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NUCLEAR WW3 -- Gorbachev warns of US-Russian " Hot War "

MOSCOW - Ex-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev says the confrontation between Russia & the West could spill into all-out war. More than 5,100 people have been killed in a bloody conflict in eastern Ukraine between gov't troops & pro-Russian separatists. Ukraine accuses Russia of aiding the separatists while Russia says the West is behind Ukraine's efforts to retake the rebel-held areas. Gorbachev, in comments to the Interfax news agency, said Thursday the West has "dragged" Russia into a new Cold War & warned of risks of a military confrontation : " I can no longer say that this Cold War will not lead to a ' Hot War ', I fear that they could risk it " he was quoted as saying. NEWS REPORT

PUTIN UNVEILS PLAN : Russia's Gog reveals $35 Billion strategy

MOSCOW - Russia announced a $35 billion "anti-crisis" spending plan on Wednesday to bail out an economy battered by Western sanctions & falling oil prices, but gave few details of the deep cuts it said would be enacted this year to pay for it. The 2.34 trillion ruble spending plan includes 1.55 billion rubles to support banks, most of which was already announced last year & which many analysts say is still a fraction of what Moscow will have to spend to keep its lenders afloat. The plan focuses mainly on bailing out banks & big companies to help them weather the immediate impact of the crisis, at the expense of long-term development programs. Extra money would also be spent to increase

TERROR TUNNELS : Israel fears Hezbollah tunnels under border

Israelis living close to the country’s borders with Lebanon and Syria have long feared attacks from Hizbollah missiles, but now they have a further cause for anxiety: the threat of assaults from underground. In recent days, videos have been circulated on Israeli social networks in which the sounds of digging and banging can be heard coming from sinkholes in the bathrooms of the border villages, evidence it is said of Hizbollah tunnelling. Following an Israeli strike on southern Syria earlier this month that killed an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander and six Hizbollah operatives, including the son of the dead Hizbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh, residents have been braced f

' ISIS TERROR ' IN EGYPT : 27 dead after wave of Sinai attacks

EGYPT - Islamic State's Egypt wing claimed responsibility for a series of attacks that killed at least 27 on Thursday in some of the worst anti-state violence in months. Egypt's government faces an Islamist insurgency based in Sinai and growing discontent with what critics perceive as heavy handed security tactics. A series of tweets from the Sinai Province's Twitter account claimed responsibility for each of the four attacks that took place in North Sinai and Suez provinces within hours of one another on Thursday night. Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, Egypt's most active militant group, changed its name to Sinai Province last year after swearing allegiance to Islamic State , the hardline Sunni

IRAN DEATH PLAN - Netanyahu children marked for assassinat'n

TEHRAN - Iran is encouraging its terror allies to pursue the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s children by publishing personal information about them, including photographs of the kids lined up in crosshairs, and declaring, “ We must await the hunt of Hezbollah.” The publication of the personal information and biographies of Netanyahu’s children follows an Israeli airstrike last week that killed several key Hezbollah leaders and an Iranian commander affiliated with the country’s hardline Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Iranian military leaders affiliated with the IRGC threatened in recent days harsh retaliation for the strike and promised to amp up support for

RUSSIA STALKS THE OLD LION : UK protest Russian air-violations

LONDON - Britain has summoned Russia's ambassador after RAF Typhoons were scrambled when two Russian bombers flew over the English Channel. The British fighter jets were scrambled on Wednesday when the Russian TU-95 ' Bear ' long-range bombers flew near UK airspace. A Foreign Office spokesperson said while the planes stopped short of entering British airspace, the incident was part of an "increasing pattern of out of area operations by Russian aircraft ". The spokesperson said : " While the Russian planes did not enter sovereign UK airspace and were escorted by RAF Typhoons throughout the time they were in the UK area of interest , the Russian planes caused disruption to civil aviati

THE ' BIG ONE ' COMING ?? : 5.7 earthquake strikes US east coast

CALIFORNIA - A magnitude 5.7 earthquake struck off the coast of northern California on Wednesday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The quake was centered about 25 miles southwest of the town of Ferndale, California. It was 204 miles northwest of Sacramento. "It was a sizable earthquake, but not large enough to cause concern," David Walsh, an oceanographer in Hawaii with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, said. A magnitude 5.7 quake is considered strong enough to be felt by everyone in the affected area and could do some damage to buildings, the USGS said on its website. There were at least two aftershocks -- one was a magnitude 3.3 -- in the USGS reported. REPORT : CNN Hagga

