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AMERICA IS NOT BABYLON !!! Video: See proof in events of 2015

Our world has been transfixed by apocalyptic events in 2015 ' THE RISE OF ISIS ' Did you know ?? . . . The horrific & brutal exploits of this murderous terror group were actually clearly foretold in Bible Prophecy !!! Similarly , ISIS have also provided irrefutable proof revealing modern day ' Babylon ' is the nation of IRAQ . . . NOT America !!! Watch this stunning video & SEE THE EVIDENCE !!!

AS IN THE DAYS OF SODOM . . . US legalises same-sex marriage

USA - The Supreme Court today ruled that gay marriage should be allowed across the entire United States, settling once & for all what had been one of America's most divisive social questions. The landmark ruling from America's high court means that all states, even in the deeply conservative South, must allow same-sex couples to marry. The decision was met with cheers & elation from gay rights activists gathered on the marble steps of the Supreme Court but despair from conservative groups. It represents an extraordinary turning point in US history just eleven years after Massachusetts became the first state to allow gay couples to wed. In that time Barack Obama became the first US pres

VATICAN'S UNHOLY COVENANT : Signs 'State of Palestine' treaty

ROME - The Vatican has signed its first treaty with the " State of Palestine " & called for a two-state solution , in a move that drew immediate anger from the Israeli government. Israel warned that its future diplomatic relations with the Vatican could be damaged by the treaty, which it said " damages the prospects for advancing a peace agreement ". The treaty was agreed in principle last month & covers the activities of the Catholic church in Palestine. Archbishop Paul Gallagher, the Vatican's foreign minister, said at the signing that he hoped it could be a " stimulus to bringing a definitive end to the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which continues to cause suffering fo

POPE PRAYS AT TURIN SHROUD : Dodges questions of authenticity

ITALY - Pope Francis prayed on Sunday before the mysterious shroud some Christians believe is Jesus's burial cloth but skirted the issue of its authenticity, saying it should remind people of all suffering & persecution. On his first day of a visit to the northern industrial city of Turin, he defended migrants flocking to Europe to escape war & injustice, saying it " makes one cry " to see them mistreated. He also spoke of the city's 19th century reputation as a center of devil worship & anti-clericalism, saying today's young people faced new snares of high unemployment, drugs & unbridled consumerism. Francis was the latest of many popes to view the shroud, which is usually kept locked

NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE NEARS : Russia beefs up nuclear arsenals

MOSCOW - Nato accused Russia of " nuclear sabre-rattling " on Tuesday when Vladimir Putin promised to deploy at least 40 new inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) this year. Russia possesses about 300 ICBMs, so this ambitious plan will see the replacement of 13 per cent of the country's entire arsenal in one year, representing an almost unprecedented rate of modernisation. The older weapons will be withdrawn & succeeded by new SS-27 missiles, each capable of delivering between four & six strategic nuclear warheads. If loaded to full capacity , these new ICBMs could deliver 240 nuclear warheads – more than Britain’s entire arsenal. Speaking at the opening of “ Army 2015 ”, a

FALSE PROPHET GOES GREEN : Holy edict ... on climate change !!

VATICAN - Pope Francis demanded swift action on Thursday to " save the planet " from environmental ruin, urging world leaders to hear " the cry of the earth & the cry of the poor " & plunging the Catholic Church into political controversy over climate change. In the first papal document dedicated to the environment , he called for " decisive action , here & now " to stop environmental degradation & global warming, squarely backing scientists who say it is mostly man-made. In the encyclical " Laudato Si (Praise Be), On the Care of Our Common Home ", Francis, the first pope from a developing nation, advocated a change of lifestyle in rich countries steeped in a " throwaway " consumer cultu

COMING ISRAELI-SYRIAN WAR ? Israel threatens to enter civil war

JERUSALEM - Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, has issued a veiled threat to intervene directly in Syria's civil war for the first time, after Syrian rebels surrounded a village occupied by the Druze minority close to the border. Monitors from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the village of Khadr was now surrounded by rebels , who had taken a hilltop immediately to the north. Druze leaders in Israel & the Golan Heights warned that they might storm the frontier to save their relatives , fearing a sectarian massacre. Mr Netanyahu said he had given " instructions to do what is necessary " to help Syria's Druze. Jerusalem also warned Syrian rebel groups operating in so

