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IRAN'S MULLAHS ON THE RISE : Islamist regime's lies & propaganda

WITH rockets roaring and guns blazing, more than a dozen swarming Iranian speedboats assaulted a replica of a US aircraft carrier during large-scale naval drills near the strategically vital entrance of the Persian Gulf. The nationally televised show of force by the country’s elite Revolutionary Guard comes just weeks ahead of a deadline for Iran and world powers to forge a historic deal on the fate of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. Iranian live-fire war games are not uncommon. But by simulating for the first time an attack on the ultimate symbol of American naval power, hardliners hoped to send a message that Iran has no intention of backing down to the US — whichever way talks o

PUTIN 'INFILTRATES' E.U BLOC : Russian naval bases in Cyprus

CYPRUS - Russia has gained a military foothold in Europe after Vladimir Putin signed a controversial deal with Cyprus to dock warships there. British MPs said Nicosia’s decision to let the Russian navy, including heavily armed frigates, use its ports for counter-terrorism & anti-piracy was ‘ worrying & disappointing ’. Cyprus , an EU member, thrashed out the agreement despite already hosting two British military bases & 3,200 troops. President Putin insisted the deal ‘ should not cause worries anywhere ’. But Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, who was visiting Moscow, hinted Russian warplanes could also be allowed to use a military airbase in Paphos, on the south-west coast of the is

ISIS DESTROY IRAQI ANTIQUITY : Prophetic signal of coming chaos

IRAQ - The Islamic State (IS) group has released a video appearing to show the destruction of statues in Iraq. Statues are smashed using sledgehammers and drills in what seems to be a museum in the city of Mosul. Statues are also shown being destroyed at an archaeological site known as the Nergal Gate. World heritage body Unesco has called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss how to protect Iraq's cultural heritage. In a statement, Unesco head Irina Bokova said: " This attack is far more than a cultural tragedy. This is also a security issue as it fuels sectarianism, violent extremism and conflict in Iraq." In the video released via IS social media sites, bl

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS ABOVE : Solar eclipse warns of judgment

BRITAIN - Power supplies could drop suddenly next month when the UK is plunged into darkness with an eclipse of the sun. Energy experts warned there could be possible blackouts in the biggest solar eclipse since 1999. Nearly 90 per cent of the sun's rays will be blocked out in parts of Europe on March 20. In London and the South East , 85 per cent of the sun will be obscured by the moon whilst in northern Scotland, more than 95 per cent will be covered. The National Grid has warned that solar power output in Britain will halve during the event. The eclipse will last around two hours from 8.40am. The next one will not be until 2026. NEWS REPORT : Daily Telegraph PROPHECY INSIGHTS -

OBAMA DECIMATES US MILITARY Ability to defend nation marginal

UNITED STATES - The U.S. military is shedding so many troops & weapons it is only “ marginally able ” to defend the nation & falls short of the Obama administration’s national security strategy, according to a new report by The Heritage Foundation on Tuesday. “ The U.S. military itself is aging. It’s shrinking in size ” said Dakota Wood, a Heritage analyst. “ And it’s quickly becoming problematic in terms of being able to address more than one major conflict.” The U.S. military is rapidly approaching a one-war capable force , said Mr. Wood , a former Marine Corps officer & strategic planner. " So [it is] able to handle a major war & then having just a bit of residual capability to

BRITAIN'S FORCES IN UKRAINE : Old Lion's warning to Vlad Putin

LONDON - British troops will be deployed in Ukraine to train soldiers fighting Russian separatists, David Cameron has said, as he delivered an extraordinary warning to Vladimir Putin over his continued aggression in eastern Europe. The Prime Minister said that there would be " deeply damaging " consequences for all of Europe if the EU fails to stand up to Mr Putin in Ukraine, predicting that the Russian president could turn against the Baltic states or Moldova if he is not reined in now. He warned that Mr Putin has opted out of the “ rules-based system ” of the twenty-first century & warned that the Russian president must expect consequences. Downing Street said that around 75 UK troops

ISIS CANCER MOVES INTO LIBYA : Black flags & beheadings spread

LIBYA - In recent days, thousands of Egyptians have fled Libya through the border crossing at Sallum -- an exodus triggered by the release of a video showing the execution of 21 Coptic Christians by the Islamic State group -- Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported Monday, citing state media. The video, released on Feb. 15, was reportedly filmed near the ISIS stronghold of Derna in Libya. The video sparked global outrage and prompted Egypt to authorize airstrikes on ISIS targets in the country. Cairo has since urged the Egyptians residing in Libya to leave and has also arranged planes to bring them home. Nearly 15,000 Egyptians have so far fled Libya and returned through Sallum in northwest

