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' God's Kingdom '

coming soon . . . ON EARTH 

In the days of these kings , shall the God of heaven

set up a  KINGDOM  which shall  NEVER  be destroyed

but it shall break in pieces  &  consume all  these  kingdoms 


​Daniel 2 v 44

It shall come to pass  IN THE LAST DAYS ,  that  the mountain  of  the LORD'S house

shall be established  in the top of the mountains  &  shall be exalted  above the hills

ALL NATIONS  shall flow unto it  &  MANY PEOPLE  shall go  &  say ,

Come ye  &  let us go ,  to  the mountain of the LORD ,  to  the house  of  the God of Jacob

&  He will teach us of his ways  &  we will walk in his paths

for  out of  ZION  shall go forth the law  &  the word of the LORD  from JERUSALEM  -   Isaiah 2 v 2 - 3

Bl​​essed are the meek :  for  they  shall  INHERIT THE EARTH   -    Matthew 5 v 5

The kingdoms of  this world  are  become  the kingdoms of our Lord  &  of his Christ  &  he shall reign  FOR EVER  &  EVER    -   Revelation 11 v 15

It  shall  come to pass , that  every one that is left  of  ALL THE NATIONS  which came against  Jerusalem

shall even go up from year to year  to  worship the King , the LORD of hosts   -    Zechariah 14 v 16

The Gentiles  [ nations ]  shall come unto thee  from the ENDS OF THE EARTH  &  shall say ,

Surely our fathers have  inherited lies , vanity  &  things wherein there is no profit.   -    Jeremiah 16 v 19

IN HIS DAYS  [ Christ's ]  shall the  righteous flourish  &  abundance of peace so long as the moon endureth.
He  shall have  dominion  also from  sea to sea  &  from the river unto the  ends of the earth
They that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before Him  &  His enemies shall lick the dust

The kings of  Tarshish  [ Britain ]  of the isles shall bring presents:

The kings of  Sheba  &  Seba  [ Saudi Arabia ]  shall offer gifts.
Yea ,  ALL KINGS  shall fall down before him :  ALL NATIONS  shall serve him   -    Psalm 72 v 7 - 11

And  they  shall come  from  the east 

                                 &   from  the west 

                                 &   from  the north 

                                 &   from  the south 

&  . . .  shall sit down  in the KINGDOM of God   -    Matthew 5 v 5

And he that overcometh  &  keepeth my works unto the end

to him will I give power  over the nations   -   Revelation 2 v 26

Thou [ Christ ]  art worthy to take the book  &  to open the seals thereof:

for thou wast slain  &  hast redeemed us to God by thy blood

out of every kindred  &  tongue  &  people  & nation
&  hast made us unto our God kings  &  priests  &  we shall reign on the earth
   -    Revelation 5 v 9 - 10

But the saints of the most High shall take the KINGDOM 

&  possess the  KINGDOM  for ever , even  FOR EVER  &  EVER    -    Daniel 7 v 18

The KINGDOM  &  dominion  &  the greatness of the  KINGDOM  under the whole heaven ,

shall be given to  the people of the saints  of the most High ,

whose  KINGDOM  is an ' everlasting '  KINGDOM  ALL  dominions  shall serve & obey him   -    Daniel 7 v 27

Behold , the days come ,  saith the LORD , that I will raise unto David  a righteous Branch  [ Christ ]

A KING [ Christ ]  shall reign  &  prosper  &  shall execute judgment  &  justice  IN THE EARTH   -    Jeremiah 23 v 5

He shall judge  among  THE NATIONS  &  shall rebuke  many people

&  they shall beat their swords into plowshares  &  their spears into pruninghooks

nation shall not lift up sword against nation ,  neither shall they learn war any more   -    Isaiah 2 v 4

For I know their works  &  their thoughts : 

