jewish State  -  if not in the first instance by a proposed referendum ( wherein ' Jewish immigrants ' have no say !!! )  -  then ultimately by means of armed confrontation by Palestinians  &  their supporters.  In an effort to ' sanitise ' the proposal  &  disguise Iran's own hatred & hostility toward Israel , the Ayatollah states ' a war ' by Muslim nations to eliminate Israel is " not recommended " . . . but it is also not ruled out !!!   Bible Prophecy is absolutely clear . . .


Iran - will very soon - go to war to eliminate Israel.  There is NO doubt.  Written 2,500 yrs ago , the prophetic book of Isaiah , speaking of the end-times ' Day of Trouble '  to befall Israel , makes clear reference to ' Elam ' ( modern-day Iran ) being a chief protagonist who seeks to eliminate the Jews from the land.  The bible passage speaks unmistakably of Iran's coming attack on Jerusalem , even making allusions to the Islamic regime's present-day obsession with missiles & rockets , describing the Iranian forces as ' archers ' baring ' quivers , chariots  &  horsemen '.  It's a graphic description of Jerusalem's future destruction , that will follow Iran's coming invasion of Iraq


Isaiah 22v2-6  -  Thou ( Jerusalem ) that art full of stirs , a tumultuous city , a joyous city :  thy slain men are not slain with the sword , nor dead in battle.  All thy rulers are fled together,  they are bound by ' the archers ' :  all that are found in thee are bound together, which have fled from far.  Therefore said I , Look away from me ;  I will weep bitterly, labour not to comfort me , because of  ' the spoiling '  of the daughter of my people ( Israel ) .  For it is ' a day of trouble '  &  of treading down  &  of perplexity by the Lord GOD of hosts in the valley of vision , breaking down the walls  & of crying to the mountains ... &  Elam ( Iran ) bare ' the quiver ' with chariots of men  & horsemen

November 8 , 2014


The world is witnessing the rise of a geo-political giant , a brutal end-times global dictator !!!  Incredibly , the emergence of this global despot was actually foretold in God's Word 2,500 yrs ago !!!  Now recognised by Forbes as the ' Most Powerful Man on the Planet ' ( for the 2nd consecutive year ) Putin will very soon unleash devastating events that will forever change the global landscape.  Since taking office as Russia's President in 2004  - the former chief of the ' secretive ' KGB agency -  Putin in his quest to restore the ' glory of the old Soviet Union ' has steered Russia through a stunning resurgence to world prominence , influence & power. 


In 2014 , despite Russia's economy being in steep decline  &  its currency in freefall as international sanctions bite , Putin continues to provoke & defy Western efforts to reign in his lawless ways.  Extending his global influence dramatically , he has outflanked  & outwitted his western foes in ' geopolitical crises ' in the Middle East  &  Eastern Europe with a mix of belligerent military aggression  & diplomatic double-speak , lies  & deceit.  His unlawful annexation of Crimea & East Ukraine , the criminal downing of Malaysian Flight MH-17 , his under-handed support of Iran's nuclear program & of Syria's brutal Assad regime all attest to Putin's calculated ambition for world dominion.  In recent days Putin has intimidated nations with Russian jets & bombers , submarine incursions in Sweden's territorial waters & even stationing 4 Russian warships off Australia's coast in a show of strength to co-incide with his appearance at the G20 Conference.  It is behaviour clearly spoken of many times in Bible Prophecy of this latter-day tyrant who after causing global chaos & strife ( coming soon !!! )  particularly on God's people Israel , he will ultimately be destroyed at the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Daniel 8v23-25  -  In the  latter time ... ' a king '  of  fierce countenance  understanding ' dark sentences ' , shall stand up  &  his power shall be mighty  but not by his own power  &  he shall destroy wonderfully  &  shall prosper  &  practise  &  shall destroy ' the mighty '  &  ' the holy people ' ( Israel )  &  thro' his policy  he shall cause ' craft '  ( deceit / treachery )  to prosper in his hand  &  he shall  magnify himself in his heart  &  ' by peace ' shall destroy many ... he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes ( Christ ) but he shall be ' broken ' without hand


For a complete understanding of Vladimir Putin's future exploits detailed in prophecy . . . See our Video " PUTIN'S END GAME - revealed in Bible Prophecy "  ( Click on image )

November 5 , 2014

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October 28 , 2014


Let ' no man ' deceive you by any means : for that day shall not come , except there come a falling away first  &  that ' man of sin ' be revealed , the son of perdition , Who opposeth & exalteth himself above all that is called God , or that is worshipped ;  so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God , shewing himself that he is God


Since his ascension to the Papal Throne less than 2 years ago , Pope Francis has stunned the world with his  ( often controversial ) transformation of the Vatican's public image , official policies  &  most importantly ... church doctrines.  This unprecedented overhaul of the Catholic Church is under-pinned by Francis' grand vision to create ' One Universal Religion ' under the auspices of the Catholic Mother Church.  In this ecumenical drive to ' global unification ' the Vatican has been cunningly laying the groundwork to reform it's already unbiblical ' apostate doctrines '  to reflect more ' socially appealing ' ( & humanistic ) teachings , including more tolerant policies on issues such as divorce & remarriage , atheists , celibacy , same-sex relationships & marriage.  All ' populist ' moves to widen the Church's outreach , but in total rejection of God's Laws & true bible teaching.  Now the declaration by Pope Francis' that the  Evolution of man  &  the Big Bang theory " are right " &  not inconsistent with Catholic doctrine.  It is yet another example of the Pope  -  not only opposing God's Laws  -  but elevating his own will above the Creator's !!!  As we watch this further devolution of the Catholic Church's ungodly teachings ,  thro' the adoption of these doctrines of devils ( ' rebellion ' )   it's a sure sign we are in the ' latter times '  &  a timely hint to ' the nearness ' of the Lord's return before the fearful judgments upon the Roman church  &  all her apostate ' daughters '


1Tim 4v1-2  -  In the ' latter times ' . . .  some shall depart from the faith , giving heed to seducing spirits  &  ' doctrines of devils '  ;  Speaking ' lies in hypocrisy '  having their conscience seared with a hot iron ;  Forbidding to marry & commanding to abstain from meats


Revelation 16v13-16  -  And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon ( Russia )  &  out of the mouth of the beast ( Euro Union )  &  out of the mouth of the  false prophet ( Vatican ).  For they are the  ' spirits of devilsworking miracles , which go forth unto  the kings of the earth  &  of the whole world ,  to ' gather them to the battle ' of that  great day of God Almighty . . .  Behold , I come as a thief  . . .  Blessed is he that watcheth  &  keepeth his garments ,  lest he walk naked  &  they see his shame  &  He ' gathered them together ' into a place called in the Hebrew tongue ' Armageddon '.

October 24 , 2014


. . . meanwhileRussia's own ' lawless ways ' continue to sew strife  &  geopolitical fears world-wide.  Ukraine ' ground zero ' for Vladimir Putin's current expansionist policies , remains a firestorm of conflict ... but it is just a foretaste of the naked aggression this Russian juggernaut will soon display.  In recent days Russia has belligerently inflamed world tensions , with its jet fighters , bombers & spy-planes , continually threatening the airspace of sovereign nations such as  Japan , Canada , Britain , United States , Sweden & Baltic states.  International alarm was raised as Sweden revealed multiple sightings of a mysterious foreign vessel in its territorial waters ( believed to be a Russian submarine )  in yet another provocation flagging Russia's  devious intentions in the region.  All these aggressive acts coming in the aftermath of the criminal downing of Malaysian MH-17 ( by Russian-made missiles ).  As Putin tightens his ' energy strangehold ' over Ukraine , Europe & the Baltic states  &  further extends Russia's sphere of influence in the Middle East thro' weapons sales & military co-operation , we're seeing  the rise of a new ' global superpower ' ( foretold in God's Word ) that will soon sweep down with overwhelming force & violence into the Middle East , to seize the Holy Land  &  crush God's people.

