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NEW RUSSIAN MILITARY FORCE : Putin bolsters army reservists

MOSCOW - Vladimir Putin has ordered the creation of a new military reserve force as part of steps to improve military readiness amid continuing tensions with the West. The plan, which is described in a presidential decree as an “ experiment ”, will allow soldiers leaving the army to take on three-year contracts as part-timers. All Russian men are meant to complete obligatory national service between the ages of 18 & 27. Several million ex-servicemen are already considered reservists who can be called up in times of military emergency , but they are unpaid & seldom trained. The new force will be more akin to the British Territorial Army , with reservists attending regular training & receiving a monthly salary. The Russian ministry of defence has previously said that the experimental force would be made of just 5,000 men to begin with, & be loosely based on the Israeli model.

REPORT : Daily Telegraph ( July 18 , 2015 )

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - Putin is strengthening his ability to fight by giving his huge army reserves more training. This will give him even more strength to send troops into battle zones & effectively take over areas with relative ease. It is interesting to note he has based this on the Israeli model. Putin watches Israel with interest. Another area that could soon become the next flashpoint is the self-declared republic of Transnistria bordering Moldova & Ukraine. Russian-speaking Transnistria broke away from the Moldovan state in the early 1990s after a brief war. Few nations recognise it though. This week the president of Transnistria ordered the mobilisation of men aged 18-27 amid fears it could become the next East-West flashpoint. In May, 137 Transnistrian organisations signed a letter requesting Vladimir Putin to intervene on their behalf should an “ emergency ” situation develop. An emergency is coming…

EZEKIEL 38 v 7-8 NRSV - Be ready & keep ready, you & all the companies that are assembled around you, & hold yourselves ' in reserve ' for them. After many days you shall be mustered ; in the latter years you shall go against a land ( Israel ) restored from war,

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