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2011 . . . IN REVIEW

Consider the  ' major events '  of  2011  &  the unmistakable links with  ' Bible Prophecies '   clearly proving the truth of God's Word  &  heralding God's coming judgments on mankind  &  the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.



2011  commenced with a mysterious series of  ' Mass Deaths ' around the globe of various species of birds & fish.  Scientists  &  environmental experts alike , have been unable to explain the reason for these bizarre mass die-offs  -  unprecedented in their size & scale  -  were widespread over more than 12 nations world-wide.   The Bible explains these mysterious phenomena are a  ' fore-warning '  of bigger apocalyptic events to come.

Can ' A BIRD FALL in a snare upon the earth ,  where  NO  GIN  [ trap ]  is for him ?

Shall  one take up a snare from the earth  &  have taken nothing at all ?
Shall  a 
TRUMPET  be blown  in the city  ​[ as a ' Warning ' ]   &  the people not be afraid ?

Shall  there be  EVIL  in a city  ​[ as ' punishment ' ]  &  the LORD hath not done it ?
Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing , but 
HE  REVEALETH  HIS  SECRET  unto his servants the prophets    -    Amos 3v5-7



Unprecedented in 6,000+ yrs of Arab history ,  the Arab Spring is a wave of revolutionary protests , uprisings  & civil wars that have swept the Middle East like a ' tsunami '.  Since beginning  in Tunisia in Dec' 2010 ,  the Arab world has been in turmoil , with strife & violence sweeping 15 nations ,  creating ' political earthquakes '  &  overthrowing govts in 4 nations to date.  Two verses in the Bible provide a complete history & description of the  Arab nations & their role in God's plan :

The angel of the LORD said unto her , Behold , thou art with child  &  shalt bear  A SON  &  shalt call his name  ISHMAEL [ Fore- father of  Arab  peoples ]  He will be a  WILD MAN ;  his hand will be  against every man  &  every man's hand against him  &  he shall dwell  in the presence  of  ALL his brethren.   As for  ISHMAEL ,  behold ,  I have blessed him  &  will make him 

' fruitful '  &  will  ' multiply him ' exceedingly  . . .  &  I will make him a great nation.  But ' my covenant ' will I establish with Isaac  [ Jews ]                                                                                                                                       Genesis 16v11-12 , 17v20-21



ln  January 2011 ,  Australia experienced its worst ever recorded flooding when the states of  Queensland  &  Victoria  were hit by massive floods  covering land masses greater than the area of Germany & France combined.  Affecting over 250,000 people , the floods wreaked havoc on Australian industries  &  significantly impacted the national economy. 

[ God ] ​ spared not the old world , but saved  Noah  the eighth person , a preacher of righteousness , bringing in  THE  FLOOD  upon the  world of the ungodly  &  turning the cities of  Sodom & Gomorrha  into ashes , condemned them with an overthrow ,  making them  AN EXAMPLE  unto  THOSE  that ' AFTER '  should live  ungodly                                                  -  2 Peter 2v5-6



The dark specter of the ' biggest mass default in history ' loomed large.  A collapse some call " Euro-geddon " that would bring unimaginable consequences around the globe.  Euro officials held ' crisis talks ' to rescue the Euro currency & stave off a financial meltdown , the only option  -  a ' radical overhaul ' to move the EU towards a single central govt enforcing political & economic rules for a reduced number of core EU nations - creating a new Euro "  super-state ".  This would  be a direct fulfillment of Bible Prophecy which speaks of a latter day kingdom being partly " strong " (Germany-France)  &  partly "weak" (Greece-Italy-Spain etc.) . . . but ultimately failing

The kingdom [ Euro Union ] shall be ' divided '  but there shall be IN IT of the strength of the IRON [ Holy Roman Empire ]  &  as the toes of the feet were part of IRON [ Roman Catholicism ]  &  part of CLAY [ Socialism ] ,  so  the kingdom [ Euro Union ] shall be  partly STRONGpartly BROKEN . . . but they shall NOT cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.  In the days of these kings shall the God of Heaven set up ' a kingdom ' which shall never be destroyed  & the kingdom shall not be left to other people but it shall break in pieces  &  consume all these kingdoms  &  it shall stand FOREVER  -  Daniel 2v41-44



In December 2010 , Brazil became ' the first nation ' to controversially recognize an independent Palestinian State  -  just  ' one month '  later  -  Brazil suffered its ' worst ever ' natural disaster from extensive flooding & landslides with over 560 people killed.   Could this be merely a co-incidence - or - an ominous warning to those who seek to delegitamise God's chosen people , Israel ??    

