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Foretold  . . .  in Bible Prophecy  !!!
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Faithfully  sourced  from  the  ' ancient writings '  in  God's  Word ,  the  Bible

READ IT  ( to THE END ) .    VERIFY  IT  ( yourself )  in  your  own  Bible .    ACT  ON  IT .  )



As a topic of  ' bible prophecy ' , the notion of a  GLOBAL ‘ THERMO-NUCLEAR ’ WAR  has it seems never been fully accepted  or  countenanced by Bible believers.   Certainly it has never been articulated as a  ‘ VERY  REAL ’  and approaching dimension of the coming  ' divine judgments '  on mankind. 


As faithful believers in God's Word ( the Bible ) we all understand  - and no doubt believe -  we are living in the very ' end-times ' -  yet somehow we seem reluctant ( or unwilling ) to process this confronting and horrific scenario of ' nuclear war '.  Even today - in the very last days of the kingdoms of men  - as we witness unprecedented political turmoil around the globe and increasingly angry nations pursuing nuclear missile proliferation on a truly insane level  –  there still remains an uneasy reluctance among  ‘ bible believers ’  to discuss the possibility of  ‘ man-made ’  global destruction  actually being an agency of divine judgement.  Raise the issue and one is often met with strained looks ,  unsettled body language  and even a nervous step backwards. 


Perhaps it is because the thought of such a global disaster is just too horrific to contemplate ;  perhaps , as many believe the ‘ irreversible nature ’ of the nuclear fall-out and the ‘ centuries ’ it would take ( as scientists claim ) for the deadly residue of nuclear radiation to dissipate seems totally incompatible with our understanding of ( and desire for ) God’s Kingdom to be established on earth very soon.  While never being openly stated , it does seem the universally preferred view on this contentious topic , is that it’s simply easier to accept in broad terms that all the coming judgments executed on mankind the fire ”  ;  the flame  ;  thepillars of smoke  ;  the clouds  ;  thethunder “  ;  the noise ”  ;  the darkness  ”  are essentially all outworkings exclusively related to the manifestation of divine power in the ‘ forces of nature ’, whether of volcanoes , earthquakes , storms , pestilences or the celestial elements. Yet every single one of these dramatic outworkings  are direct ‘ by-products ’ generated by the scourge that is nuclear warfare.    Can we just ignore this ?


 ' Our intent '  ( in this article ) . . . is to  ' comprehensively  and  conclusively '  show that  Global Nuclear War . . .  IS  COMING !!!  

The idea that the  forces of nature  are the ‘ principal ’ source of divine judgment is simply wrong and in fact is widely divergent

from the ' immutable evidence ' found in God’s Word.   We assert that scripture is exceedingly more explicit in its language. 

' Our Hope '  is that readers will consider the bible evidence we present herein  ( and  ' verify it  ' for themselves )

be convinced of the ' unmistakable  fore-warning '  God has laid out in ' His Word '  thro' His servants of old ,

. . . and being persuaded of the ' reality ' of these looming events ,  avail themselves of the wonderful hope

that is offered ‘ in Christ ’ . . . and through His grace , escape from this coming ‘ NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE ’


   P A R T   1




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In fact, God’s Word repeatedly indicates that up until the moment the Lord Jesus Christ’s feet stand upon the Mount of Olives , these catastrophic events are  almost entirely  of man’s own doing.  That the unprecedented disasters  soon to engulf the earth  will appear (ostensibly) to the world to be the ‘ natural ’ consequences of mankind’s greed , foolishness and corruption  -  whether war , famine , pestilence or disaster.  There will be no ‘ open manifestation ’ of divine power apparent in these unprecedented calamities  UNTIL  the Lord Jesus Christ appears openly and visibly to the whole world.  That the ‘ divine judgments ’ of the last days will be  in very large measure  the result of man  ‘ reaping what he has sewed ’.

So  clear and explicit  is  GOD’S WORD  on this  subject ,  almost every aspect  of this coming nuclear war is comprehensively and graphically detailed in the pages of the Bible.   All references are found in ‘ unmistakable context ’  and include :


  •  the accurate description of  ‘ nuclear ’  missiles and warheads

  •  the  exact dimensions ’  of these deadly projectiles

  •  the design and technical configurations ’  ( and uniformity worldwide )

  •  the  core fissile materials / elements


  •  the  operational trigger

  •  the flight path ’  ( precisely ‘ pinpointing ’ its trajectory )

  •  the actual effect ’  of these nuclear detonations


  •  the extraordinary meaning behind  the fire  ’  and the flame ’  ( of nuclear war )

  •  both the ' mortal '  and  ' destructive '  effects of  nuclear  radiation

  •  the  ' scale and death toll '


The Bible  also  states  the effects of this  ‘ full-scale ’ nuclear war , will  NOT  be  arbitrary  or  chance ,  but will involve :


  •  the discriminatory  selection ’  of those who will perish

  •  the world-wide  moral judgment   upon the sinners and the ungodly

  •  the  condemnation and targeted destruction of   ‘ mainstream ’  religions  ( & their followers ) 


Also revealed are  God’s  ‘ unbreakable ’  promises . . .


