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NOTE : The ' unedited ' article below was posted on the PND website

in August 2014. We now see these events coming to their fulfilment.



In a matter of months , the radical terrorist group ISIS has ' shocked the world ' with its horrific death march across the Middle East. The violence & brutality of these ' apocalyptic death squads ' defies imagination. Unthinkable atrocities ( unseen since the Dark Ages ) inflicted upon its countless victims .... beheadings , crucifixions , indiscriminate killing of women , children & the elderly , all well-documented. So feared & brutal , even the ' terrorist ' group Hezbollah has described ISIS as ' a monster '. With their supreme objective to establish an Islamic Caliphate & the destruction of Israel , this seemingly unstoppable force is now a global threat that even powerful Western nations are unable or unwilling to confront. As it spreads , we can expect ISIS will turn its evil eye toward Israel.

Yet God's Word , actually fore-shadowed this latter-day terror & spoke of its coming demise. Ezekiel 34 , in speaking of the coming rule of Christ in God's Kingdom , the transformative blessings God's people Israel will be given & the curses to be removed , makes unmistakable references to these ' latter-day beasts ' that are terrorist groups such as ISIS & their evil , murderous ways. In 2014 & on the edge of Christ's return , nobody in Israel & it's surrounds are killed by actual ' animal beasts '. So what else could these ' beasts ' be ?? Its a clear ' figurative ' allusion to the ' savages ' who inhabit the land prior to the Lord's return. Their end is coming soon !!!

Ezekiel 34v23-30 - I will set up one shepherd ( Christ ) over them & he shall feed them , even my servant David ( Christ ) ; he shall feed them & he shall be their shepherd ... I the LORD will be their God & my servant David a prince among them ; I the LORD have spoken it . . . I will make with them a covenant of peace & will cause the ' evil beasts ' to cease out of the land & they shall dwell safely in the wilderness & sleep in the woods ... I will make them & the places round about ' my hill ' ( God's Holy Mountain - Zion ) a ' blessing ' . . . there shall be showers of blessing ... the tree of the field shall yield her fruit ... the earth shall yield her increase ... they shall be safe in their land & shall know that I am the LORD , when I have broken the bands of their yoke & delivered them out of the hand of those that served themselves of them ... they shall no more be a ' prey ' to the heathen ( nations ) neither shall the ' beast of the land ' devour them ; but they shall dwell safely & ' none ' shall make them afraid ... they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land , neither bear the shame of the heathen any more. Thus shall they know that I the LORD their God am with them & that they , even the house of Israel , are my people , saith the Lord GOD.

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