The tumult will resound to the ends of the earth ,  for the LORD will bring  CHARGES AGAINST THE NATIONS  [ as all nations move against Israel ]  He will bring judgment on ALL MANKIND  &  put the wicked to the sword " declares the LORD.  This is what the LORD Almighty says " Look ! DISASTER is spreading FROM NATION to NATION ;  A MIGHTY STORM is rising from THE ENDS OF THE EARTH "                                                                                                   -     Jeremiah 25v31-33  ( Amplified Version )



As the ' Arab Spring ' uprisings & turmoil gathered pace  &  spread ,  Egypt endured weeks of demonstrations & mass protests before the outbreak of violence on the streets.  Raging battles between anti-govt protestors & govt. forces continued for weeks as ' Egyptians fought Egyptians ' in the first time in 6,000 years.  By Feb'11th , President Mubarak's govt. fell ceding power to the military to avoid a revolutionary bloodbath.  In  ' exact  fulfillment '  of Bible Prophecy , Egypt soon fell under the control of a radical & brutal new dictator -  the Muslim's Brotherhood's Muhammad Morsi.

I will set the  EGYPTIANS  against the  EGYPTIANS  &  they shall fight every one against his brother  &  every one against his neighbour ;  city against city  &  kingdom against kingdom.   The  spirit of Egypt  shall fail in the midst thereof   &  I will destroy the counsel thereof :  The  Egyptians  will I give over into the hand of a  CRUEL LORD   &   a  FIERCE KING  shall rule over them , saith the Lord                                                                                                                                                                -  Isaiah 19v2-4



In  2011 ,  one of New Zealand's largest cities ' Christ-church ' endured over 7,500+ earthquakes including 2 massive earthquakes within 5 months.  After it was rocked by a 7.1mg earthquake in September 2010 ,  a deadly 6.3mg quake struck on Feb 26th 2011 killing 182 people  &  largely destroying the city center of Christchurch.  It was  NZ's  deadliest disaster since 1931  &  the most destructive ' ever '.  New Zealand is also a strong proponent of a ' 2-state solution ' to divide Israel.  Of  2.5 million  cities world-wide , significantly it is  ' CHRISTchurch ' which has been racked by ' thousands ' of earthquakes . . .  What are the odds ???  Quite simply , its a warning to HIS church ' to prepare ' for His coming !!!

He [ Jesus ] unto them , Nation shall rise against  nation  &  kingdom against kingdom  &  ' GREAT EARTHQUAKES shall

be in divers places  &  famines  &  pestilences  &  fearful sights  &  great ' signs ' shall there be from heaven    -    Luke 21v10-11


Issued  :  11th March 2010



Consider this  . . . .


11th March 2010 - Japanese Govt issues  ' international condemnation ' of  Israel  concerning its activity in the disputed territories of East Jerusalem  &  West Bank ,  actually  ' demanding ' Israel reverse it's policy concerning the Palestinians


. . . .  then ' EXACTLY ' ONE YEAR LATER  ( '  to the  exact  day  ' )  >>>

11th March 2011 - A massive 9.0 magnitude Mega-Quake hits Japan's east coast triggering an apocalyptic tsunami killing 20,000 - 25,000 people.  The destruction caused multiple nuclear meltdowns in the Fukishima Nuclear Facility creating a third disaster.  Could this just be ' co-incidence '  -  or  -  a dramatic fulfillent  of  God's Word ???​   This historically unprecedented ' triple catastrophe ' was  a  fore-warning  &  a  fore-taste  of God's judgments coming upon mankind

I will bless them that bless thee  &  CURSE HIM  that  CURSETH THEE [ Israel ]  &  in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed​
CURSED BE  EVERY ONE  that  CURSETH  THEE [ Israel ]  blessed  be he that  blesseth thee.     -     Genesis 12v3  &  27v29



With a global audience of over 2 Billion people  ( 1/3 earth's population​ )  a resurgent British Royal Family rose from the ashes of scandal  &  dysfunction of the preceding 25 years ,  to mesmerize a world-wide audience.  Widely applauded as a stunning , glamorous  &  flawless event , the  Royal marriage ceremony   was a small foretaste of the ' ultimate wedding​ '​ ( coming v.soon )  as the ' true bridegroom ' ​​​​ ( Christ )  will soon return to take ' his bride '  ( faithful believers )

