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DIVINE JUDGMENT : Monster blizzards follow US-Israeli ' chill '

UNITED STATES : Just days after President Obama refused a March meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu & brought US - Israeli relations to a frosty & an unprecedented low , north-eastern United States is hammered by historic blizzards , severely affecting over 50 million people & shutting down over 1/4 of the US economy. The blizzards follow a diplomatic storm wherein the hostility between the White House & the Netanyahu Govt has boiled over , culminating in a White House deployment of its own campaigning staff to Israel to ' help unseat ' the ruling Netanyahu Govt from power in the forthcoming March elections in Israel.

The ' Blizzard of 2015 ' marks an ongoing series of disasters impacting America & directly connected with God's plan & purpose with both America & Israel. Please see the irrefutable evidence of the video below ( published just weeks after Super-Storm Sandy ) to understand the coming global events these catastrophic ' natural ' disasters are leading to . . .

PROPHECY INSIGHTS : Feature Video . . . " Super-storm Sandy ... Obama's Perfect Storm "

DID YOU KNOW ??? The Bible ' fore-told ' the historic 2012 Super-storm Sandy . This unique & unprecedented ' natural ' disaster was described " exactly " in the scriptures 2,500 years ago. See what Apocalyptic World Events are coming soon & HOW SANDY was the pre-cursor to God's intervention in mankind's affairs

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