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IRAN : Coming atrocities of the ' Evil Empire '. . . fore-told in Bible Prophecy !!!

Iran has just held the " largest military exercise in its history." Involving close to 13,000 personnel & all branches of Iran’s military , the six day exercises spanned 2.2 million from the Strait of Hormuz , the Persian Gulf , to the Gulf of Aden & parts of the Indian ocean. On the eve of the drills , the Iranian military said they planned to bring state-of-the-art ‘ missile defence systems ’ into its integrated air defence shield. An Iranian General said it was a " message of peace to our friendly neighbours , but also a show of force regarding our defence abilities which sends a message to our enemies.“ Described in Iran’s media as a massive show of force, it included the t

RUSSIAN ' GOG ' VLADIMIR PUTIN . . . Preparing to unleash terror on the ' Holy Land &#39

Russia is planning to ignite a war in Israel in an alleged ‘ contingency plan ’ to trigger a direct military conflict between Israel & its northern neighbors Hezbollah & Syria’s al-Assad regime. A French official has revealed Russia's plan to start a war in Israel was its weapon against its own deepening isolation over Ukraine & Crimea & the crippling sanctions the West was using to target Russia’s economy. Russia has been secretly ' priming this plan ' by sending Hezbollah large convoys of Iskandar ballistic missiles & surface-to-air missiles , despite the efforts ofIsraeli airstrikes in December to target these weapons shipped by Russia. Could Russia ignite a conflict between Israel

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