Let us be glad  &  rejoice  &  give honour to him :  for the  MARRIAGE  of the Lamb is come  his wife hath made herself ready
And to  her  was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen , clean & white :  for the fine linen is the
righteousness of saints
Blessed are they which are called unto the 
MARRIAGE  of the Lamb.                                                            -  Revelation 19v7-9



In April & May 2011 the United States endured a cataclysmic series of Tornado ' Super-Outbreaks '.  On  April 14-16  over 178 tornadoes ripped across 16 states killing 43 people.  Two weeks later , on  April 25-28  the largest Tornado outbreak ' ever recorded ' of  358 tornadoes tore across  21 states from Texas to New York , killing  348 people.  Finally , between  May 21-26  within  just  ' hours ' of  US President Obama's speech , calling for  Israel  to be ' divided ' &  returned to pre-1967 borders  -  a third outbreak - including a massive multi-vortex tornado devastated Joplin ( Missouri )  &  surrounding regions , killing over 200 people.

Ye shall be  my people  [ Israel ]  &  I will be  your  God.  Behold ,  THE WHIRLWIND of the LORD  goeth forth with fury , a  CONTINUING WHIRLWIND :  it shall fall with pain upon the head of the wicked.  The fierce anger of the LORD shall not return ,

until He have done  IT  &  until He have performed the intents of His heart :  in THE LATTER DAYS  ye shall consider it  

                                                                                                                                                                            -  Jeremiah 30v22-24



On 21st May 2011 ,  Iceland's Grimsvotn Volcano  erupted on a huge scale.  After the fiery eruption ,  an enormous plume of smoke  &  ash was ejected 20km into the sky.  The ash cloud forced the closure of the main international airport  threatening a repeat of the massive 2010 shutdown of the European Air-Traffic corridors.  Not only did the volcanic ash ' darken the sun ' ,  but in the days after Grimsvotn's eruption .  the haze of ash clouds  ( transported around the northern hemisphere by high altitude jet-streams )  created spectacular hues to sunrises / sunsets  &  the moon alike.

I will shew  ' WONDERSin the heavens  &  in the earth , blood  &  FIRE  &  PILLARS OF SMOKE.  The sun shall be turned into darkness  &  the moon into blood , before the great  &  the terrible  Day of the LORD  come.  And it shall come to pass , that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered :  for in Mount Zion  &  in Jerusalem shall be deliverance ,  as the LORD hath said ​                                                                                                                                                         -  Joel 2v30-32



In the longest lunar eclipse for 11 years ,  millions of people around the globe in  Europe , Russia , Middle East , Asia  & Australia witnessed this rare astronomical event.  The vivid ' BLOOD RED ' coloring was a ' direct result ' of the volcanic ash in the atmosphere from the Grimsvotn Volcano eruption in Iceland.  Noting ,  the ' Blood Red Moon ' would ' NOT ' have happened without the volcano eruption , we see the stunning accuracy of these Bible prophecies in Joel & Acts  which foretold in  ' precise detail '  these amazing events  &  ' fore-warned ' mankind of the coming Day of the Lord


I will shew  ' WONDERS in HEAVEN ABOVE  &  in the earth beneath ;  blood  &  ' fire '  &  ​' vapour of smoke ' :

The  SUN  shall be turned  into darkness​  &  THE MOON INTO BLOOD​​​ ,  before  that  great  &  the notable  Day of the Lord  come :  And it shall come to pass ,  that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved        -     Acts 2v19-21



The Middle East is a volatile powder-keg , awash with weaponry , & ready to explode.  With tensions over Iran , Syria  &  the aftermath of the  ' Arab Spring ' -  nations including Saudi Arabia , Israel , Syria , UAE , Qatar , Kuwait , Bahrain  &  the Palestinians in Gaza are buying up , smuggling in  &  amassing massive stockpiles of weapons ( worth billions of dollars ) in readiness , as nervous nations prepare for the nightmare  of an impending regional war.  Similarly ,  USA  &  Russia  as world superpowers repositioned their naval battle groups  & military installations in the region in a return to the US-Soviet cold-war.   Its just as the Bible says , as God will gather ALL NATIONS around Jerusalem to battle . . .