TEL AVIV GAY PRIDE PARADE : Biggest ever in the ' Holy ' Land

ISRAEL - Thousands of bare-chested muscular men , drag queens in heavy makeup & high heels , women in colourful balloon costumes & others partied at Tel Aviv's annual gay pride parade on Friday , the largest event of its kind in the region. Well over 100,000 people were participating in the parade , police said , while Israeli media put the number at 180,000. The event also drew thousands of people from around the world. Large sections of Tel Aviv were shut for traffic & loud music blasted along the parade's route. Streets were packed thick with people waving rainbow flags & dancing. The theme of this year's parade , which was the city's biggest ever, was " Tel Aviv loves all genders

PUTIN: GOD MADE ME PERFECT ! Never made mistakes, no regrets

ROME - His relations with the West have hit another low but Vladimir Putin isn’t letting that spoil his mood. To the contrary, the Russian President says God has blessed him with " perfect judgment " & he has a clean conscience. In a bizarre interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera to coincide with his private meeting at the Vatican with the Pope, Putin said he did not regret any decisions he had made in his life. “ I will be quite frank with you. I cannot recollect anything of the kind ” he said when asked if he had any regrets. “ By the grace of God, I have nothing to regret in my life.” Putin said God had “ clearly ” built his life “ in a way that I won’t have anything

POPE'S APPEAL FOR PEACE : Sure trigger for coming conflict

VATICAN - Pope Francis encouraged Russian President Vladimir Putin to engage in " sincere " international efforts aimed at bringing peace to Ukraine as the two men met privately at the Vatican on Wednesday. Earlier in the day , the U.S. ambassador to the Holy See , Kenneth Hackett , said his country would like to see the Vatican step up its concern about what is happening in Ukraine during the pope's meeting with Putin , the second time the Russian leader & Francis have met since the pontiff was elected in 2013. During the few minutes that Putin & Francis greeted each other & after their 50-minute-long closed door talks , there was no mention of any blame regarding Ukraine , although the

PUTIN & POPE MEET IN ROME : Why this spells danger for Israel

VATICAN - Pope Francis has welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Vatican just two days after world leaders ' shunned ' him from the G7 summit over Russia's actions in Ukraine. At a time when much of the world has slammed the door on Russia over its role in the ongoing crisis in eastern Ukraine , many hope Pope Francis can build diplomacy through religion. The pope's meeting at the Vatican is a delicate balance. In the past , he has partnered with Russia to protect Christians in the Middle East. Now, however, the Ukrainian Catholic Church is asking Francis to protect its followers from Russia. The U.S. is urging Pope Francis to join the West in condemning Russia's actions in

RUSSIAN FORCES PREPARING !! 40 Large-scale military exercises

MOSCOW - Russia announced Monday it will conduct 40 large-scale military exercises in the eastern part of the country this summer, continuing a program of combat readiness. Col. Alaxandr Gordeyev of Russia's Eastern Military District, one of four operational commands of the Russian military, said the largest of the " large-scale tactical, special & flight exercise " will take place at the Tsugol test site in Trans-Baikalia, near the border with Mongolia. The announcement comes at the conclusion of four days of drills across Russia involving over 12,000 troops, hundreds of fighter jets & anti-aircraft missiles , what the Russia Defence Ministry called a " surprise combat readiness inspect

ISIS DECLARE WAR ON ISRAEL : End-time terror for God's people

GAZA - An Islamic State-affiliated jihadi group in Gaza has declared war on Israel after claiming responsibility for two rocket attacks over the past two weeks. A group calling itself the Sheikh Omar Hadeed Brigade in Quds claims that it fired a rocket on 26 May which landed near the Israeli city of Ashdod as well as another on June 3 that also hit the city. Israel responded with air strikes in Gaza on Thursday. It has warned Israel that there will be more attacks: " Ashdod is the beginning. What's coming is worse.” Gaza is currently embroiled in an internal power struggle between Hamas & various salafi groups, of which the Omar Brigades appear to be most prominent. On June 2, Hamas s

RUSSIA TO INVADE UKRAINE ?? President fears 'full-scale' attack

KIEV - President Petro Poroshenko has told MPs the military must prepare to defend against a possible " full-scale invasion " from Russia , amid a surge of violence in eastern Ukraine. Russia has denied that its military is involved in Ukraine , but Mr Poroshenko said 9,000 of its troops were deployed. Clashes involving tanks took place in two areas west of Donetsk on Wednesday. There was a " colossal threat " that large-scale fighting would resume , the president told parliament in Kiev. The outbreak of violence , in the government-held towns of Maryinka & Krasnohorivka , was among the worst in eastern Ukraine since a ceasefire was signed in Minsk in February. International monitors

EUPHRATES RIVER DRYING UP : Signpost - Armageddon is near !!

