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ISRAEL & SAUDI UNITED FRONT : End-times co-operation foretold

MID-EAST - The nuclear deal with Iran caused fury in Israel & consternation around the region at the likely increase in influence & resources of a newly enriched Iran. Most telling was the loudest expression of support. " I am happy that the Islamic Republic of Iran has achieved a great victory by reaching an agreement," President Bashar al-Assad of Syria said in a message to his Iranian opposite number, Hassan Rouhani. " In the name of the Syrian people, I congratulate you & the people of Iran on this historic achievement.” Israel & the Sunni Arab world have set aside old grievances to stand together against the West’s engagement with Iran. Saudi officials have previously voiced fears that increasing rapprochement between Washington & Tehran could eventually lead to Iran supplanting Saudi Arabia as America's main ally in the Persian Gulf.

REPORT : Daily Telegraph ( July 14 , 2015 )

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - Israel & Saudi Arabia both see Iran as a huge threat. This deal in effect releases billions of dollars that have been locked away due to sanctions. The fear is that Iran could use this enormous war chest of money to further fund its proxy armies in Syria, Lebanon & Gaza. Israel sees the nuclear deal as actually making it more likely that Iran will one day get the bomb. Saudi Arabia sees its close relationship with America being severely undermined as the US has befriended its greatest enemy. The fact the the Assad regime is so delighted by this deal should ring warning bells to the world. What this deal does is bring Israel & Saudi Arabia closer together. It emboldens Iran & its allies - all of whom are enemies of Israel. Finally it weakens Western influence & authority in the region. The 3 elements are all detailed out in the scriptures.

EZEKIEL 38 v 13 - Sheba , Dedan & the merchants of Tarshish ( Britain ), with all the young lions ( commonwealth nations ) thereof , shall say unto thee , Art thou come to take a spoil ? hast thou gathered ' thy company ' to take a prey ? to carry away silver & gold, to take away cattle & goods , to take a great spoil ?

Sheba & Dedan = Saudi Arabia + Gulf States. Part of the opposing force to the Russia / Iranian invasion. Western nations (ie. UK , Canada , Australia, NZ ) are weak & can only ' ask & protest ' what Russia is doing !

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