Proclaim ye THIS among the Gentiles [ nations ] ;  PREPARE WAR , wake up the mighty men , let all the  men of war  draw near let them come up :  Beat you plowshares  into swords  &  your pruninghooks  into spears :  let  the weak  say , I AM STRONG.  Assemble yourselves  &  come all ye heathen [ nations ]  &  gather yourselves together round about :  Let  the heathen be wakened  &  come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat :  for there will I sit to judge all the heathen [ nations ] round about ,  for their wickedness is great.  Multitudes , multitudes in the valley of decision for THE DAY OF THE LORD is near    -    Joel 3v2-14



Following the spectacular eruption of  Chile's  Puyehue Volcano ,  the ash clouds spewing from this eruption moved around the entire globe , forcing closure of airports throughout the southern hemisphere , namely in South America , South Africa , Australia  &  New Zealand.  The blanket of ash clouds hung over the southern hemisphere for a fortnight , blocking out daylight  &  bringing massive disruption to air-traffic around the globe.

I will shew  ' WONDERS in the heavens  &  in the earth ,  blood ,  FIRE  &  PILLARS OF SMOKE.  The  SUN  shall be

TURNED INTO DARKNESS  &  the moon into blood , BEFORE  the great  &  the terrible day of the LORD come.  

And it shall come to pass ,  that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered :

for  in Mount Zion  &  in  Jerusalem  shall be deliverance as the LORD hath said.                                         -      Joel 2v30-32


In a frightening development that paralysed the economies across Europe ,  a new mutant strain of e.coli threatened to be the world's biggest ever outbreak of this virulent bacterial infection & was  unprecedented in its scale  &  severity.  The bacteria was largely resistant to anit-biotics  &  affected more that 1,600 people ,  causing Russia to ban imports of all fresh produce from Europe  &  cost European economies billions of dollars.

Ye shall hear of wars & rumours :  see that ye be not troubled :  for all these things must come to pass

but  THE END is not yetFor nation shall rise against nation  &  kingdom against kingdom  &  there shall be famines

' PESTILENCES &  earthquakes in divers places                                                                                       -       Luke 21v10-11



The bizarre series of natural disasters experienced by the USA in 2011  continued  , as eastern states experienced searing heatwaves  &  drought with over 220 heat records tumbling  &  more than 22 deaths recorded.  It came ' coincidently ' as the Obama Administration continued to isolate Israel by its support  &  advocation of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders.

For I am with thee [ Israel ] ,  saith the LORD , to save thee :  to save thee [ Israel ] :  though  I make a full end of all nations  whither I have scattered thee , yet will I not make a full end of thee [ Israel ]  but I will correct thee in measure  &  will not leave thee altogether unpunished.   For thus saith the LORD , Thy bruise is incurable  &  thy wound is grievous.  There is  NONE  to plead  thy cause ... ALL THY LOVERS  ​[ USA ] have FORGOTTEN THEE  [ Israel ]  they seek thee not ;  for  I have wounded thee  with the wound of an enemy . . . for the multitude of thine iniquity  ;  because thy sins were increased    -    Jeremiah 30v11-14



As the Syrian revolutionary bloodbath unfolded in 2011 , the international community was in paralysis with Russia  &  China blocking any intervention by NATO  &  Western Nations.  Syrian President Bashar Al Assad menacingly threatened to create  " an earthquake " that would engulf the entire Middle East by attacking Israel with a massive missile attack within 6 hours ,  if any foreign nation tried to intervene in Syria's affairs.  The Bible clearly outlines that  SYRIA  (  &  the Palestinians  )  WILL  attack Israel before Syria's ultimate destruction :

The SYRIANS before  &  the Philistines [ Palestinians ] behind ,  they shall  devour Israel  with open mouth    -    Isaiah 9v12

The burden of  DAMASCUS [ Syria ]   Behold , Damascus is taken away from being a city  &  it will be a ' ruinous ' heap

The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim  &  the kingdom from DAMASCUS  &  the remnant of SYRIA           -    Isaiah 17v1-4



In the world's worst act of domestic violence in recent history , Norway suffered a devastating terror bomb attack in the heart of its capital Oslo  &  then just 2 hours later the brutal gun massacre of 77 of its young citizens by a lone gunmen who went on a murderous rampage at a youth camp.  It was Norway's worst violence since WWII.   As Europe's  ' foremost '  nation pushing for Palestinian statehood ,  Norway  in a ' pre-emptive ' move ,  ' that very week ' were to raise the status of Palestinian delegations to  " Ambassadorial " ,  a symbolic recognition of Palestine as a existing nation.

