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The death of Ariel Sharon ,

Israel’s former prime minister & legendary war hero was a ‘ major ’ historical event.


But could it be an ominous prophetic biblical warning of calamitous events coming for all mankind ?



Among the most controversial figures in the history of Israel , Ariel Sharon’s life was an amazing parallel to his nation’s own short but turbulent history.  Incredibly , the remarkable circumstances of  Ariel Sharon’s death on the 11th January 2014 - after laying in a vegetative coma for

8 years  -  were actually foretold in amazing detail in God’s Word over 2,000 years before  !!!   We implore you to read the following information that graphically details Ariel Sharon’s truly remarkable life  &  the stunning significance of his passing  ( now almost 10 years ago ) 

&   WHAT IT MEANS   for God’s people Israel  . . .  &  more importantly ,  for the whole world


A Man of Sign  :   The True ' King of Israel ' cometh  !!





Over his long career Sharon , was a man of destiny.  Rising from an Infantry Officer in Israel’s 1948 War of Independence , he rose to the highest office in the land when he was elected Israel's 11th Prime Minister in 2001.  His life was a litany of epic military conquests.  Fighting in all four of Israel's major wars  ,  he quickly rose to the rank of general in the Israeli army. 


Later Ariel Sharon’s transition into political life was marked by controversary & seismic contradictions. Reviled by Arabs over his hardline policies & viewed with a mixture of respect & suspicion by many Israelis, Sharon became a lightning rod for controversy , all centred around the question of the final status of Jerusalem  &  the Holy Land , Israel. 


Born in Palestine ( as it was then known ) in 1928 , he began his career as a platoon commander in the Israeli military at the outset of the 1948 War of Independence , during which time he was critically wounded & left for dead.  As a commander he later fought with distinction in the  1956 Sinai War  against Egypt.

Ariel Sharon

In the  1967 Six-Day War  as a major general , he headed Israel's most powerful armoured division , the 10th Battalion , leading a crushing victory over the Egyptians. 


In the  1973 Yom Kippur War ,  Ariel Sharon's bold manoeuvre ( while defying orders ) in crossing the Suez Canal  &  encircling the Egyptian 3rd Army was considered the key to Israel's victory.  It led to the Israeli public giving him the nickname " The king of Israel "  &  " The Lion of God ".  Following this decisive victory against overwhelming odds , crowds swarmed the streets singing a revised Hebrew song called " David - King of Israel "  &  changed it to  " Ariel - King of Israel "


During the 1970's & 1980's as Secretary for Agriculture , Ariel Sharon became known as the ‘ Father of the Settlements Movement ’ as he actively encouraged & directed the building of Jewish settlements on the West Bank.  Eventually he became the head of the Likud Party  &  later in 2001 he was elected  Prime Minister of Israel.


In 2002 , Ariel Sharon controversially ordered the construction of the security barrier - an 18ft high combination of concrete wall & chain fence that snakes through the West Bank  ( fore-told 2000 yrs ago !! )


Because ,  even because they have seduced my people , 

saying , Peace  :  &  there was no peace  &  one built  up a wall  &  lo others daubed it with untempered morter  Ezekiel 13 v 10


Sharon promised ' peace '.   Sharon built  ' a wall '

Verse 13  tells us  the wall  will be  destroyed by God


Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD ;  I will even rend it with a stormy wind in my fury & there shall be an overflowing shower in mine anger  &  great hailstones in my fury  to consume it.


So will I break down the wall that ye have daubed with untempered morter  &  bring it down to the ground ,  so that the foundation thereof shall be discovered  :  &  it shall fall  &  ye shall be consumed in the midst thereof :  &  ye  shall  know  that  I am the LORD.

Thus will I accomplish ' my wrath ' upon the wall upon them that have daubed it with untempered morter  &  will say unto you , The wall is no more, neither they  that daubed it

Ezekiel 13 v 13-15


Incredibly . . . these verses above , clearly describe

' FUTURE EVENTS '  all  fore-told  in Bible Prophecy !!

Israel's Security Wall

Ariel Sharon was instrumental in securing the whole land of Israel.  His conquests in 1967 & 1973 ensured Israel's survival in the land given to them by God '.  Given his extraordinary exploits ,  it is clear God was undoubtedly with him in these victories.   But in his old age Ariel Sharon trod a different path . . . .