US - RUSSIAN 'WAR OF WORDS' : Global crises enflame tensions

Russia's foreign minister is implicitly accusing the United States of violating U.N. principles by bombing Syria, occupying Iraq under false pretenses & manipulating a Security Council mandate to destroy & create chaos in Libya. Sergey Lavrov, clearly pointing at the U.S. without naming it, said these acts were the result " of attempts to dominate global affairs " & use military force unilaterally to push " one's own interests. ” U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power implicitly criticized Russia for blocking Security Council action against Syria & accused Moscow of training, arming & fighting alongside separatists who have seized Ukrainian territory. They spoke at a Security Council meeting Monday

RUSSIAN THREAT TO STOP GAS : Putin's chokehold on Ukraine-EU

MOSCOW - Russia could cut off supplies to neighbouring Ukraine by the end of the week if it does not get further payments from Kiev , state-owned gas company Gazprom said Thursday. Spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov said in televised remarks that " if no new funds are received from Kiev, then naturally we cannot continue delivering gas to Ukraine " He did not specify the sum. Despite the threat, Russian & Ukrainian energy ministers are set to meet in Brussels on Monday, making an immediate cutoff unlikely. Gazprom's ultimatum came a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin's announcement that Ukraine's latest payment would only be good for " another three to four days." Putin warned that Russ

NATO GENERAL DIRE WARNING : Russia is 'existential' threat to us

LONDON - Britain's most senior officer in NATO has warned that Russia could invade the Baltic States using tactics on display in Ukraine. In a speech in London, General Sir Adrian Bradshaw said there is a "danger that Russia might believe that the large scale conventional forces which she has shown she can generate at very short notice as we saw in the snap exercise that preceded the take-over of Crimea could in future be used not only for intimidation and coercion but potentially to seize NATO territory." Such a move, were it to happen, would invoke Article 5 of the organisation's constitution. This states that all NATO nations must come to the aid of other members in an act of collect

ISIS VOWS TO CONQUER ROME : Vatican call for ' military action '

ROME - Pope Francis’ top diplomat has endorsed the idea of international ' military intervention ' in Libya to prevent ISIS from gaining power there, adding his voice to calls from other Church leaders for enhanced efforts to curb the Islamic militants. In recent days, New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan has said that the terrorist group “ threatens human civilization ” while an auxiliary bishop of Baghdad has asked the world to stop what he called an ISIS “ genocide. ” On Tuesday, Italian Cardinal Pietro Parolin , the Vatican’s secretary of state , called for an intervention in Libya to stop a possible alliance between the country’s Islamic government and the Islamic State. Parolin sp

YEAR OF THE WHIRLWIND (5775) ' Twin ' cyclones pound Australia

NORTHERN AUSTRALIA - Two powerful cyclones pounded Australia, leaving a trail of destruction with houses ripped apart, trees uprooted and electricity cut to thousands of people, but authorities expressed relief there were no fatalities. Roiling seas, a deluge of rain, and gusts of up to 295kph were experienced along the central Queensland coast with a storm surge predicted to raise sea levels 3m higher than normal. Tropical Cyclone Marcia, a top-rating category-5 storm, slammed into the Queensland coast just after 10pm on Thursday with its landfall coming just hours after Cyclone Lam hit further north. The category-4 Lam caused extensive damage to remote Aboriginal communities near El

HIZBOLLAH FIGHTERS GATHER : Forces massing on Israeli border

GOLAN HEIGHTS - Military and intelligence sources reveal 2,000 Afghan & Pakistani Shiite fighters have joined an equal number of Hizballah troops , who are spearheading a march on the Golan from southern Syria , directly behind the Syrian tanks. They are acting on an order from the Iranian high command in Syria to integrate Shiite fighters from Afghanistan and Pakistan in combat for the Golan sector of the Syrian-Israeli border. These fighters were recruited from two Shiite militias which the Revolutionary Guards Al Qods Brigades have established among Iran’s minority communities, notably the Hazara & Zaynubian Militias. From Israel's viewpoint , the arrival of these fighters to boost

END-TIME REGATHERING : Israeli PM tells EU Jews "move to Israel"

JERUSALEM - Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, has urged European Jews to immigrate to Israel following the shooting dead of a Danish Jew outside a Copenhagen synagogue on Sunday. Netanyahu announced the government will discuss Sunday a $46 million plan to encourage Jewish migration from Belgium, France and Ukraine and said at the start of a cabinet meeting that Israel is the home of all Jews. The shooting at the Krystalgade synagogue that killed a 38-year old Jewish security guard came just hours after another deadly shooting at a free-speech event featuring an artist who had caricatured the Prophet Muhammad. Five Danish police officers were also wounded in the shootings.