PLS see the attached ' News Report ' revealing the discovery by Syrian Rebels who unearthed a secret Russian spy base in the Golan Heights overlooking Israel


Jeremiah 4v5-14 - Declare ye in  Judah  &  publish in  Jerusalem  &  say ,  Blow ye the trumpet in the land ( Israel ) :  cry , gather together & say , Assemble yourselves  &  let us go into the ' defenced cities '.   Set up the standard  toward Zion :  retire , stay not :   for I will bring ' evil '  from the north ( Russia )  &  a great destruction.  The lion is come up from his thicket   &  the ' destroyer of the Gentiles ' is on his way ;  he is gone forth from his place to make thy land ( Israel )  desolate  &  thy cities shall be laid waste without an inhabitant. Behold , he ( Russia ) shall come up ' as clouds '   &  his chariots shall be ' as a whirlwind '  his horses are swifter ' than eagles '.  Woe unto us ! for we are spoiled.  O Jerusalem , wash thine heart from wickedness , that thou mayest be saved. How long shall thy vain thoughts lodge within thee ? ... Make ye mention to the nations ;  behold , publish against Jerusalem ,  that " watchers " come from a far country '  &  give out their voice against the cities of Judah. 

October 12 , 2014



The ' mighty men ' of Babylon ( Iraq ) have ' forborn ' to fight , they have remained in their holds : their might hath failed ; they became ' as women '


As  Iraq's military forces  crumble  &  flee ahead of ISIS advances , could there be a ' more accurate ' description of the unravelling of Iraq ??  Since the fall of Mosul ,  reports of entire battalions of US-trained & equipped Iraqi soldiers abandoning their posts & weapons & running for their lives , have become commonplace.  How could ancient writings in God's Word ( over 2,500 yrs old ) so vividly describe the abject disarray in Iraq's military ??  Now reports ISIS is in total control of Anbar Province  &  are only 8km from Baghdad Airport.  Many analysts believe if Baghdad Airport is seized , the capital Baghdad will be overun  &  Iraq lost as a nation-state.  With diplomatic staff  &  hundreds of military personel stranded in the U.S. Embassy , is it possible the Obama Administration will cut a ' deal of mutual convenience ' with Iran to avert a looming crisis ?? . . .  a quiet nod to a nuclear-armed Iran in exchange for Iran's help against ISIS ?!?


Unthinkable ?!?  Perhaps not !!  The stunning bible passage in Jeremiah prophetically describing Iraq's abysmal military ,  is actually written in the context of an ' invasion of  Iraq '  by a coalition of nations . . . led by the kings of the ' Medes ' ( IRAN !!! )  Can there be any doubt , we are seeing the unfolding of ancient Bible Prophecies in 2014 ???  While the prospect of a ' US - Iranian ' deal is speculative , we can be totally sure Iran ( with Russia ) will soon invade Iraq ( Babylon ) as foretold multiple times in God's Word


Jer 51v28-29  -  Prepare against her ( Iraq )  ' the nations ' with the kings of the ' Medes ' ( Iran )  the captains  &  all the rulers thereof  &  all the land of his dominion , the land shall tremble  &  sorrow :  for every purpose of the LORD shall be performed against Babylon ( Iraq ) to make the land of Babylon ( Iraq ) a desolation without an inhabitant.  The ' mighty men ' of Babylon ( Iraq ) have ' forborn ' to fight , they have remained in their holds :  their might hath failed ;  they became as women :  they have burned her ( Iraq ) dwelling places

October 10 , 2014


In 2014 we are witnessing global chaos on a historic scale.  In the Middle East , ISIS continues its murderous rampage undeterred by coalition bombing , as ' millions ' of civilians are displaced & left homeless , as they flee spiralling violence in Syria , Iraq  &  Libya.  Meanwhile , Russia continues to destabilise Ukraine despite Western protests & sanctions , further un-nerving Baltic & Euro nations.  The Ebola Virus is causing fear & panic as it ravages Africa  &  spreads around the globe.  Even ' nature ' itself appears to be in turmoil with earthquakes , volcanic eruptions , typhoons , floods , epic droughts  &  other  extreme weather events on almost every hand.  Amid all these tumultous events , world stock markets are also reeling as global uncertainty , geopolitical tensions  &  economic concerns mount. 


Yet despite a world wracked by corruption , violence  &  fearfulness ,  God's Word not only provides hope & encouragement , but also certainty of the exact events to come ... particularly the blessed role for those who ' faithfully serve the Lord ' now.  The old testament prophet Malachi provides a clear picture of the coming honor & responsibilty the ' faithful ' will have ( after their glorification at the judgement seat )  to return with the Lord Jesus Christ to  cleanse this world  of man's evils &  restore Godliness  to the earth once more.


Malachi 3v16-18 - Then '  THEY  that feared the LORD ' spake often one to another  &  the LORD hearkened & heard it  &  a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD  &  that thought upon his name.  They shall be mine , saith the LORD of hosts  , IN THAT DAY when I make up ' my jewels '  &  I will spare them , as a man spareth his own son that serveth him . . .  

THEN  shall ' YE ' return & discern  ... between the righteous & the wicked  ... between him that serveth God ... & him that serveth him not.

4v1-3  For behold , THE DAY cometh  that shall burn as an oven  &  all the proud  &  all that do wickedly, shall be stubble ... & THE DAY that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.  But ' unto you '  that fear my name shall the ' Sun of righteousness ' arise with healing in his wings  &  YE shall go forth  &  grow up as calves of the stall  . . .  &  YE shall tread down the wicked ;  for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet  IN THE DAY  that I shall do this , saith the LORD.

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Oct12,2014 - Iraq's Fleeing Army
Oct10,2014 - Worldwide Turmoil Spreading
Oct24,2014 - Rise of the Russian Bear
Oct28,2014 - The False Prophet - Evolution


September 30 , 2014


Addressing the United Nations General Assembly , Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu warned of the dire threat from Iran , Hamas &  the Islamic State likening the triumvirate to " branches on the same poisonous tree ".   It is an apt description.  God's Word , the Bible also describes the nations as ' trees '.   The bible prophecy in  Joel Ch.1  ~  an ominous fore-warning of global events coming soon  ~  uses  ' trees ' to symbolise the nations of the world  just before  the final apocalyptic war between the nations.  Centred around the coming ' DAY of THE LORD '  this chapter describes how  ' all the trees of the field ' ( of the world ) will be consumed by ' the fire '  &  ' the flame '  ( a symbollic reference to ' nuclear war ' )  Importantly ,  Joel's prophecy makes clear this terrible war is  not directly  ' the judgments of God ' rather it is man's evil upon man ;  but such is the devastation it is likened ' as ' a destruction from the Almighty.  


In 2014 , as we see the Middle East rapidly sliding into chaos . . . a terrifying global ' arms - race ' as nervous nations weaponise amid rising geopolitical tensions . . . Iran , North Korea  &  even Saudi Arabia on the threshold of nuclear weapons . . . it is very , very clear,  fulfilment of this bible prophecy is near !!!  It is these exact conditions that in recent days  compelled a desperate Israeli PM to alert the international community to the danger of not recognising this threat posed by a nuclear-armed IranAlas !! ... War is coming !!!


Joel 1v12-20  -  The vine is dried up  &  the fig tree languisheth ;  the pomegranate tree , the palm tree also  &  the apple tree , even ' all the trees ' of the field  are withered :  because joy is withered away from the sons of men.  Gird yourselves &  lament , ye priests . . . Sanctify ye a fast , call a solemn assembly , gather the elders  &  all the inhabitants of the land into the house of the LORD your God  &  cry unto the LORD.  Alas for THE DAY !!  for THE DAY of the LORD is at hand  &  ' as a destruction from the Almighty shall it come . . . for ' the fire ' hath devoured  the pastures of the wilderness  &  ' the flame ' hath burned  ' all the trees ' of the field.  The beasts of the field cry also unto thee :  for the rivers of waters are dried up  &  ' the fire ' hath devoured the pastures of the wilderness.


