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Dramatic events are unfolding around the globe every day.  Social , economic  &  geopolitical conditions are deteriorating rapidly.  Almost daily ' news shockwaves ' reverberate around our troubled world  &  reflect  the exact conditions of the ' Latter Days ' as foretold in the Bible.  We encourage you to thoughtfully consider , the amazing ' parallels ' between current world news events  &  prophecies recorded in God's Word. 


' Click ' on any news story panel to access ' a brief ' of the lastest developments  &  their connection with Bible Prophecy.  For further details ' click ' on the attached links to access our ' current events ' pages  &  ' video links ' to more fully understand ,  your world in prophecy.

CURRENT WORLD NEWS  . . .  in Bible Prophecy


View the stunning global events in 2015  fulfilling Bible Prophecy  &  heralding the ' apocalyptic ' end of days of the kingdoms of men.


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