I will bless them that bless thee [ Israel ]  CURSE HIM  that  CURSETH THEE                                                 -  Genesis 12v3​​​

Let people serve thee [ Israel ]  &  nations bow down to thee :  be lord over the brethren  &  let thy mother's sons

bow down to thee :  CURSED BE everyone that curseth thee  &  blessed be he that blesseth thee                   -  Genesis 27v29



This massive hurricane brought 1/5th of the United States to a standstill.  Hurricane ' Irene ' caused billions of dollars of damage  &  destruction across 8 US states including New York City  & claimed in excess of 25 lives.  This enormous storm further damaged the fragile US economy  &  continued a bizarre  &  unprecedented series of  ' record disasters '  to hit the United States in 2011  including  Twisters ~ Blizzards ~ Floods ~ Tornadoes ~ Wildfires ~ Heatwaves ~ Droughts ~ Earthquakes  &  finally a Hurricane

The tumult will resound to the ends of the earth ,  for the LORD will bring  CHARGES AGAINST THE NATIONS  [ as all nations move against Israel ]  He will bring judgment on ALL MANKIND  &  put the wicked to the sword " declares the LORD.  This is what the LORD Almighty says " Look ! DISASTER is spreading FROM NATION to NATION ;  A MIGHTY STORM is rising  from

THE ENDS OF THE EARTH                                                                                       -     Jeremiah 25v31-33  ( Amplified Version )



In  2011 ,  the eastern horn of Africa endured a disaster of  ' epic proportions ' as drought  &  famine devastated this impoverished region , threatening starvation for over 12 million people.  This crippling famine was a further crisis in a region already wracked by ongoing conflict between loyalist government forces  &  Al Qaeda terrorist cells , who continued to cut off humanitarian-aid supply lines.  In less than 3 months ,  over 30,000 children  &  infants alone perished from starvation  &  malnutrition related diseases.

Then said  he [ Jesus ] unto them ,  Nation shall rise against  nation  &  kingdom against kingdom  &  great earthquakes

shall be in divers places  &  FAMINES  &  PESTILENCES  &  fearful sights  &  great ' signs ' shall there be from heaven 

                                                                                                                                                                                     -  Luke 21v10-11



Fear & panic gripped the world's financial markets as a massive global sell-off was triggered by the downgrade of the USA to a AA+ credit rating  &  the growing fears of a catastrophic collapse in Europe's economy  &  currency as its debt crisis deepened.  The chaotic market free fall wiped hundreds of billions of dollars off world markets  &  sent the value of gold sky-rocketing as fearful investors fled the markets


There shall be ' SIGNS ' in the sun  &  in the stars  &  upon the earth  DISTRESS OF NATIONS  with  PERPLEXITY ;  the sea  & 

the waves roaring ;  Men's hearts failing them FOR FEAR  &  looking after THOSE things which  ARE COMING on the earth : 

for the powers of heaven [ political ] shall be shaken.   THEN  shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power 

&  great glory                                                                                                                                                           Luke 21v25-27



Street violence & looting  -  the worst in Britain's history  -  exploded across most major cities over 3 nights.  Thousands of violent rioters overwhelmed police as they rampaged through English cities burning buildings , buses  &  cars ,  looting shops  &  attacking residents.  As the anarchy spread , 4 people died  & hundreds were injured  &  arrested , in Britain's worst violence in decades.  

IN THE LAST DAYS  perilous times shall come . . . For men shall be lovers of their own selves , covetous , boasters , proud , blasphemers ,  disobedient to parents ,  unthankful ,  unholy ,  without natural affection ,  trucebreakers ,  false accusers , incontinent ,  fierce ,  despisers of those that are good ,  traitors ,  heady ,  highminded ,  lovers of pleasures  more than

lovers of God                                                                                                                                                            - 2 Timothy3v1-3



Defying US  &  Israeli opposition , Palestinians made a dramatic application to the U.N. General Assembly to accept them as a member  &  an independent  &  sovereign state.  Abandoning over two decades of negotiations , the Palestinians - who refuse to recognize ' the existence ' of Israel - made this divisive move in their quest to take control of Israeli territories of the West Bank &  East Jerusalem which they claim as their capital.  In their own words , the Palestinians admit their quest for a homeland is only a ' stepping stone ' in their goal to exterminate the nation of Israel.

