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EMERGENCE OF ' THE BEAST ' !!! French President call for EU Govt

EUROPE - The French President has lobbed a large boulder into negotiations on the future of Europe by calling for a full “ eurozone government ” with its own ministers, parliament & budget. Without mentioning Britain by name, François Hollande called for an “ avant-garde ” to push ahead towards a form of federal government leaving behind countries which opposed further “ deepening ” or “ integration ” of the 28-member European Union. Mr Hollande’s proposals – in an article to mark the 90th birthday of the former European Commission President , Jacques Delors – were framed as a response to the muddled, much criticised & fragile eurozone response to the Greek debt crisis. His comments were , however, also intended to mark out France’s position in negotiations later this year on EU reform, before the ' in/out referendum ' in the UK next year or in 2017.

REPORT : Daily Telegraph ( July 19 , 2015 )

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - This is a remarkable headline. Bible Prophecy clearly reveals we should expect the creation of a NEW European Superstate. The events in Greece have made France & Germany rethink what Europe is all about. They will never give up on the “ project ” & instead of thinking perhaps the Euro is failing they instead think we need even more Europe. Deeper integration - more powers to the centre - nations giving up their sovereignty. “ Our biggest threat is not too much Europe, but too little ” Mr Hollande wrote. There would be a eurozone government with its own prime minister, his officials said. This government would have its own budget. The Bible says that 10 nations will give their power & strength to the Roman Empire beast. This means giving up their sovereign power to govern themselves. We see events in Greece pushing Europe towards this exact situation.

REVELATION 17 v 12-13 - And the ' ten horns ' which thou sawest are ' ten kings ', which have received no kingdom as yet ; but receive power as kings one hour with ' the beast '. These have one mind & shall give their power & strength . . . unto ' the beast '.

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