  •  the  selective  protectionof believers  in a ‘ full-scale ’ nuclear war (  both  WHY  and  HOW  this will be achieved  )  

  •  the remarkable place where  ‘ the faithful ’  will be protected

  •  the  faithful  will actually witness ’   the  ' reward of the wicked '


Finally ,  the Bible declares


  •  it  is  God Himself  who  ‘ initiates ’  these  man-made  ‘ judgments ’

  •  the ultimate destination ’  of these highly destructive projectiles

  •  the  overall purpose ’  of  this  ‘ apocalyptic ’  nuclear war

  •  the final outcome ’  beyond this coming global crisis


This article seeks to bring to light ‘ large sections ’ of God’s Word that for centuries have had valid and legitimate interpretations and now  -  only in the last days ( according to the Father’s will and purpose ) -  are their deeper , hidden understandings being fully revealed.  Initially , some interpretations of passages may on face value seem subjective , however , when considered in the ‘ totality ’ of the parallel bible quotes provided and the consistent manner in which the divine Hand has used literal , figurative , symbolic and metaphorical language throughout scripture , we believe the ‘ interpretations drawn ’ are absolutely sound and will withstand any scrutiny.


We will then exhaustively consider  “ in context ”  extensive bible passages

and their consistent language & detailed descriptions

of these final cataclysmic man-made events.




Throughout scripture we are often provided with brief, fleeting visions of this long-prophesied  ‘ time of trouble ’.  Both in the old testament through the prophet  Daniel  and  through the words of the  Lord Jesus Christ  in three of the Gospel records  ( Matt 24 / Mark 13 / Luke 21 )  we are told that this  ‘ final tribulation / affliction ’  will be UNLIKE any event ever before seen in the history of mankind.  It will be utterly ‘ unprecedented ’ in both its magnitude and its nature.   While the bible passages ( below ) give no indication of the specific nature of these events ,  we are fore-warned  they will be ‘ so grievous ’  that  all life  on earth would otherwise be totally exterminated and cease to exist ,  if it were not for  ‘ divine  intervention ’   -  through the Lord Jesus Christ  -  to stop this global destruction and to save the ‘ chosen ’ or ‘ elect ’ of God.  The old testament prophet Daniel speaks of this climactic moment when the Lord Jesus is revealed ,  a moment that will represent the beginning of the ‘ final apocalyptic phase ’ of these end-times tribulations .




v1   -    And  AT  THAT  TIME  shall Michael  ( Lord Jesus Christ )  stand up ,

            the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people 

            &  there shall be a  ‘ TIME OF TROUBLE ’  such as  NEVER WAS

            SINCE  there was a nation  ,  even to that same time



This moment will be the culmination of the escalating chaos and unprecedented violence sweeping the whole earth and overwhelming mankind.  The gospel record in  Matthew 24 is a crucial narrative in truly deciphering the end-times events.  Not only does it provide perhaps the most comprehensive  timeline in the bible , outlining the ' actual sequence ’  of events through this period but it also provides the one singular and epochal sign to herald the arrival of the great time of trouble.   




v15  -  ‘ WHEN ’ ye therefore shall see the  ‘ abomination of desolation ’  spoken of by Daniel the prophet,

           stand in the holy place, ( whoso readeth, let him understand : )  . . . .  ( FULFILLED - 12th MAY 2009 )


v21  -  For  ' THEN '  shall be  GREAT TRIBULATION

           such as was  NOT  since the beginning of the world to this time,

           no ,  NOR EVER  shall be


v22  -  And except those days should be shortened , there should  NO FLESH BE SAVED

           but  for the elect's sake  those days shall be  shortened


v29  -  IMMEDIATELY AFTER  the  ‘ TRIBULATION ’  of those days  shall the sun be darkened,

           and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven,

           and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:


v30  -  And  ‘ THEN ’  ... shall appear the sign of the Son of man ’  in heaven

           and  ‘ THEN ’  ... shall all the tribes of the earth mourn,

           and  they  shall see  ‘ the Son of man ’  coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

The central purpose of this prophecy ( given by Jesus himself ) was to provide a  ‘ clear signpost ’  to the faithful believers of the nearness and imminence of the time of  GREAT TRIBULATION.   One prophetic event was specified by Jesus as ‘ a sign ’ to herald the beginning of the end-times, this being  WHEN the  abomination of desolation . . stands in the holy place.  As noted above , this event was  actually fulfilled  on 12th May 2009  when for the  FIRST TIME EVER  a Roman Catholic Pope  ( Benedict ) stood inside ‘ THE HOLY PLACE ’ in Jerusalem.  A 2,000 year old prophecy fulfilled - unmistakably and undeniably.  According to Matthew 24 ,  the Great Tribulation ’ ( Time of Trouble )  and the Lord’s return will  THEN  follow this event.