NOTE We would encourage ' everyone ' to read through the old testament Prophecy of  JOEL ( Ch's 1 -3 ) themselves .   This short prophecy provides an excellent overview  &  detailed understanding of many of the momentous events soon to unfold.   There is ' no substitute ' for a personal , thoughtful reading of God's Word.

September 23 , 2014


Could the anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria trigger a war between the superpowers , America & Russia ???  While both powers oppose the rise of ISIS ,  Vladimir Putin a week before the airstrikes ' warned menacingly ' Russia would consider such action " acts of aggression " against its close-ally Syria  &  " a violation of international law ".  Breath-taking given Vladimir Putin's own lawless actions in Ukraine !!  Since the airstrikes , Iran's leaders have also slammed the US-led attacks calling them " illegal "  &  " a violation of Syrian sovereignty "


This emerging solidarity between Russia  &  Iran is alluded to repeatedly in God's Word  when they are together referred to as ' The Spoiler '  ( Russia )  &  ' The Treacherous Dealer ' ( Iran ) ;  these bible passages always being in connection with the ' latter-day invasion ' of the Middle East , most notably of Iraq ( ' Babylon ' )  Egypt  &   Israel ( ' Judah ' ).  So as Russia & Iran now react to the bombing of their ally Syria ,  could this US-led ' PUSH ' against the Russian ' King of the North ' is the catalyst for the prophesied end-time conflict ?  


Daniel 11v40-43 - At the ' TIME OF THE END ' shall the ' king of the south ' ( US / UK )  ' PUSH ' at him  &  the ' king of the north ' ( Russia ) shall come against him like a whirlwind , with chariots & with horsemen &  with many ships  &  he shall enter into the countries  &  shall overflow & pass over.  He shall enter also into ' the glorious land ' ( Israel &  ' many countries ' shall be overthrown . . . He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries  &  the land of  Egypt  shall not escape.   But he shall have power over the treasures of gold  &  of silver  &  over all the precious things of Egypt :  &  the Libyans  &  the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.

September 22 , 2014


The Middle East is unravelling rapidly.  Now Yemen has been over-run by a pro-Iranian Shi' ite militia , with militants & followers in the streets chanting " Death to America !!  Death to the Jews !!  Victory to Islam ".  Furthermore this power shift now presents a serious security threat to the ' Sunni ' Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  With a ' hostile ' Shi'ite regime now on its southern border & controlled by its arch nemesis Iran , the global oil-giant  Saudi Arabia is potentially at risk.  If Saudi Arabia were to fall , world stability would crash.


These events are ' prophetic precursors ' to coming events foretold over 2,500 yrs ago  &  in one chapter of the Bible.  The prophet Isaiah wrote of a grievous vision , wherein he describes dark events to befall Arabia ( known as ' the desert of the sea ' or Kedar ) This vision describes in sequence the ominous approach of 2 sinister forces ,  ' the treacherous dealer ' ( Iran )  &  ' the spoiler ' ( Russia ).  The chapter details the ' fall of Babylon ' ( Iraq )  under the whirlwind advances of the  Russian - Iranian confederacy  before Saudi Arabia also falls " within a year "These events we are witnessing in the Middle East , are most assuredly the unfolding of latter-day Bible Prophecy


Isa 21v1-2 - The burden of the ' desert of the sea ' ( Saudi Arabia ).  As whirlwinds in the south pass through ;  so it cometh from the desert , from a terrible land ( Iran ).  A grievous vision is declared unto me ; ' the treacherous dealer ' ( Iran ) dealeth ' treacherously '  &  ' the spoiler ' ( Russia ) ' spoileth '.  Go up, O Elam ( Iran ) :  besiege , O Media ( Iran ) ;  all the sighing thereof have I made to cease . . .  v9  he answered  &  said , Babylon ( Iraq ) is fallen , is fallen  &  all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground . . . v16  The Lord said unto me Within a year . . .  &  all the glory of Kedar ( Saudi Arabia ) shall fail  &  the residue of the number of archers , the mighty men of the children of Kedar ( Saudi Arabia ) shall be diminished . . . for the LORD , God of Israel hath spoken it.

September 4 , 2014


Perhaps a mistake !! . . . Drunk on their success , ISIS ( Islamic State ) has issued a video ' threatening ' Russia's Vladimir Putin over his support of Syria's Bashar al-Assad  &  vowed to liberate Chechyna from Russian control.  This threat drew an immediate  & ominous response from Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov  who vowed to destroy the Islamic militants.  After the bloody Chechen Wars of the 90's & 00's , Kadyrov ( a close-ally to Vladimir Putin ) emerged as a brutal strongman with a fearsome reputation.  Widely feared , Kadyrov is well-known for his personal death-squads , mass-killings , torture   &  other gruesome atrocities.  Interestingly , Kadyrov's Chechens  &  ISIS militants are both adherents of the Sunni Islamic religion , but this clearly will not curb their murderous intents.


In the face of US & Western nations reluctance to deal ISIS a ' death-blow '  could this vicious exchange be the ' catalyst ' for Russia's coming invasion of Iraq , to ( in Kadyrov's own words ) " rid the world of these scum ".  With Russia & Iran already having a substantial military presence in Iraq ( including control of Baghdad Airport )  &  with Vladimir Putin more aggressively looking to extend Russia's international sphere of influence & power , will the ISIS threat be the ' pretext ' Putin needs to fulfill 2,500 yr old Bible Prophecies ??


Jeremiah 50v41  -  Behold , a people shall come ' from the north ' ( Russia )  &  a great nation ( Russia )  &  many kings ( Iran, Euro nations ) shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth.   They shall hold the bow  &  the lance :  they are cruel  &  will not  shew mercy :  their voice shall roar like the sea  &  they shall ride upon horses , every one put in array , like a man to the battle , against thee ( Iraq ) O daughter of Babylon  ( Iraq ) 

September 3 , 2014


Vladimir ' Vladimirovich ' Putin  -  2nd & 4th President of Russia.  In 2014 , the most formidable & feared world leader on the planet !!  Is it significant his name ' Vladimir ' actually means ' ruler of the world '  &  strangely is included ' twice ' in his name , as if to mark the destiny of this emerging global tyrant.  In recent months the world has watched as Putin has belligerently imposed his will , defying US  &  Western sanctions as he continues to carve off large swathes of Ukraine's territory ( which he describes as ' New Russia ' using covert Russian forces endless lies  &  diplomatic double-speak.  The illegal annexation of Crimea , destabilisation of East Ukraine  &  even the criminal shooting down of Malaysian Flight MH-17 have all gone largely unpunished by the international community.  Emboldened by the feckless & weak response of the West , Putin will continue his aggressive & lawless expansionism into the future , as he rises ' unchallenged ' to become the coming " ruler of the world "  &  fulfill his prophetic commission. 


Amazingly , we can actually know in detail Vladimir Putin's dark future  &  the catastrophic world events  he will soon unleash that will leave the world reeling & in turmoil.  God's Word in many clear references describes the coming conquests of this latter-day global dictactor.  ProphecyNewsDesk has laid out this stunning array of Bible proofs in a video ( Putin's End-Game revealed in Bible Prophecy )  that provides a comprehensive event-by-event insight into Vladimir Putin's future exploits before his ultimate destruction at the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ Please watch this video to the end to understand these events before they unfold.


Daniel 8v23-25 - In the ' latter time ' ... ' A KING '  of  fierce countenance , understanding dark sentences ( ex-KGB ) shall stand up  his power shall be mighty  but not by his own power  &  he shall destroy wonderfully   &   shall prosper  &  practise  &  shall destroy  'the mighty ' ( USA ?? )   &  ' the holy people ' ( Israel )  &  thro' his policy he shall cause craft  ( ' deceit ' to prosper in his hand  &  he shall magnify himself in his heart  & ' BY PEACE ' shall destroy many :  he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes ( Christ ) . . .


Jer 4v6-7 -  I will bring evil ' from the north '  &  great destruction.  The lion ( Russia ) is come up from his thicket  & ' the destroyer ' of the Gentiles ( the nations )  is on his way ;  he is gone forth from his place  to make thy land desolate  &  thy cities shall be laid waste.