Behold ,  I will make  JERUSALEM  a cup of trembling unto all the people round about , when they shall be in the siege both against Judah  &  Jerusalem.  And in  THAT DAY  will I make  JERUSALEM  a ' burdensome stone ' for all people , all that burden themselves with  IT  shall be cut in pieces ,  though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it  . . .  And it shall come to pass in  THAT DAY  that I will seek to destroy  all the nations  that come against  JERUSALEM                                                                                                                                                          -    Zech 12v2-3,9   &   Joel 3v1-14



As violence  &  revolution swept the Middle East in 2011 ,  Israel was being besieged by hostility & fear as former friends & allies Turkey  &  Egypt shifted to join the array of sworn enemies surrounding Israel , threatening Israel's very existence.  Following the Egyptian Revolution Egypt all but abandoned its 30 yr peace accord with Israel , while Turkey joined the ranks of Israel's most inveterate  enemies - Iran , Lebanon , Syria , Hezbollah , Hamas & the Palestinians , all of whom seek every opportunity to intimidate & provoke ( diplomatically & militarily ) the tiny nation of Israel.

Thine enemies make a tumult  &  they that hate thee have lifted up the head.  They have taken crafty counsel against thy people [ Israel ]  &  consulted against they hidden ones.  They have said , Come  &  let us cut them off  from being a nationthat the name of  ISRAEL  may be no more in remembrance.  For they have consulted together with one consent :  they are confederate against thee                                                                                                                                       -     Psalm 83v2-5

​​Now also many nations are gathered against thee [ Israel ]  that say ,  Let her [ Israel ]  be defiled  &  let our eye look upon ZION  [ Jerusalem ]  But they know not the  thoughts of the LORD  neither understand they his counsel :  for  He shall gather them  as the sheaves into the floor.                                                                                                                       Micah 4v11-12



Discoveries of  ' massive ' energy reserves in the East Mediterranean threatened to turn the Middle East into a fireball of conflict.  War tensions escalated dramatically in 2011 with both Turkey & Lebanon threatening open warfare with Israel , Greece  &  Cyprus over possession of these disputed oil & gas fields.  On several occasions Turkey used military jet fighters & warships to harass Israeli  &  Cypriot ships during tense stand-offs.  The Bible speaks of  Turkey  being part of a Russian-led  latter-day  invasion of Israel that comes to take ' a spoil ' ​

I am against thee , O Gog , the chief prince of  Meshech & Tubal  ...  I will turn thee [ Russia ] back  &  put hooks into thy jaws  &  I will bring thee forth  &  all thine army , horses  &  horsemen , all of them clothed with all sorts of armor ,  even a great company ... Persia  [ Iran ]  Ethiopia [ Sudan ]  &  Libya with them Gomer  &  all his bands, the house of Togormah [ Turkey ] of the north quarters  &  all his bands  &  many people​ [ Euro Nations ] with thee.  IN THE LATTER YEARS  thou[ Russia ] shalt come into the land ... against the mountains of Israel ... but it is brought forth out of the nations.  Thou shalt ascend  &  come like a storm ... thou  &  all thy bands  &  many people with thee ... thou shalt think AN EVIL THOUGHT ... Thou [ Russia ] shalt say ,  I will go up to the land of unwalled villages ;  I will go to them [ Israel ] that are at rest ,  that dwell safely . . TO TAKE A SPOIL  &  to take a prey ;  to turn thine hand upon the people [ Israel ] that are gathered ' out of the nations '  Ezekiel 38v3-12

2011 - Iran Nuclear Menace



Led by extremist cleric Ayatollah Khamenei & hard-line President Ahmadenijad ,  in 2011 Iran continued to aggressively provoke Western Nations  &  destabilize its Arab neighbors.  While snubbing international efforts to rein in its nuclear program ,  it  is accused of smuggling 20,000 Libyan missiles  &  chemical weapons ( missing since Gadhafi's fall )  to arm its terrorist militias.   With a common sworn objective of the total destruction of Israel ,  the Iranian regime by its funding & control of terrorist groups such as Hezbollah , continues to extend its influence over Syria , Lebanon , Palestinian factions  &  now increasingly in Iraq following the withdrawal of US forces at the end of 2011 . . .

