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EUPHRATES RIVER DRYING UP : Signpost - Armageddon is near !!

IRAQ - The Islamic State (Isis) has shut down all the gates of a dam in the recently-seized Iraqi city of Ramadi causing widespread concerns of an impending humanitarian crisis. Anbar provincial council chief Sabah Karhout told AFP that the IS move lowered the level of the ' Euphrates River ' & cut water supplies to government-held areas of Khaldiyah & Habbaniyah to the east. A leader in the local anti-IS Sunni tribe lf Albu Fahad, Sheikh Rafa al-Fahdawi, said that cutting water to those areas " will lead to a major humanitarian crisis " in the region. A former head of the Iraqi water resources department, said IS aims at reducing the level of water to exploit it for military purposes. " When the water level is reduced, it allows them to infiltrate from Ramadi to Khaldiyah & then easily move to other areas ," he said. Since the start of their campaign in June 2014, the jihadists have sought to consolidate the victories by grabbing strategic assets in the northern part of Iraq. They waged battles for the country's biggest oil refineries.

Last year, Iraqi forces backed by US airstrikes also pushed ISIS away from another strategic dam, the Haditha Dam, located on the Euphrates river. Energy experts interviewed by IBTimes agreed that releasing water from that dam could have flooded wide regions of the country." Isis already uses water as a weapon. It has previously stopped the water flow & dried the river course from Fallujah & downstream," an expert on Iraqi energy told IBTimes. " All the cities to the south of Haditha & on the course of the Euphrates," could potentially be flooded, if Isis were to release water from the dam in a worst case scenario. " The wave might reach regions of Baghdad, as Iraq, especially in southern parts, is a very plain country", the expert said.

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - BIBLE PROPHECY is being ' fulfilled ' before our eyes !!! In bible prophecy , ' the drying up of the ' Euphrates River ' is major symbol of the dissolving of the Ottoman Empire ( post-1918 ) but we are now witnessing the ' literal fulfilment ' as ISIS militants shut the gates of the Euphrates dam & stem the flow of this mighty river. Fulfilment of this prophecy heralds not only the gathering of nations for the apocalyptic battle of Armageddon , but also the Lord's imminent return to the earth.

In the Bible's final book - Revelation - 5 short verses provide a clear ' chronological time-line ' of unfolding events at the time of Christ's return the first being 1. the ' drying up of the Euphrates River '. This pivotal event is followed by 2. a period of corrupt ' ideological spirits ' being promolgated by the 3 most influential ' global ' identities , unmistakably symbolised in scripture as Russia ( The Dragon ) , the Euro Union ( The Beast ) & the Catholic Papacy ( The False Prophet ) Notably , all 3 have come to the forefront of global affairs in recent days . . . Co-incidence ?? During this period of ideological spirits 3. the Lord Jesus Christ will return ' as a thief ' ( unknown to the world ) to collect His followers for judgment. Finally , 4. ' all nations ' are then ' gathered together ' in the Mid-East in preparation for judgment by Christ & His Glorified Saints . . . Please read the verses. Judge for yourself . . . The end of all things is at hand !!!

REVELATION 16v12-16 - And the sixth angel poured out his vial 1. upon the great river Euphrates & the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the ' kings of the east ' ( Middle East ) might be prepared. 2. And I saw three ' unclean spirits like frogs ' come out of the mouth of the Dragon ( Russia ) & out of the mouth of the Beast ( EuroUnion ) & out of the mouth of the False Prophet ( Papal Rome ). For they are the ' spirits of devils ' working miracles , which go forth unto the kings of the earth & of the whole world , to ' gather them ' to the battle of that ' great day of God Almighty ' 3. Behold , I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth & keepeth his garments , lest he walk naked & they see his shame. 4. And he ' gathered them together ' into a place called in the Hebrew tongue ' Armageddon '

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