September 3 , 2014


Barack ' Hussein ' Obama  -  44th President of the U.S.A.  Elected in 2008 on a platform of " fundamental transformation " of America  &  awarded the ' Nobel Peace-Prize ' even before taking office , his messianic-like message of ' hope & change '  took America by storm.  Seemingly ,  a man for the ages.   Yet 6 years later  -  his presidency in tatters  -  he is a figure of international derision.  His legacy . . . a littany of domestic scandals & corruption , skyrocketing national debt  &  a deteriorating US economy .  Most perplexing is his foreign policy.  Accused of being an ' apologist ' for the Muslim world  &  an ' isolationist ' , Obama has severely down-sized the US military , reduced USA's power & influence world-wide  &  refused to substantively confront ( or even name ) ' Islamic ' extremism.  After mystifying policies in relation to  Libya , Egypt , Iraq , Syria , Iran  &  most recently Russia ,  even his most ardent supporters are unable to explain this reversal of long-standing US policies which have left  traditional US ' allies '  both disillusioned & vulnerable ... &  geopolitical ' enemies ' emboldened  &  on the move.  To all this , President Obama seems ' indifferent & disconnected ' leaving many to question the true intent of his ' transformation of America '.  Barack Obama was raised for this purpose ... to fulfill Bible Prophecy !!!


To fulfill scripture in the last days God's people - the nation of Israel - must be totally alone & isolated " all her lovers " having abandoned her.  America has always been Israel's most enduring friend & ally . . . no longer !!!  Barack Obama's thinly veiled hostility toward Israel is well-documented.  He is the ' transformative instrument ' elevated by God Himself , to change geopolitical alliances & set the stage for Israel's coming ' day of trouble 'Need more proof ??  Did you know ??? ... Obama's ' surprise re-election ' in 2012 was the direct result of a catastrophic natural event ( sent by God )  &  foretold in unmistakable detail in prophecy 2,500 yrs earlier.  Please watch our video detailing this stunning prophecy.  It will leave you in no doubt . . . God's Hand is at work among the nations


Daniel 2v20-22 - Blessed be the name of God for ever & ever :  for wisdom & might are HisHe changes the times  &  the seasons : He removes kings  &  sets up kingsHe gives wisdom unto the wise & knowledge to them that know understanding :  He reveals the deep & secret things :  He knows what is in the darkness  &  the light dwells with him . . . v28  there is a God in heaven that reveals secrets  &  makes known ... what shall be ' in the latter days ' .


Daniel 4v17 - This matter is ... to the intent that ' the living ' may know that ' the most High ' ( God )  rules in the kingdom of men  &  gives it  to whomsoever He will  &  sets up over it  the ' basest ' of men.

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The Gaza Conflict is over . . . or is it ???  Could there be a ' reason ' why Hamas has announced a ' surprise ' pause in fighting . . . to reload in preparation for a wider conflict to come ??  As the fragile Israeli-Palestinian truce holds , dark forces are rising up along Israel's borders on multiple fronts.  In recent days Islamist Al-Qaeda rebels have seized large swathes of Syrian territory adjoining Israel's border.  With ISIS spreading like a malignant cancer to the north in Syria & Iraq ;  rockets being fired at Israel from Lebanon by terrorist group Hezbollah  &  deeply-hostile Palestinian populations within neighboring Egypt & Jordan ... Israel is facing existential threats on all fronts.  All these groups have a deep hatred of Israel  &  a common goal , the eradication of the Jewish state.  How amazing this emerging crisis was actually foretold in the Bible 2,500 years prior !!!   God's Word is true & to be trusted.


Psalm 83v2-7  -  Thine enemies make a tumult  &  they that hate thee ( God , the Holy One of Israel ) have lifted up the head.  They have taken ' crafty counsel ' against thy people ( Israel )  &  consulted against thy hidden ones.  They have said , Come & let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.  For they have ' consulted together ' with one consent : they are ' confederate ' against thee.  The tabernacles of Edom ( Arabs ) &  the Ishmaelites ( Arabs ) of Moab ( Jordan & the Hagarenes ( Egypt )  Gebal ( Lebanon )  Ammon ( Jordan ) & Amalek ( Jordan )  the Philistines ( Palestinians ) with the inhabitants of Tyre ( Lebanon )

August 25 , 2014


Vladimir Putin continues to perplex & confound the international community.  Hard on the heals of his lightning annexation of the strategically critical Crimean Peninsula , Putin's ongoing destabilisation of Ukraine is escalating to boiling point.  Directly implicated in the downing of Malaysian Flight MH-17 Putin has artfully deflected any culpability , instead masquerading as a ' humanitarian & peace-maker ' sending a massive 280 truck aid convoy to the Ukraine border.  Amid deep & justified distrust , many demanded an independent inspection , believing the convoy to be a " Trojan Horse " to bolster Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine.  Meanwhile , as the mysterious aid convoy caused an media firestorm , reports emerged Putin secretly dispatched Russian artillery & equipment over the border before Ukraine forces attacked & destroyed a Russian armoured column.  As we see this master of ' deceit & deception ' continue to alternate between a self-styled ' peace-loving ' pragmatist  &  a predatory pariah , how amazing God's Word so accurately described Putin's behaviour over 2,000 yrs in advance ??  Just 3 verses give stunning insight into Putin's coming exploits


Daniel 8v23-25 - In the latter time ... a king of fierce countenance , understanding dark sentences ( ex-KGB ) shall stand up  &  his power shall be mighty  but not by his own power  &  he shall destroy wonderfully   &   shall prosper  &  practise  &  shall destroy ' the mighty ' ( USA ? )   &  ' the holy people ' ( Israel )  &  thro' his policy he shall cause craft  ( ' deceit ' )  to prosper in his hand  &  he shall magnify himself in his heart  & ' BY PEACE ' shall destroy many :  he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes ( Christ ) but he shall be broken without hand

August 16 , 2014


In a matter of months , the radical terrorist group ISIS has ' shocked the world ' with its horrific death march across the Middle East.  The violence & brutality of these ' apocalyptic death squads ' defies imagination.  Unthinkable atrocities ( unseen since the Dark Ages ) inflicted upon its countless victims .... beheadings , crucifixions , indiscriminate killing of women , children & the elderly , all well-documented.  So feared & brutal , even the ' terrorist ' group Hezbollah has described ISIS as ' a monster '. With their supreme objective to establish an Islamic Caliphate  &  the destruction of Israel , this seemingly unstoppable force is now a global threat even powerful Western nations are unable or unwilling to confront.  As it spreads , we can expect ISIS will turn its evil eye toward Israel. 


Yet God's Word , actually fore-shadowed this latter-day terror  &  spoke of its coming demise.  Ezekiel 34 , in speaking of the coming rule of Christ in God's Kingdom ,  the transformative blessings God's people Israel will be given  &  the curses to be removed , makes unmistakable references to these ' latter-day beasts ' that are terrorist groups such as ISIS  &  their evil , murderous ways.  In 2014  &  on the edge of Christ's return , nobody in Israel  &  it's surrounds are killed by actual ' animal beasts 'So what else could these beasts be ??  Its a clear ' figurative ' allusion to the ' savages ' who inhabit the land prior to the Lord's return.  Their end is coming soon !!!   


Ezekiel 34v23-30  -  I will set up one shepherd ( Christ ) over them  &  he shall feed them , even my servant David ( Christ ) ; he shall feed them  &  he shall be their shepherd  ... I the LORD will be their God  &  my servant David a prince among them ;  I the LORD have spoken it ... I will make with them a covenant of peace  &  will cause the ' evil beasts ' to cease out of the land  &  they shall dwell safely in the wilderness  &  sleep in the woods ... I will make them  &  the places round about my hill ( God's Holy Mountain - Zion )  a ' blessing ' ... there shall be showers of blessing ... the tree of the field shall yield her fruit ... the earth shall yield her increase ... they shall be safe in their land  &  shall know that I am the LORD , when I have broken the bands of their yoke  &  delivered them out of the hand of those that served themselves of them ... they shall no more be a ' prey '  to the heathen ( nations ) neither shall the beast of the land devour them ; but they shall dwell safely  &  ' none ' shall make them afraid ... they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land , neither bear the shame of the heathen any more.  Thus shall they know that I the LORD their God am with them  &  that they , even the house of Israel , are my people , saith the Lord GOD.

