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HISTORIC IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL : Will global peace & safety follow?

VIENNA - Joint Statement by EU & Iran : " Today is an historic day. It is a great honour for us to announce that we have reached an agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. With courage, political will, mutual respect & leadership, we delivered on what the world was hoping for : a shared commitment to peace & to join hands in order to make our world safer. This is an historic day also because we are creating the conditions for building trust & opening a new chapter in our relationship. This achievement is the result of a collective effort. No one ever thought it would be easy. Historic decisions never are. But despite all twists & turns of the talks, & the number of extensions, hope & determination enabled us to overcome all the difficult moments. We have always been aware we had a responsibility to our generation & the future ones."

NEWS REPORT - PressTV ( July 11 , 2015 )

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - The statement continued … the “ full implementation of this Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action will positively contribute to regional & international peace & d security.” A senior Iranian official said “ The world can now find a new partner in restoring peace & security of our region.” Iran’s deputy foreign minister said “ this agreement will help promote peace & security in the world, including in our region.” US President Obama said “ this deal makes our country & the world safer & more secure.” But the fact is we know with Bible in hand that it doesn’t. Iran will not change. They will join Russia in invading Israel. There is another point as well. The Bible speaks of a time when people will be saying “ peace & security ”. When they do sudden destruction will come on them. Could this be the cry of peace & security ? We know that when Jesus comes it will be unexpected. People will be buying & selling, eating & drinking. It will be a normal day. It will be when people are talking about peace & security…

1 THESSALONIANS 5v2-3 ( RSV ) - For you yourselves know very well that the day of the Lord will come ' like a thief ' in the night. When they say, “ There is peace & security ” then sudden destruction will come upon them , as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman & there will be no escape !

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