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TURKEY DOWNS RUSSIAN JET : Will enraged Putin start a war ?

SYRIA - Reports a Russian warplane near the Turkish-Syria border was shot down by Turkish aircraft for what the country called a violation of its airspace. Turkish media reported that two of its F-16s hit the Russian plane within the rules of engagement and after several warnings, while Russian state media said that it was “ gunned down from the ground .” According to BBC, it marks the first time a Russian plane has crashed in Syria since Vladimir Putin began ordering air support to assist Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Putin called the incident a “ stab in the back ” and said there would be consequences for Turkey.

NEWS REPORT - Free Beacon ( November 24 , 2015 )

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - The conflict in Syria continues to get worse. More and more nations are getting involved with more and more weapons. Many predicted the eventual clash of outside nations and finally it has happened. But it almost certainly won’t be the last. Putin was furious about the downing of one of his fighter jets and demanded an apology. Sergey Lavrov has cancelled a planned trip to Turkey. But is this the start of a war between Russia and Turkey ? Will Russia decide to attack Turkey in response ?… even invade Turkey ? There is nothing specifically in scripture that conclusively answers this question. What we do know is in Ezekiel 38 the prophet states that Gomer & Togarmah ( ancient names for the present region of Turkey ) are at Russia's side at the battle of Armageddon.

Given the present crisis between Russia & Turkey , it is extraordinarily difficult to imagine such an alignment happening anytime soon. So how do these two nations come together ?? Is it through diplomacy - or - by conquest , with Russia launching a full-scale war & subsequent invasion to subjugate its southern neighbor ?? Perhaps it's neither. Perhaps Putin engages in a subversive & destabilising warfare , undermining the ruling government of Turkey , a highly successful tactic already used by Putin in Ukraine. We have seen ' the beginnings ' of this process already , as Putin wages a multi-faceted campaign to punish President Erdogan , including economic sanctions , escalating military pressure & venomous political rhetoric. By stirring up internal strife & chaos within Turkey , opposition groups grow stronger , displace the fracturous Erdogan government & then gravitate to the regional ' strongman ' Russian Vladimir Putin.

In truth , all 3 scenarios are entirely speculative. All we know from scripture is Turkey's ultimate destiny is to be side-by-side with Russia at Armageddon. How events get to that point we are not told. Whatever happens in the short term we know for certain Turkey will join with Russia in invading Israel at some point in the future.

EZEKIEL 38 v 6 - Gomer, and all his bands ; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee.

If God wanted to describe Turkey invading Israel there are no better names than Gomer & Togarmah. In fact there are no other names that would describe this land at the time of Ezekiel. Even if other nations are included it must include Turkey.

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