In the time since this remarkable fulfilment ( May 2009 ) there has been world-wide strife , turmoil and chaos.  International financial / debt crises ,  the Arab Spring , the Syrian War , the rise of ISIS , the Global War on Terror , unprecedented migrant crises , the weakening and destabilisation of the EU , cataclysmic weather events , apocalyptic disasters ( ie. Japan ) and never before seen levels of violence and immorality worldwide.   BUT is this ‘ really ’ the Great Tribulation spoken of ??   The Answer is  YES , IT IS  . . .  but we can expect it to get much , MUCH WORSE !!!   While these dramatic events may seem to be  ‘ in the normal course ’  of worldly happenings , the Lord Jesus Christ ‘ fore-warned ’ his followers to be vigilant , for in the last days before His return , the  ‘ vast majority of mankind  ’ will be asleep to the approaching perils , and taken unawares ( and perish ) in the catastrophic events that will constitute the ‘ Day of the LORD ’.

LUKE 21 

v34  -  Take heed to yourselves , lest  . . . THAT DAY ’  come upon you unawares.

v35  -  For AS A SNARE  shall  IT  come on  ALL THEM  that dwell on the face of the  WHOLE EARTH.


As this unprecedented  ‘ Time of Trouble ’  intensifies ,  not only do we need to be preparing for the Lord’s return , but we should also be warning others of this impending storm.  Yet , as servants of the living God ,  do we  TRULY UNDERSTAND ’  what God’s coming judgments on mankind will involve ?   Do we actually know  WHAT  is coming ??  . . .  And  are we even prepared  for whatever time and circumstances  we are required to endure  during this ‘ final period of affliction ’ ?  We hope this article will provide helpful answers and a deeper level of understanding on these issues. 





Perhaps no other single chapter of scripture provides a greater ‘ overview ’ and ‘ insight ’ into this approaching catastrophic period than Isaiah 24.   This one remarkable prophecy fully details  the pre-conditions , the world-wide distress , the reasoned explanation of  ‘ WHY ’  and the final terrible outcome of these  divine judgments.  Verses 1-6  and  Verses 17-22  broadly frame these events from a ‘ global -or- world-wide ’  perspective , with the terms  ‘ the earth ’ and  ‘ the world ’  being consistently repeated.  Wedged between these passages are  Verses 7-13  that focus on deteriorating events  ‘ in the land( of  Israel ) that appear to be contemporaneous with God’s judgments upon mankind.

On a closer reading ,  Verses 1 - 4  outline the misery , disorder and corruption found on earth before these final judgments , including social , economic and moral collapse in every level of society , together with the evident breakdown of the environment.  Verse 5 then makes clear this global deterioration and defilement by its inhabitants  is the direct result of man’s actions and this verse expands further ,  by providing the three specific reasons  WHY this corruption has occurred.  Mankind has  1)  transgressed God’s Laws   2)  changed His ordinances  and  3)  broken the everlasting covenant  -  all  three being  foundational elements  God had previously established for the natural , emotional and spiritual well-being of mankind.


ISAIAH Ch. 24 

v1  -  Behold , the LORD maketh  THE EARTH  empty  and  maketh it waste

         and  turneth it upside down  &  scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof


v2  -  And  IT SHALL BE . . . as with the people ,  so with the priest ;

                                             as with the servant , so with his master ;

                                             as with the maid ,   so with her mistress ;

                                             as with the buyer ,  so with the seller ;

                                             as with the lender ,  so with the borrower …..


v3  -  The land shall be utterly emptied  and  utterly spoiled :  for the LORD hath spoken this word.


v4  -  THE EARTH  mourneth  and  fadeth away , 

         THE WORLD  languisheth  and  fadeth away ,

         the haughty people of the earth do languish.


v5  -  THE EARTH  also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof ;

         because they have  …  transgressed the laws ,

                                            …   changed the ordinance ,

                                              …   broken the everlasting covenant.




But ominously ,   THEN ’  comes  Verse 6  . . .  


v6  -  THEREFORE  . . .  hath  ' THE CURSE '  ( H423   אלה'   âlâh   >>>  cp. Zech 5v3   ) ' devoured the earth

         and  they that dwell therein are desolate :

         therefore  the  inhabitants of the earth   ‘ ARE BURNED ’  and  FEW ’  MEN  LEFT.


This is truly an apocalyptic verse with language that portends to a terrifying scenario for mankind.  If there remained ‘ any doubt ’ about exactly what this verse is alluding to when it graphically describes the  “  devouring of the earth . . . the desolation  . . .  and the inhabitants being burned  . . .  until there are  few men  left  then  Verse 6  contains a crucial and direct link to another prophecy that  unequivocally confirms  the coming ‘ terrible reality ’ of Isaiah’s vision.  


Therefore to understand . . . what is  this horror ’  that befalls the earth  in  Isaiah 24  ,


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