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ISRAELI WAR CHIEF WARNS : Syria's dead, Israel must prepare

ISRAEL - The nation state of Syria has collapsed , a fact that Israel must internalize about its northern neighbour , a senior Israeli defence official said Saturday. “ Syria is a dead state, and Israel must understand this and prepare accordingly,” Amos Gilad , the director of the political-security division in the Defence Ministry and a former senior Military Intelligence official , told a cultural event in Beersheba. “ Assad’s grip on the country is faltering, it is a land without rule,” Gilad said , according to Army Radio. With swathes of Syria falling into the hands of opposition forces , including jihadist groups , Assad has increasingly relied on support from allies Iran and the

LETHAL NEW MISSILES IN SYRIA : Russia deploys advanced S-400's

SYRIA - The Russian military has deployed its sophisticated S-400 missile battery and radar array in Syria, a Russian state-run media outlet claimed Thursday. Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu had announced Wednesday that the system would be deployed in Latakia, in northwest Syria, in response to Turkey shooting down a Russian warplane the day before. This nigh-impossible speed that would be required to bring in and activate the system in barely 24 hours has prompted some to question whether the S-400 system had been in place well before the Turkish military shot down the Su-24M aircraft, or if it is in place at all. The advanced missile system, completed in 2007, is capable of detecting a

TURKEY DOWNS RUSSIAN JET : Will enraged Putin start a war ?

SYRIA - Reports a Russian warplane near the Turkish-Syria border was shot down by Turkish aircraft for what the country called a violation of its airspace. Turkish media reported that two of its F-16s hit the Russian plane within the rules of engagement and after several warnings, while Russian state media said that it was “ gunned down from the ground .” According to BBC, it marks the first time a Russian plane has crashed in Syria since Vladimir Putin began ordering air support to assist Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Putin called the incident a “ stab in the back ” and said there would be consequences for Turkey. NEWS REPORT - Free Beacon ( November 24 , 2015 ) PROPHECY INSIGHTS

ISIS TERROR ATTACKS IN PARIS : What YOU need to know !!!

FRANCE - The terrorist attacks in Paris are a ' major ' event in the unfolding of end-times Bible Prophecy. It is yet another prophetic signpost that will set in motion a series of dramatic events all clearly foretold in 2,500 years ago in God's Word, the Bible. In the aftermath of these horrific co-ordinated attacks by Islamic State militants that killed 129 Parisians we see the shockwaves reverberating around the world , as nations & leaders react to the latest ISIS atrocity. After the recent downing of the Russian MetroJet Airliner over Egypt's Sinai Desert - which killed 224 & then just 12 days later , the twin suicide bombings in Lebanon's capital Beirut that killed a further 43 p

NIGHT OF TERROR IN PARIS : Bloodbath will change the world

The assailants' weapons were those of war: automatic rifles and suicide belts of explosives. The killing was indiscriminate, spread across a swath of the city, in at least six different sites. An ordinary Friday night in Paris transformed into a bloodbath. The word Parisians used over and over as they tried to make sense of the horror was " carnage .” At the packed Bataclan concert hall in eastern Paris, the attackers opened fire on a crowd waiting to hear American rock band Eagles of Death Metal perform. One witness told France Info radio he heard them yell " Allahu Akbar " God is great in Arabic as they started their killing spree and took hostages. The city's police chief, Michel Cado

RUSSIA SELLS IRAN MISSILES : Lethal S-300 air defence systems

MOSCOW - Russia has signed a contract to supply Iran with sophisticated S-300 surface-to-air missiles. The contract got the go-ahead after international sanctions on Iran were lifted earlier this year, following a deal over its nuclear programme. Israel, the US & Saudi Arabia are all opposed to the missile contract. Russian officials say the first batch could be delivered 18 months after Iran has specified the S-300 type that it wants. Technical talks are continuing. " The deal to supply the S-300 to Iran has not only been signed between the parties but it has already come into force," said Sergei Chemezov, head of Russia's Rostec arms firm, speaking at the Dubai Airshow-2015. The $800

YEAR OF THE WHIRLWIND : Sign of End-Times Judgment

A ' MUST READ ' in 2019 !!! Our world is ' in a spin ' !!! . . . LITERALLY !!! But few people are aware of the urgency & enormity of the ' biblical signs ' God is sending as a warning to this untoward generation. Amongst the most dire warning signs in recent times is the increasingly extreme weather world-wide !!! While many sceptics & non-believers simply point to ' climate change ' theories , the real facts ( unseen by many ) show otherwise !! Please read to the end . . . to discover the truth. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF 2015 . . . WHY ' SO MANY ' MASSIVE STORMS ? ( WHIRLWINDS ) The past twelve months ( 2015 ) have seen an extra-ordinary number of cyclonic storms around the globe, whet

GROWING ANARCHY IN ISRAEL : Five killed in TelAviv & WestBank

ISRAEL - has seen one of its bloodiest days in months, with two Israelis stabbed to death in Tel Aviv & three other people killed in a shooting attack in the West Bank. An Israeli man, a Palestinian man, & an 18-year-old American tourist named as Ezra Schwartz, were all killed on Thursday evening when an Palestinian gunman opened fire from his car before ramming it into another vehicle. The attack took place in the Israeli settlement of Gush Etzion, south of Jerusalem, & came just hours after a Palestinian man fatally stabbed two Israelis outside an office building in Tel Aviv. The assailants in both attacks were arrested by Israeli security forces. The deaths of three Israelis & two othe

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