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TERROR TUNNELS : Israel fears Hezbollah tunnels under border

Israelis living close to the country’s borders with Lebanon and Syria have long feared attacks from Hizbollah missiles, but now they have a further cause for anxiety: the threat of assaults from underground. In recent days, videos have been circulated on Israeli social networks in which the sounds of digging and banging can be heard coming from sinkholes in the bathrooms of the border villages, evidence it is said of Hizbollah tunnelling.

Following an Israeli strike on southern Syria earlier this month that killed an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander and six Hizbollah operatives, including the son of the dead Hizbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh, residents have been braced for possible attacks. Those reprisals came on Wednesday morning, when Hizbollah fired anti-tank missiles at IDF military convoys, killing two soldiers, and injuring seven others. Subsequent Israeli and Hizbollah exchanges of fire killed a UN peacekeeper and amounted to the most dangerous escalation on Israel’s northern border since the 2006 Lebanon war. The leader of Lebanon’s Hizbollah said on Friday that his group did not seek war with Israel but was prepared for it, and reserved the right to respond to Israeli attacks.

FULL REPORT : The Telegraph

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