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ISIS TERROR ATTACKS IN PARIS : What YOU need to know !!!

FRANCE - The terrorist attacks in Paris are a ' major ' event in the unfolding of end-times Bible Prophecy. It is yet another prophetic signpost that will set in motion a series of dramatic events all clearly foretold in 2,500 years ago in God's Word, the Bible. In the aftermath of these horrific co-ordinated attacks by Islamic State militants that killed 129 Parisians we see the shockwaves reverberating around the world , as nations & leaders react to the latest ISIS atrocity.

After the recent downing of the Russian MetroJet Airliner over Egypt's Sinai Desert - which killed 224 & then just 12 days later , the twin suicide bombings in Lebanon's capital Beirut that killed a further 43 people , the deadly Paris attacks further re-inforced the all-pervading fear ISIS is afflicting on populations around the globe. The brutal attacks in Paris targeted the essence of Western lifestyle , a cafe , a restaurant , a concert & a packed sports stadium. It was a deliberate & planned series of attacks designed to cripple the social & cosmopolitan Parisian way of life , in the famed City of Lights.

In the wake of the mass shootings & bombings in Paris , France & nations around the world have been violently jolted into a realisation , that all nations and their cities are now vulnerable to similar acts of terror by ISIS . . . & something must be done to destroy this radical Islamic group !!! France is now the leader in the global ' War on Terror '. In the days following the Paris attacks , France called on all nations including Russia & America to unite in an ' anti-ISIS alliance ' to wipe out this extremist group. In the aftermath of Russia's intervention in Syria & in retaliation to the MetroJet disaster , Russia's Vladimir Putin has joined forces with the French to pound the ISIS strongholds in Syria. However , Bible Prophecy clearly indicates this alliance will continue to grow !!!

Consider the words of Revelation Ch.16. In the Bible , this chapter is unique because it contains the one & only reference to ' Armageddon '. The chapter not only provides a vivid description of the cascading events leading up to the end-time battle , it also metaphorically identifies the principal nations involved & gives a clear reference to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of these dramatic events . . .


v12 The sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates & the water thereof was dried up ,

that the way of the kings of the east ( Mid-East ) might be prepared.

v13 And I saw three unclean spirits ' like frogs ' come out of the mouth of the Dragon ( Russia ) & out

of the mouth of the Beast ( Euro Union ) & out of the mouth of the False Prophet ( Catholic Papacy )

v14 For they are the ' spirits of devils ' working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth

& of the whole world , to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

v15 Behold , I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth & keepeth his garments,

lest he walk naked, & they see his shame.

v16 And he gathered them ( nations ) together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue ' Armageddon '.

It is no co-incidence these ISIS attacks - that have shaken the international community - took place in the French capital of Paris. No other people on the planet are likened synonymously to ' FROGS ' as the French. Famed for their culinary delights , the allusion to ' FROGS ' in the prophecy above provides indisputable reference to France being the source of the 3 unclean ' FROG-LIKE SPIRITS ' spoken of. Similarly, France is the historical birthplace of these 3 ' SPIRITS ' which are the ideologies of ' Liberty , Equality & Fraternity ' that were born out of the French Revolution (1789-1799). Today , these far-reaching social & political ideals are powerful values that are universally lauded & equated with ' Human Rights '. But why does Revelation describe them as being ' UNCLEAN ' ?? In short because in God's estimation they are values formulated solely upon ' humanism ' & utterly devoid of any Godly principles or wisdom.


In the aftermath of the Paris Terror Attacks , the French Government has led the charge to rally a ' global military alliance ' to fight the Islamic State. The French have appealed to the world to stand together ' in solidarity ' to protect these values of ' Freedom , Equality & Brotherhood ' for all people , against ISIS. Already we have seen the spectacular phenomenon of landmarks around the world being lit up in ' Solidarity ' with the French people. However the primary respondents to this French ' battle-cry ' ( in the name of ' Human Rights ' ) are unmistakably foretold in the above passage of Revelation. They will be Russia ( Dragon ) , the European Union ( Beast ) & the Vatican ( False Prophet ). Already in the days after Paris , political leaders & officials from Russia , Europe & the Vatican ( including Pope Francis ) have made public statements condemning the attacks & openly advocating for a military force to defeat ISIS. As Revelation 16 states , these three powerful voices will also ' echo ' the French call-to-arms & lead an international end-times coalition that will eradicate the ISIS threat & impose itself in the Middle East as the saving & stabilising power. It will be this confederate alliance led by the Russian ' Gog ' that will ultimately turn against Israel & invade the Holy Land ( as described in Ezekiel 38 ) before being crushed by Christ & the Saints in the ' Battle of ARMAGEDDON '.


It is critical to understand the ' sequence of events ' in these verses of Revelation.

Verse 13 - describes the Frog-like Spirits being voiced by Russia , Europe & the Vatican

Verse 14 - details the nature & effect the ' spirits ' have on the nations as they are ' gathered '

Verse 15 - the return of the Lord Jesus Christ ' as a thief ' ( ie. in secret to collect His Saints )

Verse 16 - THEN ... ARMAGEDDON takes place , after the Russian-led alliance invades Israel

Importantly , from this we see that the believers in Christ , are ' taken ' before the outbreak of the Battle of Armageddon. Therefore , as we see the nations being gathered into this ' anti-ISIS ' alliance , we know that ' Christ's return ' to collect His faithful followers could happen at anytime !!! We need to be ready & prepared , watching , with our garments unspotted from the world.

So in 2015 , as we see the world react in revulsion to the Paris Terror Attacks , we are witness to the prophetic fulfillment of the " 3 Frog-like spirits " radiating out from France , as world leaders & their peoples join this global ' human rights ' cause. The Paris Attacks are an event for the ages. An event that will ignite a ' end-times firestorm ' as the nations rush to stamp out the threat of radical Islamic extremism , but will ultimately culminate in all nations turning upon God's people , Israel.

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