ON THE BRINK : Deadly conflict erupts btwn Israel & Lebanon

JERUSALEM : Residents of Israel and Lebanon feared Wednesday that their countries were edging toward war after Israeli troops and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia exchanged deadly barrages across a fractious border earlier in the day. The clashes, which began with a Hezbollah attack that killed two Israeli soldiers, marked one of the most serious flare-ups of violence in the area since a month-long war in 2006 and raised tensions in a volatile tri-border zone close to positions held by Syrian rebels, including Islamist factions. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that “whoever is behind today’s attack will pay the full price.” In addition to Hezbollah, Netanyahu said Israel wou

MASS EXODUS : Jews fleeing Europe amid anti-semitic attacks

Leading Jewish thinkers in France are warning that a doubling of anti-Semitism in the country and an alarming rise in anti-Jewish violence may lead to a new mass “exodus.” “Jihadism and Nazism… are two faces of the same evil,” Moshe Kantor, head of the European Jewish Congress, told a Holocaust forum in Prague on Monday, as he warned France was “close to” a new exodus. Immigration into Israel has nearly doubled since the start of 2015, according to the Institute for Jewish Policy Research. Israel’s summer operation in Gaza definitely didn’t help, but it is still the old fear of a sparked hatred that haunts Europe’s Jews. The Charlie Hebdo shootings and ensuing events, including the hosta

DIVINE JUDGMENT : Monster blizzards follow US-Israeli ' chill '

UNITED STATES : Just days after President Obama refused a March meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu & brought US - Israeli relations to a frosty & an unprecedented low , north-eastern United States is hammered by historic blizzards , severely affecting over 50 million people & shutting down over 1/4 of the US economy. The blizzards follow a diplomatic storm wherein the hostility between the White House & the Netanyahu Govt has boiled over , culminating in a White House deployment of its own campaigning staff to Israel to ' help unseat ' the ruling Netanyahu Govt from power in the forthcoming March elections in Israel. FULL REPORT : Fox News The ' Blizzard of 2015 ' marks an ongoing series

MASSIVE ASTEROID BUZZES EARTH : Last fly-by until 2027

A mountain-size asteroid zoomed past Earth Monday (Jan. 26), marking the closest pass by such a large space rock ... until 2027. Asteroid 2004 BL86, which is about 1,800 feet (550 meters) wide, came within 745,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) of our planet Monday — about three times the distance between Earth and the moon. While this flyby poses no threat to Earth, it does present a rare opportunity to get a good look at a near-Earth asteroid, NASA officials say. FULL REPORT : PROPHECY INSIGHTS : Feature Video ... " Russia's 2013 Meteor in Bible Prophecy " Discover the amazing truth of the Chelyabinsk meteor foretold in a 2,500yo prophecy Also : The next big asteroid fly-by

EGYPTIAN UPRISING : 17 dead in violent anniversary

At least 17 people were killed on Sunday in Egypt's bloodiest protests since Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was elected president, as security forces fired at protesters marking the anniversary of the 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak FULL REPORT : Reuters PROPHECY INSIGHTS : Feature Video ... " Egypt's Coming Nightmare "

COLLAPSE ZIONIST REGIME : Iran promises retaliation for airstrike

The Iranian military continued to threaten Israel on Thursday, following the assassination of at least one of its senior commanders in Syria during an airstrike over the weekend, in multiple statements issued by leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Top Iranian military leaders promised to hit Israel with “devastating thunderbolts” vowed to effect the “collapse of the Zionist regime” after Israeli military forces launched a surprise strike on Sunday that killed six Iranian agents, including the top-level commander, and five members of Hezbollah who are believed to have been planning an incursion into the Jewish state. FULL REPORT : Washington Free Beacon

" UNBREAKABLE " ALLIANCE ... BROKEN : Obama refuses to meet Israeli PM

President Barack Obama has declined to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, when he visits Washington at the start of March to address a joint session of Congress, potentially adding to long-standing tensions between the two leaders. A political and diplomatic storm blew up in Washington after it emerged that John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, had extended an invitation to the Israeli leader to address Congress in February. Mr Netanyahu accepted but said he would instead deliver the address on 3 March. FULL REPORT : The Independent

THE FALL OF YEMEN -- Prophetic ' Death Knell ' for Saudi Arabia

The Middle East is unravelling rapidly. ' The fall ' this week of long-time US ally , Yemen , into the hands of pro-Iranian ' Houthi ' rebels is a geo-political earthquake , that will have grave consquences for the whole world. More immediately , this power shift now presents an existential threat to the ' Sunni ' Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a new ' hostile ' Shi'ite regime now on its southern border & controlled by its arch nemesis Iran , the global oil-giant Saudi Arabia is potentially at risk. If Saudi Arabia were to fall , world stability would crash. Yemen - for decades a largely lawless & untamed wilderness - has been shakily governed by ' pro-American ' leaders while cont

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