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Who are the  ' Christadelphians '  ?

The Christadelphians are a world-wide community of Bible believers who strive to replicate 1st century apostolic teachings  &  live in accordance with the precepts of the commandments of Christ.  We provide below a brief outline of our community  &  faith. 

God's Word , The Bible

The name  ' Christadelphians '  is a compound of two Greek words :  ' christos '  &  ' adelphoi '  that means  ' brethren in Christ '.  

Christadelphians  are a group of people associated together by a common belief in  ' the things concerning the kingdom of God '  &  ' the name of Jesus Christ ' ( Acts 8v12 ).  We are a community around the globe , whose aim is to follow as closely as possible the teaching & example of Jesus Christ , as recorded in the Bible.

We endeavour to read the whole Bible at least once every year.  In a world full of uncertainties we enjoy a simple ,  direct  &  logical faith ,  offering peace  &  contentment now ,  &  the promise of everlasting joy to come in God's coming Kingdom on eart​​h.

Fundamental to our faith is the principle that ,  what Christ  &  his apostles taught in the first century was ' truth '  . . .  & it is still the truth today.  The Holy Scriptures , both Old  &  New Testaments , are our sole authority.

Our community has no paid ministry , no robes or elaborate ceremonies , nor has it any "head of the church" or legislative council.  Our ' ecclesias ' ( New Testament word for ' church ' ) organize their own affairs , this pattern is similar everywhere. Like the " elders " of New Testament times , members are appointed to manage the affairs of the ecclesia  &  to preside at its meetings. 

At our meetings for the " breaking of bread " on the  first day of the week  there are hymns , prayers , readings from the Scriptures  &  an exhortation.  The bread  &  the wine circulate among all the " brothers & sisters " present.   Voluntary collections are taken to meet all the expenses.   We instruct our children & young people in Sunday Schools & Youth Groups ,  &  promote a life of  faith ,  prayer  &  obedience to Christ's commands , among our members.

God's Kingom on Earth ( ... is coming )

As a community , we endeavour to proclaim the Lord Jesus' message  ' of life '  to all ,  who are willing to hear.   We would encourage the reader to thoughtfully consider the information contained in this website.  All the global conditions we see today are consistent with those the scriptures foretold would be evident in the ' Last Days ' prior to the Lord's return from heaven.  

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Our hope is ,  the information in this site ,  will leave you convinced of the accuracy & authenticity of Bible prophecy ;  & that this may be a helpful step in your path to discovering God's message of salvation & eternal life , that He has extended unto all people through His Son , the Lord Jesus Christ  &  His Holy Word , the Bible.

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