In  2003  he promised to create a Palestinian state




In 2005 as Israel’s Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon caused a national & religious crisis over his Gaza withdrawal plan.  He instigated a seismic shift in Israeli policy , having resolved to enforce the unilateral withdrawal of all Jewish settlers  &  Israeli troops from the disputed Gaza Strip  &  part of the West Bank.   


This decision & it’s execution caused a furore domestically , shaking  Israel's Orthodox Jewish community to its foundations. Never before had an Israeli government relinquished what the religious population universally regarded as ' holy land ' promised to the Jews by God.  For the first time since the Jewish state was founded , Israel had voluntarily uprooted its own people  &  ceded land to the Palestinians.  


It was a turning point for the Zionist project ,  So who was the man behind this withdrawal ?  The Lion of God - Ariel Sharon !!  What a stunning turn around.  Sharon who had led Israel to such amazing victories ,  was now  ‘ withdrawing ’ from the land ,  promised to Israel by God himself.

Israel's withdrawal from Gaza

Ezekiel 11v17  Thus saith the Lord GOD ;  I will even gather you from the people & assemble you out of the countries where ye have been scattered  &  I will ‘ give you  the land of Israel

We may ask if Gaza is part of the land that God had promised ?  We are told clearly in :


Exodus 23v31  " I will set thy bounds from the Red Sea even unto the sea of the Philistines  &  from the desert unto the river : for I will deliver the inhabitants of the land into your hand & thou shalt drive them out before thee"

The sea of the Philistines = Gaza .

The area of the  ancient Philistines  was ' included ' in the land.  But duing the period of  16 August - 12 September 2005  Ariel Sharon sent in soldiers who physically pulled Jews out of the land ( & parts of the West Bank ).  The picture above shows soldiers weeping as they removed their own people.  As Exodus 23 says , it was God who drove out the inhabitants of the land. But now here was an Israeli leader  -  the first in history  -  to give away  ( voluntarily ! )  land given to the Jews by God.


Ought ye not to know  ,  that the LORD God of Israel gave the kingdom over Israel 

to David . . .  for ever ,  even to him  &  to his sons by a covenant of salt ??  2 Chron 13 v 5


Ariel  Sharon  should  have  known  this  -  but  it  was  about  to  get  worse  . . .



Sixty years after the state of Israel was created ,  Ariel Sharon  -  who as a military general in successive wars since 1948  played a leading role in the expansion of Israel's borders ,  now as a politician  -  was finalising plans to further  divide the land   &  set the country's  elastic frontiers in stone.  


With the withdrawal of Gaza complete ,  Sharon planned to complete the process by finally dividing the land of Israel in two.   This is where it gets interesting . . .  ( All this recorded in the UK’s Daily Telegraph )  At about 3 pm on January 4th 2006 a man called Otniel Schneller was ushered into Ariel Sharon's office.   He was a senior cartographer  -  known as the map maker.   He had the ‘ final plans ’ for the future borders of Israel.   The plans detailed the withdrawal this time not of Gaza , but of the vast majority of the West Bank  &  some parts of the Holy City , Jerusalem.   The meeting lasted 1½ hours  -  at the end of it , Sharon agreed the map would form the basis of Israel's disengagement from the West Bank  &  the creation of a Palestinian State.   Two hours later Sharon suffered a massive stroke  &  went into a coma.  Co-incidence ??

Israel - The Holy Land

The coma lasted almost exactly 8 years.  Ariel Sharon died on Saturday January 11th 2014.  Throughout the Bible record the number ' 8 ' represents ' change ' or ' a new beginning '.  Was Ariel Sharon's death a fore-warning of dramatic change for both Israel  &  the whole world ,  &  a new beginning  with the coming establishment of God's Kingdom on earth ??

Woe  to Arielto Ariel   . . .  


For the LORD hath poured out upon you 

the spirit of  ' deep sleep

&  hath  ' closed '  your eyes  


Isaiah 29 v 1-10

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri



In 2005 ( while Ariel Sharon was at the height of his power & busy withdrawing from Gaza )  Israel's most loved  &  venerated Rabbi pronounced that  ' the Messiah '  would not come until  AFTER  the death of Ariel Sharon. 


Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri wrote a cryptic note in  September 2005  that he requested should only be opened one year after his own death. One year is the traditional mourning period , during which certain privileges are accorded the family out of respect for the deceased. More importantly, condemnation of actions of the dead cannot be placed on the family after this time period , so Kaduri was likely protecting his family from the backlash he thought may come from his note. 


Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri died just 24 days after Sharon's stroke in 2006 at the age of 108.   Over 300,000 people attended his funeral.  By the time Kaduri’s note was opened on 28 January 2007 , Ariel Sharon had been in a coma for over 12 months.   In the note he had left ,  Rabbi Kaduri had revealed that the true ' Messiah ' was in fact  Jesus !!!  ( Yehoshua  or  Yeshua )  All this was reported in  Israel Today ( April 7 , 2007 ). 


' ARIEL '  . . .  IN BIBLE PROPHECY     


Ariel ’ is a name that means ‘ Jerusalem ’.  Ariel  is mentioned in this context  in only ‘ ONE ’ chapter  in the entire Bible .  Isaiah 29  speaks of Ariel being ' the city ' where David lived. It speaks prophetically of Jerusalem  being ' brought down to the ground ' ( ' Levelled ’ ) 


But amazingly ,  this ancient Bible passage also speaks of  ‘ the leaders ’ falling into a deep sleep.   This condition will be the catalyst for the terrible time of trouble  soon to befall , not just Jerusalem & Israel , but will also engulf ALL nations culminating in God's righteous judgments on mankind.  So we can see the remarkable cirumstances of Ariel Sharon's personal demise ( all foretold over 2,500 years ago in God's Word )  unmistakably  ' foreshadow '  global events soon to unfold.


Could Ariel Sharon's death be a prophetic sign of coming world events ?  There is a scriptural precedent  for a significant death being a precursor to world-wide judgment. There has only ever been one universal judgment  before.  We know the next one is coming soon.  The first one was in the days of Noah , when the Great Flood came.  At that time , a man died whose name was 'Methusaleh'.  His name means " his death shall bring judgment ". He definitely died in the year of the flood  just before  the flood came. His name spelt out ' judgment was coming ' & his death served as a warning of impending judgment to those around him. 


Given the remarkable circumstances of his life & his death , Ariel Sharon might be a similar person.  His own name predicts what is coming . . .  judgment concerning Jerusalem . . . namely  ‘ the levelling ’ of  ‘ Jerusalem ’. 


Sharon - who led Israel to capture & expand the land - also became the same leader who ' gave away ' some of it  &  sought to divide God's Land even further , precipitating his own death.  He died at the very time the world was once again pushing for a further dividing of the land  in 2014 , as US-led ‘ Peace Negotiations ’ neared their conclusion.  As we saw Israel edge closer to a final deal to trade ' Holy Land ' ( for the false promise of peace ) these ' plans of men ' we know ultimately failed.  The West Bank & Jerusalem continue to remain in Israel's possession , even in 2023. 


Are all these ' extraordinary events ' just pure chance ??   or  is God's hand behind these things ??  


You decide .

Woe  to Arielto Ariel ,  the city where David dwelt !! 

Yet  I  will distress  Ariel  &  there shall be heaviness  &  sorrow

&  it shall be unto me  ' as Ariel '  . . . .


For the LORD hath poured out upon you 

the spirit of  ' deep sleep &  hath  ' closed '  your eyes  

the prophets  &  your rulers ,  the seers  hath he covered


Isaiah 29 v 1-10

Jerusalem - The Holy City

The world at that time was destroyed , being flooded with water.


But by His word ,

the present heavens & earth are being reserved  for fire

kept for the day of judgment  &  destruction of ungodly men


God is patient toward you , not wishing for any to perish

but for ' all ' to come to repentance. 


    2 Peter 3 v 6-7


Ariel Sharon's life  &  the astonishing circumstances

&  timing of his recent death are a ' prophetic sign '

warning of approaching catastrophic global events

that will precede the return of the Lord Jesus Christ


It is our  " heads - up "  from above.


Our opportunity to prepare is ... now !!








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