IT SHALL COME  :  that I will gather  ALL  nations  &  tongues 

&  they shall come  &  see my glory  &  I will set  ' a sign ' among them 

&  I will send those that escape of them [ Jews ]  unto the nations

&  they shall  declare my glory  among  the Gentiles
&  they shall bring all your brethren for an offering unto the LORD out of all nations

to  my holy mountain  JERUSALEM saith the LORD   -    Isaiah 66 v 18 - 20

That ' thy way ' may be known  UPON EARTH , thy saving health  among  ALL NATIONS
Let the people praise thee , O God ;  let  ALL the people  praise thee.
O let  the nations  be glad  &  sing for joy :

for thou shalt   judge the people  righteously  &  govern the nations  UPON EARTH . Selah.
Let the people praise thee, O God ;  let
  ALL the people  praise thee.
Then shall  THE EARTH  yield her increase ; &  God , even our own God , shall bless us
God shall bless us  &  ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH  shall fear him
  -    Isaiah 67 v 2 - 7

​​Surely the isles shall wait for me  &  the ships of  Tarshish  [ Britain ]  first , to bring thy sons from far,

their silver  &  their gold with them ,  unto the name of the LORD thy God ,  to the Holy One of Israel ,

because He hath glorified  thee  [ Jerusalem ]
The  sons of strangers 
[ Non-Jews ]  shall build up thy walls  &  their kings  shall minister unto

for  in my wrath  I smote  thee  [ Jerusalem ]but  in my favour  have I had mercy on  thee
Therefore thy gates shall be open continually ;  they shall not be shut day nor night;

that men may bring unto thee  [ Jerusalem ]  the forces ( wealth ) of the Gentiles  &  that their kings may be brought.
For the nation  &  kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish ;  yea ,  those nations  shall be utterly wasted
  -    Isaiah 60 v 9 - 12

Behold, I will do  ' a new thing ' ;  Now it shall spring forth ;  shall ye not know it  ?

I  will even make a way in the wilderness  &  rivers in the desert.
The beast of the field shall honour me ,  the dragons  &  the owls 

because I give waters in the wilderness  &  rivers in the desert 

to give drink to  my people  [ Israel ] my chosen
This people  have I formed for myself ;  they shall shew forth my praise
   -   Isaiah 43 v 19 - 21

The wolf  &  the lamb shall feed together  &  the lion shall eat straw like the bullock  &  dust shall be the serpent's meat.

They shall not hurt nor destroy in  all my holy mountain , saith the LORD  -    Isaiah 65 v 25

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb  &  the leopard shall lie down with the kid

&  the calf  &  the young lion  &  the fatling together  &  a little child shall lead them
&  the cow  &  the bear shall feed ;  their young ones shall lie down together

&  the lion shall eat straw like the ox
&  the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp

&  the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice' den.
They shall not hurt nor destroy in  all my holy mountain

for  THE EARTH  shall be  full of the knowledge of the LORD

                                                    . . .  as the waters cover the sea  -    Isaiah 11 v 6 - 9

Then  judgment  shall dwell in the wilderness 

righteousness  remain in the fruitful field.
&  the  work of righteousness  shall be peace

&  the  effect of righteousness  quietness  &  assurance for ever
&  my people shall dwell in  ' a peaceable habitation '

&  in sure dwellings  &  in quiet resting places  -    Isaiah 32 v 16 - 18

There shall be an handful of corn  in the earth  upon the  top of the mountains

the fruit thereof shall shake like Lebanon  &  they of the city shall flourish like grass of the earth.
His name shall endure for ever :  his name shall be continued as long as the sun

&  men shall be blessed in him :  all nations  shall call him blessed
Blessed be the LORD God ,  the God of Israel ,  who only doeth wondrous things
&  blessed be his glorious name for ever  &   LET THE WHOLE EARTH  be filled with his glory
   -    Psalm 72 v 16 - 19

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth

it shall not return unto me void ,  but it shall accomplish that which I please 

&  it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it
For ye shall go out with joy  &  be led forth with peace

the mountains  &  the hills  shall break forth before you into singing

all the trees of the field  shall clap their hands   -    Isaiah 55 v 11 - 12

​But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength

they shall mount up with wings as eagles ;  they shall run

&  not be weary  &  they shall walk  &  not faint   -    Isaiah 40 v 31


Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened  &  the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped
Then shall the lame man leap as an hart  &  the tongue of the dumb sing

for  in the wilderness  shall waters break out  &  streams  in the desert   -    Isaiah 35 v 5 - 6