August 15 , 2014


A catastrophic situation is unfolding upon Iraq's Sinjar Mountain.  Atop the mountain , an estimated 40-50,000 Yazidi men , women & children have taken refuge having fled the violence & brutality engulfing the region.  They are trapped , no food , no water & no shelter.  At the base of the mountain , hordes of Islamic State Jihadists await.  Having already taken 100's of Yazidi women captive , these murderous Islamic extremists issued the Yazidi people an ultimatum . . . " Convert to Islam  or  Be Killed ".  The Yazidis' plight is desparate.  With world leaders & nations ' unwilling ' to provide any meaningful help ( besides dropping food baskets ) this terrible humanitarian crisis will only get worse.  It's a foretaste of the escalating violence & chaos that will soon overwhelm all mankind.   But there is ' another ' mountain.  A mountain of promise , of hope  &  joy , spoken of repeatedly in God's Word.  It is God's Holy Mountain of Zion.  It will be the ' Throne of the Lord '  &  the centre of worship in God's coming Kingdom on earth.  A mountain that both now & in the future will be a ' true source ' of refuge & comfort to those who seek to follow & trust in the Holy One of Israel.  


Isaiah 2v2-4 -  It shall come to pass in the last days , that ' the mountain ' of the LORD'S house shall be established in the top of the mountains  &  shall be exalted above the hills  &  all nations shall flow unto it.  And many people shall go  &  say , Come ye  &  let us go up to the mountain of the LORD , to the house of the God of Jacob ( Israel )  &  He will teach us of His ways  &  we will walk in His paths :  for out of Zion shall go forth the law  &  the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.   He shall judge among the nations  &  shall rebuke many people  &  they shall beat their swords into plowshares  &  their spears into pruninghooks : nation shall not lift up sword against nation , neither shall they learn war any more.

August 9 , 2014


An international health crisis has arrived prompting the World Health Organisation to issue a global public health emergency.  With over 960 deaths from this terrifying virus in recent days  &  the viral infection spreading in short time to multiple countries in West Africa ( incl. Sierra Leone , Liberia , Nigeria & Guinea ) , world leaders & health officials are scrambling to halt this rampant epidemic.  It follows a long line of global pandemics , viruses & diseases in recent years , including  Aids , Mad Cow , SARS , West Nile Virus , Bird Flu  &  H1N1 Swine Flu.  Amazingly , this exact phenomena was accurately foretold in God's Word the Bible 2,000 yrs ago.  Matthew , Mark &  Luke all spoke of the outbreak of ' pestilences ' which would arise ' in the last days ' prior to the ' Time of Great Tribulation ' before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.  If we consider the other global conditions listed in the same verses . . . there can be no doubt !! 


Matthew 24v6-8  -  Ye shall hear of  wars  &  rumours of wars :  see that ye be not troubled :  for all these things must come to pass , but  THE END  is not yet.  For nation shall rise against nation  &  kingdom against kingdom  &  there shall be  famines  &  ' pestilences ' earthquakes in divers places . . . All  these  are the ' beginning of sorrows '

August 8 , 2014

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July 26 , 2014


In the aftermath of the Malaysian MH-17 tragedy , western leaders abhorred by the blatant & brutal criminality of this incident  &  the unmistakable fingerprints of Vladimir Putin , have found new resolve  &  are now moving to further tighten economic sanctions against Russia.  Instead of contrition , a defiant & combative Vladimir Putin has threatened retaliatory sanctions against the EU  &  further directed his ire at the EU's most vocal voice Britain , warning Russia will confiscate the Russian-based assets of major UK energy companies such as BP & Shell , if EU sanctions are imposed.  Further escalating tensions , Putin's Armed Forces also shot down 2 Ukrainian military jets in Ukrainian airspace in the days following MH-17.  Amid troubling reports Russia is now pouring weaponry & equipment into East Ukraine & moving some 15,000 troops to the border , Putin's forces have been caught launching artillery fire from Russian territory against Ukrainian forces - the ' first time ' since 1939 a European country has been attacked by another sovereign country.  In the face of US-EU unwillingness to confront Russia militarily ( repeating the pre-WW2 miscalculation )  the expanding sanctions against Russia will be the trigger that unleashes Russia's military expansionsim far beyond the Ukraine.


HOW AMAZING !!!  Over 2,500 years ago God's Word , the Bible described the exact circumstances & reason for Russia's coming latter-day descent into the Middle East.  In Ezekiel 38 , in His own words , God states explicitly He will bring this dictator ( ' Gog ' ) with his confederate allies , to ' the land '  against the mountains of Israel.  In vivid language , he says He will put ' hooks in the jaws ' of this northern invader indicating  severe economic necessity  ( not ' choice ' )  will drag Russia down to the riches  &  resources in the Middle East to ' take a spoil '.  As we see  more sanctions  cripple Russia's crumbling economy . . . Russia will be ' preparing itself  ' !!!


Ezek 38v3-8  -  I am against thee O Gog , ' chief prince ' of Meshech & Tubal ( Russia )I will turn thee back  &  put hooks into thy jaws  &  I will bring thee forth  &  all thine army , even a great company Persia  ( Iran ) , Ethiopia  &  Libya with them , Gomer  &  all his bands ;  the house of Togarmah ( Turkey ) of the north quarters  &  all his bands  &  many people with thee.  Be thou prepared  &  prepare for thyself , thou & all thy company that are assembled unto thee  &  be thou ' a guard ' unto them In the latter years , thou shalt come into ' the land '  that is ' brought back from the sword '  &  is ' gathered out of many people ', against the mountains of Israel

July 25 , 2014


As the Israel-Gaza conflict rages , the dark spectre of ' anti-semitism ' is re-igniting around the world.  Since 1979 ,  Islamic groups have annually held a ' protest day ' known as Al-Quds Day ( ' Jerusalem ' Day ~ Quds is the city's Arabic name ).  Held on the last Friday of the ' Muslim ' Ramadan festival , Quds Day is to support the Palestinian people  &  to protest Israel's control of Jerusalem.  This day of protest typically is an emotion-charged  &  often-violent day , a day for Israel's enemies to vent their hate-filled rhetoric & rage.  It is part of a ' global propaganda campaign ' built on  ethnic racism ,  mis-information  &  ignorance  & now spreading like fire world-wide.  In 2014 , protests were held throughout the Middle East , Latin-America , Europe ... & even in Canada & Australia.  This ever-widening campaign also includes the on-going global effort to isolate Israel  politically  &  cripple her economically by the ' Boycott , Divestment & Sanction ' movement.  This ' false narrative ' of anti-Semitism will continue to escalate & tighten on God's people as her enemies seek to crush & destroy Israel  &  retake the Holy City of Jerusalem.  But it has all been foretold in God's Word.  In fact , God Himself has ' a warning ' for those who seek to destroy His people Israel  &  take His city . . . Fulfilment coming soon !!!


Isaiah 60v2,12-16  -  Darkness shall cover the earth  &  ' gross darkness ' the people but the LORD shall arise upon thee (  Jerusalemhis glory shall be seen upon thee.  For the nation & kingdom that will not serve thee ( Jerusalem shall perish ;  yea , those nations shall be utterly wasted.  The glory of Lebanon shall come unto thee ( Jerusalem ) . . . to beautify the place of  my sanctuary  &  I will make the place of my feet glorious.  ' The sons ' also of them ( Arab nations ) that afflicted thee shall ' come bending ' unto thee ( Jerusalem )  &  all they that despised thee shall  ' bow themselves down '  at the soles of thy feet  &  they  shall call thee  " The city of the LORD , The Zion of the Holy One  of Israel "

July 17 , 2014


Fearful events continue to shock the world.  ' Global crises ' are spreading  &  world leaders & nations are helpless to stem the emerging wave of uncertainty , violence & chaos.  Now , we see the convergence of a ' geopolitical ' perfect storm.  With the horrific downing of Malaysian Air Flight MH117  -  global fears are realised  -  as Vladimir Putin stands menacingly as a dark shadow over this incident that has sparked international outrage.  As the President of a global super-power ( with the world's largest & most lethal nuclear arsenal at his fingertips )  the world watches nervously as Putin displays increasing lawlessness  &  disdain for world order. 