Behold ,  I will stir up the  MEDES [ Iran against  them [ Iraq ] ,  which shall not regard silver   &  as for gold

they shall not delight in it.  Their ​[ Iran ] bows  also shall dash the young men to pieces  &  they shall have no pity

on the fruit of the womb ;  their eye shall not spare children                                                                                  -    Isaiah 13v17

Make ' bright ' the  arrows [ missiles ] gather the shields : the LORD hath raised up the spirit of  the kings of the MEDES  [ Iran ]​

for his device is against  Babylon[ Iraq ]​  to destroy it ,  because it is the vengeance of the LORD                -    Jeremiah 51v11



Amid the revolutionary upheaval of the 2011 Arab Spring  in the Middle East ,  the world has witnessed further mass uprisings around the globe in the last 3 months with the meteoric rise of " OCCUPY " protests.  Originating in New York  as the " Occupy Wall Street " protests against  corporate greed & corruption ,  the movement based on mass discontent  &  civil disobedience has   gone viral  around the world , leading to protests in over 2,000 cities in more than 82 countries world-wide.  This " revolutionary " phenomena is a further symptom of a world in turmoil ... remarkably foretold in  Revelation 16v12-15.  It is a precursor Christ's return to the earth :

v12   And the sixth angel poured his vial upon the great river Euphrates  &  the water thereof was dried up ,  ◄◄  STAGE 1 - Mid.East Uprising

         that the ' way ' of the kings OF THE EAST  [ Middle East " Arab Spring " ]​  might be prepared.                             


v13   And I saw  three unclean ' SPIRITS ' like frogs  come out of the mouth of  THE DRAGON  [ Russia ]  & ◄◄  STAGE 2 - Political Uprising

         out of the mouth of  THE BEAST [ EuroUnion ]  & out of the mouth of  THE FALSE PROPHET  [ Papacy ]​ 

v14   For they are the ' spirits ' of devils  [ Spirit of REVOLUT'N ]  working ' miracles ' which GO FORTH unto  ◄◄  STAGE 3 - Global Revolution

         unto the kings of  THE EARTH  &  of  THE WHOLE WORLD  [ ArabSpring ~ Occupy Protests ~  ]​​​

         to gather them  to the battle of that  Great Day of God Almighty

v15   Behold , I COME AS A THIEF.  Blessed is he that  watcheth & keepeth his garments , lest he walk naked ◄◄  STAGE 4 - Christ's Return

         & they see his shame  &  He gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue  ARMAGEDDON 

Note3 unclean " spirits "  [ Liberty + Equality + Fraternity = " Democracy " ]  - originating  from 1789 French Revolution ( ie. " Frogs " )



" How were the Bangkok floods connected to Bible Prophecy ?? "  Clearly 2011 was a remarkable year for disasters  &  historic events. From the cataclysmic triple disasters to hit Japan , the string of disasters to hit the USA , the ongoing financial crises  engulfing the Eurozone & USA , political & humanitarian chaos in the Middle East Uprisings , the myriad of global events (Volcanoes - E/qks - Asteroids - Lunar & Solar eclipses & flares )  &  bizarre weather phenomena in 2011 -  ALL point to God's promise to send ' Signs & Wonders ' just prior to His Son's return.  Why Thailand ??? ... Bangkok is the ' world capital ' for sex trade & tourism.  Slavery , prostitution  & exploitation of minors is endemic & representative of the abject immorality of mankind in the last days.  Bangkok's devastating floods are a clear " warning " of God's coming  judgments on mankind   -   just as He used the ' Great Flood ' to bring judgment on the world in Noah's day.

Behold , THE DAY OF THE LORD cometh  . . .  cruel both with wrath  &  fierce anger

    &  He shall destroy  the sinners  thereof out if it.​

    &  I will punish  the world  for their evil​

    &  the wicked  for their iniquity​

    &  will cause  the arrogancy of  the proud  to cease​

    &  will lay low  the haughtiness  of the terrible​     -     Isaiah 13v9-11        


For more  incredible evidence  on many of these events ,  please go to our  ' Bible Videos '  to see stunning information that will leave you convinced of the Bible's authenticity & relevance to coming world events !!!

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