OMINOUS SECRET LETTERS : US & Iran close to unthinkable deal

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has responded to overtures from U.S. President Barack Obama amid nuclear talks by sending him a secret letter, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. Citing an Iranian diplomat, the paper said the Iranian cleric had written to Obama in recent weeks in response to a presidential letter sent in October. Obama's letter suggested the possibility of U.S.-Iranian cooperation in fighting Islamic State if a nuclear deal was secured, the paper said, quoting the diplomat. Khamenei's letter was " respectful " but noncommittal , it quoted the diplomat as saying. Both the White House and the Iranian mission at the United Nations declined to comment

PUTIN PROCLAIMS " PEACE " : Ukraine breakthro' or deception?

BELARUS - Vladimir Putin came out of a 17-hour marathon peace talk & ' declared a ceasefire ' to the violence in East Ukraine. The deal is being described as a breakthrough in the crisis that's claimed more than 5,400 lives. Still, questions remain whether the terms will be acceptable to both Ukraine's president Petro Poroshenko & the pro-Russian rebels. The peace talks had three main objectives : to secure a ceasefire, withdraw heavy weapons & create a demilitarized zone in Eastern Ukraine. Petro Poroshenko, Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkal and French President Francois Hollande were all in attendance. Hollande reaffirmed Putin’s sentiments, saying that they had reached

THE COMING STORM : Severe sandstorm hits Egypt , Lebanon & Israel

A Mideast sandstorm roared into Egypt , Israel & Lebanon this week, causing the worst Israeli air pollution in years & sending powerful waves tearing into Beirut's famed corniche along the Mediterranean Sea. The sandstorm, made up of accumulated dust carried from the far reaches of the Sahara Desert in North Africa, also engulfed Cairo for a second day. High winds lashed those on the streets, causing some to walk backward to avoid getting the grit in their faces. Israel's Environmental Protection Ministry said air pollution levels were the country's worst in five years & the storm would last into Wednesday night. Israeli airports spokeswoman Liza Dvir said flights to and from the Red Sea res

RUSSIAN ' GOG ' VISITS EGYPT : Putin's anti-terrorism pact - prelude to Middle East chaos

United by a deep hostility toward Islamists, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi & Russia's Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday they were both committed to fighting the threat of terrorism. The general & the former KGB officer found common ground on security at talks in Cairo that signaled a rapprochement between their two countries, at a time when relations between Egypt & the United States have cooled. Sisi, who is fighting a raging Islamist insurgency in the Sinai region, said Putin had agreed with him that "the challenge of terrorism that faces Egypt & which Russia also faces, does not stop at any borders". Putin , on his first state visit to Egypt in a decade , said they agreed on "

RUSSIA VOWS " ALL-OUT-WAR " : US-EU warned : "Don’t arm Kiev"

BRUSSELS - A close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin has told the European Parliament that "all-out war" could result if the US supplies arms to the Ukrainian government in Kiev. Alexei Pushkov, a leading Russian MP, was addressing about 100 MEPs in the parliament's foreign affairs committee. He was speaking after President Barack Obama said he had not ruled out sending arms to Kiev if diplomacy failed. The option of lethal defensive weapons was being examined, Mr Obama said. Mr Pushkov, who is on the US sanctions blacklist, warned that American weapons could "expand the war & turn it into a real threat to the whole European security system" FULL REPORT : BBC World News Dan 8

' FIRE VOLCANO ' ERUPTION : Feared volcano forces evacuat'n

Guatemala's so-called " fire volcano " has closed an airport & forced the evacuation of at least 100 people. Guatemala's national disaster agency says the volcano, known locally as Fuego Volcan, erupted Saturday & spewed ashes "to an altitude reaching 5,500 meters (18,000 feet) above sea level." The smoke & ash forced Guatemala's La Aurora International Airport to stop all air traffic around the area. Guatemala's alert level has been raised to "orange," which puts in place the possibility of rescue operations, the disaster agency said. The volcano is near the Pacific Ocean coast about 60 miles from the capital, Guatemala City. Fuego Volcano is one of Central America's most active volca

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