Already extending his power & influence through the Middle East  &  Latin-America , Putin continues to ' openly destabilise '  the Ukraine militarily  &  threaten the wider EU strategically.  With Vladimir Putin now clearly implicated in the shooting of Flight MH-17 we now see the leader of a major nation & superpower participating in ' state-sponsored  terrorism ' This man's ambition knows no limits  &  he will soon inflict distress & chaos among the nations.  Please watch our informational video which lays out the Bible Prophecies which fully detail the ' coming exploits ' of this  brutal ' end-times ' dictator ,  before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ


Luke 21v25-28  -  There shall be signs  in the sun  &  in the moon  &  in the stars  &  upon the earth ' distress of nations ' with perplexity  . . . Men's hearts failing them  for fear  &  for looking after ' those things ' which are  coming on the earth : for the ' powers of heaven ' ( ' earthly political ' ) shall be shaken . . . And  then  shall they see ' the Son of man ' ( Lord Jesus Christ )  coming  in a cloud with power  &  great glory . . . When these things  ' BEGIN '  to come to pass , then look up  &  lift up your heads ; for your redemption draweth nigh

July 7 , 2014


After the  9 month US-led ' Peace Process ' collapsed , the outbreak of war took only a matter of weeks.  As the Israel-Gaza conflict escalates , we know this begins a series of cascading global events that will forever change this world.  Multiple prophecies in the Bible , foretell of a latter-day war between Israel  &  its neighbours , principally the Palestinians ( ancient Philistines ) , the Syrians  &  those in Lebanon ( Zidonians ).  Though Israel will ' prevail ' in this coming war against the Palestinians , Syrians & Lebanese militias afterward  Israel will be ' greatly weakened '  &  defencelessInto this power vacuum will sweep the great ' latter-day confederacy ' from the north.  Russia with Iran , Turkey , EU nations  &  Libya will then not only overflow & occupy many Mid-East nations ( incl. Israel  &  Egypt ) but will also bring ' the final devastating destruction ' of Israel's inveterate enemies the Philistines ( Palestinians ).  The prophet  Jeremiah Ch.47  provides clear & unmistakable context of the dramatic events ' soon to come ' in the Middle East.


Jer 47v2-4 - Thus saith the LORD ; Behold  waters ( nations ) rise up ' out of the north '  ( RUSSIA , Iran  &  Euro nations )  &  shall be an overflowing flood  &  shall overflow the land ( Israel &  all that is therein ;  the city ( Jerusalem )  &  them that dwell therein :  the men shall cry  &  all the inhabitants of the land shall howl ... Because of ' the day ' that cometh to spoil all  the Philistines ( Palestinians ) &  to cut off from Tyrus  Zidon ( Lebanon ) every helper that remaineth :  for the LORD  will spoil  the Philistines  ( Palestinians )

July 7 , 2014


The unfolding  Israeli-Palestinian War  in Gaza is a major  ' latter-day sign '  of momentous events soon to overwhelm mankind.  As the current conflict expands to include Syria & Lebanon  ( &  ultimately , the invading Russian host )  the Bible once again provides absolute certainty about events to follow.   Just as  Jeremiah 47  clearly spelt out the coming ' final destruction ' of the latter-day Philistines ( Palestinians ) at the hands of the Russian confederacy , the prophet  Zechariah uses the  exact same context  to describe ' the sequence ' of events that will follow :- 1 )  the Palestinians'  final destruction .... 2 )  the long-awaited return of  the Lord Jesus Christ  to judge the nations ... before  3 )  the establishment of Christ's rulership of a world-wide ' Kingdom ' characterised by ' peace '.  While many other events will fall between these 3 major events , they will most assuredly come as foretold  . . .  God's Word is certain  !!!  


Zechariah 9v6-10  -  1 )  I will ' cut off ' the pride of the Philistines ( Palestinians ).  I will take away his blood out of his mouth  &  his abominations from between his teeth  . . .  2 )  Rejoice greatly , O ' daughter '  of Zion ;  shout ,  O ' daughter '  of JerusalemBehold   thy King cometh unto thee :  he  is just   &  having salvation ;  lowly  &  riding upon an ass  &  upon a colt the foal of an ass.  And  I  will cut off the chariot from Ephraim  &  the horse from  Jerusalem  &  the battle bow shall be cut off   &   3 )  he shall  ' speak peace '  unto the heathen ( nations )  &  his dominion  shall be  from sea even to sea  &  from the river  even to the ends of the earth.

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June 24 , 2014


BIBLE PROPHECY is being fulfilled before our eyes !!!  The ISIS insurgency continues to ravage Iraq.  Now reports ISIS forces are moving in on the huge Haditha Dam , situated on the mighty Euphrates River.  Aside from the capital Baghdad , Haditha Dam is the 2nd most important strategic site in Iraq.  If ISIS were to take Haditha Dam it could cripple Iraq's agricultural region & literally sever the nation's food & water supply.  While the ' drying up of the Euphrates River ' is major symbol in Bible Prophecy of the dissolving of the Ottoman Empire ( post-1918 )  we may soon see its ' literal fulfilment '  heralding the Lord's imminent return to the earth . . .


In the Bible's final book  -  Revelation  -  5 short verses provide a chronologcal timeline of unfolding events at the time of Christ's return the first being   1. the ' drying up of the Euphrates River '. This pivotal event is followed by  2. a period of corrupt ideological ' spirits ' being promolgated by the 3 most influential global identities , unmistakably symbolised in scripture as Russia ,  the Euro Union  &  the Catholic Papacy ( Each has come to the forefront of global affairs in recent days ... Co-incidence ?? )  During this period of ideological spirits 3. the Lord Jesus Christ will return ' as a thief ' ( unknown to the world ) to collect His followers for judgment.  Finally , 4. ' all nations ' are then gathered together in the Mid-East in preparation for judgment by Christ & His Glorified Saints . . . Read the verses.  Judge for yourself 


Revelation 16v12-16  -  And the sixth angel poured out his vial 1. upon the great river Euphrates  the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east ( Middle East ) might be prepared.  2. And I saw three ' unclean spirits like frogs ' come out of the mouth of the Dragon ( Russia ) &  out of the mouth of the Beast ( EuroUnion )  &  out of the mouth of the False Prophet ( Papal Rome ).  For they are the ' spirits of devils ' working miracles , which go forth unto the kings of the earth  &  of the whole world , to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty3. Behold, I come as a thief.  Blessed is he that watcheth  &  keepeth his garments , lest he walk naked  &  they see his shame.  4. And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue  ' Armageddon '

June 20 , 2014


As the fear-some terrorist group ISIS , swallows up vast regions of Syria & Iraq  &  threatens  Jordan , Saudi Arabia  &  even Israel  - many believe this may be the emergence of the first-ever ' Terrorist Nation State ' that will lead to an Islamic Caliphate , the supreme objective of radical Islam.  As the world watches the unthinkable brutality  &  chaos unfolding across the Middle East ,  the prospect of a new ' global ' empire led by Islamic ' extremists ' would be a frightening outcome.  However , God's Word the Bible provides both hope & absolute certainty , such an empire will ' never ' come to pass.  On the contrary , the Bible ( with more than 1,000 quotes ) speaks extensively of God's coming ' Kingdom on Earth ' . . . which under the just & all-powerful rulership of the Lord Jesus Christ will conquer  &  replace all the corrupt kingdoms ' of men '  &  usher in an enduring age of  ' peace ,  happiness  &  godliness '  for all mankind.  