IRAQ - The Islamic State (Isis) has shut down all the gates of a dam in the recently-seized Iraqi city of Ramadi causing widespread concerns of an impending humanitarian crisis. Anbar provincial council chief Sabah Karhout told AFP that the IS move lowered the level of the ' Euphrates River ' & cut water supplies to government-held areas of Khaldiyah & Habbaniyah to the east. A leader in the local anti-IS Sunni tribe lf Albu Fahad, Sheikh Rafa al-Fahdawi, said that cutting water to those areas " will lead to a major humanitarian crisis " in the region. A former head of the Iraqi water resources department, said IS aims at reducing the level of water to exploit it for military purposes.

RUSSIA TO BAIL-OUT GREECE ? Fiscal pact to break EU shackles

ATHENS - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will meet Vladimir Putin on 18 June , fuelling fears that Athens might seek a deal with Moscow that would circumvent EU sanctions on Russia. Athens is looking to receive 5bn (3.65bn, $5.55bn) in advance payments from Russia by agreeing to become a central hub for a Russia-Europe gas pipeline. 
The announcement of the meeting came as Tsipras told the Greek parliament that the EU was forcing " absurd " austerity measures on the cash-strapped country. 
He accused the country's creditors of doing all they could to scupper a cash-for reforms deal that would give Greece a new injection of loans. He said the EU was pushing Athens towards default & t

ISLAMIC STATE of JERUSALEM ?? ISIS forces now fighting in Gaza

GAZA - ISIS supporters were shot dead in Gaza Tuesday, June 2, in their first firefight with Hamas forces come to arrest them The ' Islamists ' had planted a bomb trap in their hideout. The showdown occurred 48 hours after the Ansar al Dawa al-Islamia, renamed “ Supporters of the Islamic State of Jerusalem,” gave Hamas a 48-hour ultimatum to end its crackdown on the group & release dozens of Islamists held for a series of attacks. Followers of the Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant ( ISIS / ISIL ) were spotted for the first time in the Gaza Strip this week, debkafile’s military sources report. Their arrival on Israel's border was confirmed as a division-strength IDF force launched its l

GREECE - EU CRISIS DEEPENS : Default looms after missed pymt

ATHENS - Greece is to take the drastic step of skipping a €300m payment to the International Monetary Fund on Friday, invoking an obscure mechanism in abeyance since the 1970s to bundle all debts due in June and pay them at the end of the month. It is the first time that a developed country has ever missed a payment to the IMF since the creation of the Bretton Woods institutions at the end of the Second World War. The news broke after the Athens stock exchange had closed but a bloodbath is feared when the bourse opens on Friday. Yields on two-year Greek bonds spiked 63 basis points to 21.8pc amid mounting fears of a deposit run on Greek banks and the imposition of capital controls as soon

SYRIAN REGIME ON THE EDGE !! Expert: Assad to fall in near-term

ISRAEL - The near-term fall of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria was forecast Wednesday by Ehud Yaari, the highly respected Arab affairs analyst for Israel's Channel Two. It can happen very suddenly, he said on his channels main news program. Unless Iran does what it hasn't done so far send in their own forces in significant numbers Assad is finished , said Yaari, who closely monitors events in the Arab world & is normally cautious in his projections. Assad no longer has enough troops to move around. Iran has been the prime support for Assad's embattled regime during the civil war that has been raging for the past four years. It mobilized thousands of Shiite volunteers

POLAND PREPARES FOR WAR : Growing fears of Russian attack

WARSAW - Poland's defence minister has told Sky News his country is facing its greatest security crisis since the end of the Cold War. Speaking from the ministry of defence in Warsaw , Tomasz ‎Siemoniak said they must be prepared for the situation to deteriorate further & for Russia to expand its ambitions beyond the annexation of Crimea. " We can see that Russia is going in the direction of restoring the influence it had at the time of the Soviet Union " Mr Siemoniak said. " If that is the case then the situation is not over by any means with Crimea and it will move on to the territories of other countries, that will either be targeted by aggression or by some other measures taken by th

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