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IRAN : Coming atrocities of the ' Evil Empire '. . . fore-told in Bible Prophecy !!!

Iran has just held the " largest military exercise in its history." Involving close to 13,000 personnel & all branches of Iran’s military , the six day exercises spanned 2.2 million from the Strait of Hormuz , the Persian Gulf , to the Gulf of Aden & parts of the Indian ocean. On the eve of the drills , the Iranian military said they planned to bring state-of-the-art ‘ missile defence systems ’ into its integrated air defence shield. An Iranian General said it was a " message of peace to our friendly neighbours , but also a show of force regarding our defence abilities which sends a message to our enemies.“ Described in Iran’s media as a massive show of force, it included the testing of Iranian warships & submarines. The drills finished with a military parade on December 30.

How remarkable , over 2,000 years ago - in a chapter describing the end-times Day of the Lord - the Bible spoke of ‘ latter-day ’ Iran as being ‘stirred up ’ against its neighbor Babylon ( Iraq ). Of its refusal to be swayed by financial or material gain , seen in recent years by Iran’s steadfast refusal to yield to Western ‘ economic sanctions ’ wielded to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons development. It spoke of their ' weapon of choice ' being arrows ( ‘ missiles ’ ) & their ideological desire to use them to kill both man & child. God’s Word makes clear … Iran will very soon join forces with Russia to not only invade Iraq . . . but also Israel. That time is fast approaching…


Isaiah 13v17-18 – “ Look , I will stir up the Medes ( Iran ) against Babylon ( Iraq ) . They cannot be tempted by silver or bribed with gold. The attacking armies will shoot down the young men with arrows. They will have no mercy on helpless babies & will show no compassion for children ”

FEATURE VIDEO . . . Must see !!!

Discover the frightening Bible Truth concerning Iran's future moves before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Terrible events are coming , but this video provides clear Bible evidence in prophecies that provide certainty & understanding of coming world events.

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