Micah 4v1-3 - But  IN THE LAST DAYS  it shall come to pass , that the mountain of the house of the LORD shall be established in the top of the mountains  &  it shall be exalted above the hills  &  people shall flow unto it.  And  many nations  shall come  &  say ,  Come & let us go up to the mountain of the LORD  &  to the house of the God of Jacob ( Israel )  &  he will teach us of his ways  &  we will walk in his paths :  for the law shall go forth  of Zion  &  the word of the LORD  from Jerusalem . . . & he shall judge among many people  &   rebuke strong nations afar off  &  they shall beat their swords into plowshares  &  their spears into pruninghooks :  nation shall not lift up a sword against nation , neither shall they learn war any more.

June 10 , 2014


In just 72 hours . . . IRAQ  has been torn apart.  With the lightning invasion of Al-Qaeda affiliated ' Sunni ' terrorist group ' ISIS ' storming across northern Iraq , capturing 30+ cities & towns , oil refineries & vast caches of US supplied military weapons & equipment from the fleeing Iraqi army . . . the nation of Iraq is in a state of siege.  Over 500,000 people have fled as the sectarian violence between Shi'ites , Sunni's  &  the Kurds threatens to explode across Iraq.  Kurdish militias have reacted by retaking Kirkuk.  As the USA mulls over a response, Iran has acted , sending it's feared Republican Guard Al-Quds forces to fortify Iraq's collapsing Shi'ite Govt.  Iran's move is a sinister development , a harbinger of a devastating coming invasion ' foretold ' in God's Word


In 2013 , Prophecy News Desk published a video on Iran's coming invasion of Iraq ( based on clear Bible prophecies ).  At the time of publishing many questioned the video's validity because - geopolitically - there was ' no reason ' for Iran to invade Iraq , since Iran was already exercising considerable influence & manipulation of Iraq's internal affairs.  But God's Word is sure.  As Sunni's & Kurds now threaten to topple the Iranian-allied Shi'ite Govt , we are now seeing events that will trigger Iran's coming ' latter-day ' invasion of Iraq - prophesied over 2,500 years ago !!  Please watch this video to truly understand these future world events . . .  & beyond  !!!


Jer 51 v11,28 - 29  -  Make  ‘ bright ‘  the arrows ( rockets / missiles ) ;  gather the shields :  the LORD hath raised up  ‘ the spirit ‘  of  the kings of the Medes  ( Iran )  for his device is  against  Babylon ( IRAQ )  to destroy it ,  because it is ' the vengeance ' of the LORD . . . Prepare against her ( IRAQ ) the nations ,  with the kings of the Medes ( Iran ) the captains thereof  &  all the rulers  &  all the land of his dominion.  The land  shall tremble & sorrow :  for every purpose ' of the LORD ' shall be performed  against  Babylon ( IRAQ ) to make the land of Babylon ( IRAQ )  a ' desolation '


Isa 13v17 - Behold , I will stir up the Medes ( Iran )  against them ( IRAQ ) which shall not regard silver  &  as for gold, they shall not delight in it.  Their ( Iran )  bows also shall dash the young men to pieces  &  they shall have  no pity on the fruit of the womb ; their eye shall not spare children. And Babylon ( IRAQthe glory of kingdoms … shall be  as  when God overthrew Sodom & Gomorrah.

June 2 , 2014


TROUBLE IS COMING FOR ISRAEL !!   The abortive US-led ' Peace Talks ' are now dead . . . to the north , SYRIA's Bashar al- Assad & his Hezbollah allies have all but defeated the Syrian rebels . . . meanwhile IRAN continues to defy international efforts  &  push on with its nuclear weapons program . . . & now , Israel's most inveterate enemies  - THE PALESTINIANS  -  have unified their ' warring '  factions to form a ' Unity Government '.  After years of bitter division & bloodshed , Mahmoud Abbas & his ' Fatah ' faction have spurned the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks ,  joining forces with Gaza-based rivals ' Hamas ' an internationally-recognised ' terrorist organisation ' whose sworn policy ( openly stated in their charter ) is the  ' the destruction of the state of Israel ' . . . a policy Hamas refuses to renounce.


The Palestinian quest for ' statehood '  &  East Jerusalem as its capital has always been a deception , a false pretense for the greater goal of extinguishing the Jewish State.  Despite his assurances to the international community ,  by  now walking away from any prospect of peace with Israel  ( to join with Hamas )  Abbas has made a thinly-veiled statement of  ' future intentions '.   Having then abandoned ' peace ',  Abbas is preparing to use violence & bloodshed to achieve the Palestinian goals.  With Israel now surrounded by hostile forces  &  largely abandoned by its closest ally the USA ( which has assured ' aid & support ' for the new Palestinian Unity Govt )  we're now seeing the fulfilment of  Psalm 83.  But the Palestinians will soon be utterly destroyed - as foretold in Zephaniah's prophecy


Zep 2v3-5  -  Seek ye the LORD,  all ye meek of the earth , which have wrought his judgment ;  seek righteousness , seek meekness :   it may be ye shall be hid in  THE DAY OF THE LORD'S  anger.  For Gaza ( Palestinians )  shall be forsaken  &  Ashkelon  ( Palestinians ) a desolation :  they shall drive out Ashdod ( Palestinians ) at the noon day  &  Ekron ( Palestinians )  shall be rooted up ( ALL ancient Philistine cities )  Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea coast , the nation of the Cherethites !  the word of the LORD is against you ; O Canaan ,  the land of the Philistines ( Palestinians )  I will even destroy thee , that there shall be no inhabitant.

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The 3-Day Papal Tour of  Jordan - WestBank - Israel  was a major event in the Vatican's ' master - plan ' for global dominion.  Every aspect of this whirlwind tour was choreographed to promote interfaith dialogue & Pope Francis' aura as ' the Great Peacemaker ' preparing the way for the Vatican's rise to religious & political primacy.  While claiming the tour was " purely religious " the Pope's words & actions ran deep with political intent.  Consider this :


1 )  Pope Francis chose both a Jewish Rabbi & an Islamic Imam to travel with him during the trip to underscore the Pope's credentials & standing as the world's pre-eminent ' Peacemaker '.


2 )  He chose to fly ' direct '  from Jordan to the Palestinian-controlled Bethlehem - widely seen as a deliberate show of ' solidarity ' with the Palestinian cause.  Never before has a Pope entered into Bethlehem without going through Israel first.  The Pope repeatedly backed Palestinians' statehood aspirations , addressing its leader Abbas as the president of the  ' State of Palestine '  &  calling Abbas a ' man of peace '  even as Abbas forms a ' unity government ' with the Islamic militant / terrorist group Hamas !!


3 )  Pope Francis sparked controversy , when he provocatively stopped to pray at Israel’s controversial West Bank separation barrier.  Standing before dozens of journalists & photographers, Francis put a hand on the wall, bowed his head & said a short prayer alongside a section on which Free Palestine   &  " Apartheid Wall " was scrawled in graffiti.   Later , he also held a private lunch with five Palestinian families who say they have been harmed by Israeli policies.  Media events, all ' staged ' by the Vatican to draw attention to Palestinian victimhood  &  more importantly , to  ' demonise ' Israel  &  isolate the Jewish State internationally.


4 )  The centrepiece of the trip was Pope Francis' meeting & prayer with Patriarch Bartholomew ( spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians )  to commemorate the 50th anniversary of a similar meeting between their predecessors that ended a 900-year rift between the Catholic - Orthodox Churches. This event further underlining the Pope as a ' transformative peacemaker '


5 )  Fulfilling prophecies in Matthew & Mark - Pope Francis became only the 2nd Pope EVER to enter ' inside ' the Dome of the Rock ( The Holy Place ) confirming he is the ' Abomination of Desolation '.  Meeting with Islamic Imam's it was a display of merging  Catholic-Muslim Unity  &  a chance to debate the last practical solutions before a ' final agreement ' can be reached on peace & universal brotherhood under ' One Universal Religion ' of all faiths  -  led by the Pope  -  from one throne of authority in Jerusalem


6 )  Finally , Pope Francis injected himself  -  politically  -  decrying Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts , declaring “ The time has come to put an end to this situation , which has become increasingly unacceptable ”  then instigating his own ' Peace Process ' by issuing a joint invitation to  Abbas & President Peres  to visit the Vatican on June 6 to ' pray for peace '.  A Vatican spokesman said it was a papal peace initiative , based on the Pope's moral & spiritual ' authority '  ( whose fraudulent claim is of being ' the Prince of Peace ' )


As we see these events unfold , the time draws near when THE TRUE ' Prince of Peace ' the Lord Jesus Christ will soon return to collect His faithful followers , before returning with them to execute the long-prophesied judgments against this Apostate system & all its harlot daughters.  The 2014 Papal Tour provided one unmistakable ' prophetic sign ' warning of coming trouble on an unprecedented scale . . .


