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VATICAN 'DOUBLE' SAINTHOOD : Ominous signs from above ??

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis proclaimed two new saints : a Lutheran convert who hid Jews during World War II and the Polish founder of the first men’s religious order dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. The pope called Swedish-born Elizabeth Hesselblad and Stanislaus Papczynski “ exemplary witnesses to this mystery of resurrection ” during the canonization Mass in St. Peter’s Square. Associated Press June 5, 2016 9:19 a.m. ET But ... DID YOU KNOW ??? - Pope Francis' previous ' double canonisation of saints ' have left a bizarre series of events that reveal the true nature & identity of the Roman Church & it's Papal figurehead. Please read this article to the end ... it is both ve

' THE GREATEST ' LESSON OF ALL Muhammad Ali ... in Prophecy ?!?

Muhammad Ali in Bible Prophecy ? Well , not quite !! But consider his remarkable life . . . . The recent death of heavy weight boxing champion Muhammad Ali has brought a universal pall of sadness the world over. For over 50 years , Muhammad Ali was a ' giant ' on the world stage. A towering figure ' beloved by billions ' for his boxing prowess , his showmanship , his charisma , his philanthropy , his commitment to humanitarian causes & his love of the common people. Perhaps most tragically , he was admired for his tenacity over more than 32 years fighting his most brutal opponent Parkinson's Disease , which would ultimately claim his life. At his inevitable passing , the global out

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