And  the eyes  of them that see shall not be dim 

&   the ears  of them that hear shall hearken
The heart  also of the rash shall understand knowledge 

&   the tongue  of the stammerers shall be ready to speak plainly    -    Isaiah 32 v 3 - 4

IN THAT DAY  shall  the deaf  hear the words of  the book  [ Bible ]

&  the eyes of  the blind  shall see out of obscurity  &  out of darkness
The meek  also shall increase their joy in the LORD 

&   the poor  among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel   -   Isaiah 29 v 18 - 19




ALL NATIONS  whom thou hast made  shall come & worship  before thee , O Lord 

&  shall glorify thy name    -    Psalm 86 v 9

Thus saith the LORD ;  I am returned  UNTO ZION  &  will dwell  in the midst  of  JERUSALEM 

JERUSALEM  shall be called  ' a city of truth '   &  the mountain of the LORD of hosts  the holy mountain
Thus saith the LORD of hosts ;  There  shall  yet old men  &  old women dwell  in the streets  of  JERUSALEM

&  every man with his staff in his hand for very age.
the streets  of  THE CITY  shall be full of boys & girls playing  in the streets  thereof
  -    Zechariah 8 v 3 - 5

Sing  &  rejoice , O daughter of Zion :  for ,  lo ,  I come  &  I will dwell  in the midst  of  thee  [ Jerusalem ] , saith the LORD.
MANY NATIONS  shall be  joined to the LORD  in  THAT DAY  &  shall be my people

&  I will dwell  in the midst  of  thee  [ Jerusalem ]  &  thou shalt know that the LORD of hosts hath sent me unto thee
&  the LORD  shall inherit Judah  his portion  in the holy land  &  shall choose  JERUSALEM  again
  Zechariah 2 v 10 - 12

ALL the ends of THE WORLD  shall remember  &  turn unto the LORD :

ALL  the kindreds of  THE NATIONS  shall worship before thee.
For the  KINGDOM  is the LORD'S  &  he is the governor  among the nations
   -    Psalm 22 v 27 - 28



Yea , many people  &  strong nations shall come

to seek the LORD of hosts  IN  JERUSALEM  &  to pray  before the LORD   -    Zechariah 8 v 22



But thou ,  O LORD ,  shalt endure for ever  &  thy remembrance unto all generations
Thou shalt arise  &  have mercy upon Zion :  for the time to favour her ,  yea ,  the set time ,  is come
For thy servants take pleasure in her stones  &  favour the dust thereof
So  the heathen 
[ nations ]  shall fear the name of the LORD  &  all the kings of the earth thy glory
WHEN  the LORD shall build up  ZIONHe shall appear in his glory
He will regard the prayer of the destitute  &  not despise their prayer
This shall be written for the generation to come  &  the people which  shall be created  shall praise the LORD
For He hath looked down from the height of his sanctuary ;  from heaven did the LORD behold the earth
To hear the groaning of the prisoner ;  to loose those that are appointed to death
To declare the name of the LORD  IN ZION  &  his praise  IN  JERUSALEM
When the people are gathered together  &  the kingdoms , to serve the LORD
   -    Psalm 102 v 12 - 22

Behold ,  the tabernacle of God  IS WITH MEN 

He will dwell  WITH THEM  &  they shall be his people

&  God himself shall be with them  &  be their God
&  God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes;

&  there shall be  no more deathneither sorrownor crying

     neither shall there be any more pain 

     for the ' former things '  are passed away    -    Revelation 21 v 3 - 4

God's Kingdom on Earth
God's Kingdom on Earth
God's Kingdom on Earth
God's Kingdom on Earth
God's Kingdom on Earth
Mount Zion - God's Kingdom on Earth
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