Matthew 24v15,21  -   When ye therefore shall see the ' abomination of desolation ' ( Pope )  spoken of by Daniel the prophet  STAND IN  ' the holy place ( whoso readeth , let him understand : )  . . .  For  THEN  shall be great tribulation , such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time , no , nor ever shall be.            ( We have  ' JUST WITNESSED '  this amazing sign  - - Time is short !!!  )

May 28 , 2014


Lebanon's Hezbollah terrorist group  -  armed  &  financed by close allies Iran & Syria  -  is central to a coalition of hostile Arab forces who  ( fore-told in Psalm 83 )  will seek to destroy the nation of Israel in the ' latter days '.  In one of his regular speeches of hatred against Israel , its leader Hassan Nasrallah has just revealed Hezbollah's coming strategy to attack Israel.   As Hezbollah continues to fight along side the Syrian Govt to crush the last Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights , Nasrallah said his forces will turn its attack towards Israel . . . exactly as foretold in Isaiah 9.  With a ' common goal ' of the destruction of the nation of Israel & the ' freeing of Palestine ' ( Al-Aqsa Intifada ) we will soon see a coalition of  Shi'ite Syrian / Hezbollah  &  Sunni Palestinian military groups launch a devastating attack on Israel , in part through their massive arsenal of 70,000+ stockpiled rockets & missiles.  It will be a war where Israel will prevail in the end ( Isaiah 17v1-4 )  but will bring tremendous death & suffering to both sides.


Psa 83v3-5  They have taken ' crafty counsel ' against  thy people ( Israel )  &  consulted against thy hidden ones. They have said , Come & let us  cut them off from being a nation ; that the name of  Israel  may be no more in remembrance.  For they have consulted together with one consent : they are confederate against thee :


Isaiah 9v12  The Syrians before  &  the Philistines ( Palestinians ) behind  &  they shall ' devour ' Israel with open mouth.

May 26 , 2014


Bible prophecy is emphatic . . . Libya  will  be a member of Russia's  ' latter-day '  confederacy  that will invade  the Middle East.  So it is not surprising in recent days ,  that a renegade general Khalifa Hifter has suddenly emerged as a ' strong-man ' who has ousted the Libyan Govt  &  vowed to use deadly force to arrest control of Libya from Islamic militias.  While General Hifter has had past links with the USA ,  he was also trained extensively in the former Soviet Union.  Importantly , both Khalifa  &  Russia's Vladimir Putin have vehemently sworn their ' highest priority ' is to eradicate radical Islamic groups ( incl.  Muslim Brotherhood ).   With the USA's  ever-widening withdrawal from world affairs  ,  we know with certainty a strategic alliance between Russia & Libya will develop rapidly.   With Vladimir Putin already making in-roads into neighbouring Egypt  & subverting USA's influence in the region , General Hifter may well be the man to drag Libya out of chaos  &  into the ' long-prophesied ' alliance with Russia's Gog


Dan 11v40-43 - At the time of the end shall the ' king of the south ' ( UK-USA )  push at him  &  the ' king of the north ' ( Russia ) shall come against him like a whirlwind , with chariots & with horsemen &  with many ships  &  he shall enter into the countries & shall overflow & pass over.  He shall enter also into ' the glorious land ' ( Israel ) many countries shall be overthrown . . . He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of  Egypt  shall not escape.  But he shall have power over the treasures of gold  &  of silver  &  over all the precious things of Egypt :  &  the  LIBYANS  &  the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.

May 20 , 2014


Fossilised bones of a dinosaur believed to be the ' largest creature ' ever to walk the Earth have been unearthed in Argentina , palaeontologists say.  Based on its huge thigh bones , it was 40m (130ft) long & 20m (65ft) tall.   Weighing in at 77 tonnes , it was as heavy as 14 African elephants.  Scientists believe this new species of titanosaur lived 95 to 100 million years ago , but did it ??  Did you know ?? . . . God's Word - the Bible - vividly described this exact creature indicating this dinosaur actually lived at the same time as man  -  before the Great Flood.  The ' Behemoth ' described in  Job 40  " eats grass like an ox "  &  moved its huge tail  " like a cedar " ,  had bones " like beams of bronze " &  its limbs were as " bars of iron ".  This cannot be an elephant or a hippo which both have short tails like a pig.  It is unmistakably a dinosaur - a type of Brachiosaurus.  The next chapter Job 41 mentions the ' Leviathan '. this was also a dinosaur.  It was a tall creature that " raiseth himself up "  &  had a large wake that " makes the sea look white ".  It was not a crocodile but more likely a type of Elasmosaurus.  This lastest paleontological discovery & the irrefutable Bible evidence just confirm the Bible's truthfulness & authenticity is to be trusted, even in the face of misguided scientific theories


Job 40v15-24 - Take a look at  Behemoth , which I made , just as I made you.  It eats grass like an ox.  See its powerful loins  &  the muscles of its belly.  Its tail is as strong as a cedar.  The sinews of its thighs are knit tightly together. Its bones are tubes of bronze.  Its limbs are bars of iron.  It is a prime example of God’s handiwork  &  only its Creator can threaten it . . . It lies under the lotus plants , hidden by the reeds in the marsh . . . It is not disturbed by the raging river . . . ' No one ' can catch it off guard or put a ring in its nose & lead it away.  ( Indicating it existed when man existed )

May 17 , 2014


' NEWS FLASH ' - Vladimir Putin  -  Russia's bare-chested testosterone-injected President  -  leads his team to a crushing victory in a ' charity ' ice-hockey game.  Personally scoring a swag of goals himself ,  the iron-man of world politics put on a ' exhibition ' of his extraordinary sporting prowess  &  further fed his need for ' cheesey ' staged-propaganda.  So justhow many goalsdid the illustrious Russian leader score ??  In a game where only rarely does a player score 3 or 4 goals in a game . . . Vladimir scored an astonishing '6' goals himself !!!   Entirely appropriate.   In scripture ,  6  is the number of Man , the number of imperfection in man's nature & workMan was created on the sixth daysix days were given to man to do labor & to toilthe ' kingdoms of men ' will last 6,000 years &  the giant ' Goliath ' of Gath , who with his 6 fingers  &  6 toes ,  stood 6 cubits high&  was the ultimate symbol & embodiment of  fleshly men.  As we witness the rise of a latter-day ' giant '  in the form of Vladimir Putin ,  we know with absolute certainty , he ( together with his confederate armies ) will also be destroyed  -  like Goliath  -  by the Lord Jesus Christ himself.


Daniel 8v23-25 - In the latter time of their kingdom , when the ' transgressors ' are come to the full ,  a KING of  fierce countenance ( Russian Gog )  understanding dark sentences  ( ex-KGB Chief ) shall stand up  &  his power shall be ' mighty '  but  not  by his own power   &   he shall destroy wonderfully  &  shall prosper  &   practise   &   shall destroy ' the mighty '  &  ' the holy people ' ( Israel )  & through his policy also he shall cause ' craft ' ( deceit ) to prosper in his hand  &  he shall magnify himself in his heart  &  ' by peace '  shall destroy manyhe shall also stand up against  the Prince of princes ( Lord Jesus Christ )  but he shall be broken ' without hand '

May 10 , 2014