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HALLOWEEN NIGHT ASTEROID : Is there a spooky back-story ??

NASA - A large asteroid discovered ' only weeks ago ' will tear past the Earth on ' Halloween ' Nasa has announced, estimating that it will come closer than any object of its size in the next 20 years. The asteroid, nicknamed “ the Great Pumpkin ” & “ Spooky ” but technically known as TB145 , is an estimated 1,300ft (400 meters) wide – 20 times bigger than the meteorite that screamed across the Russian sky & exploded over Chelyabinsk in 2013, shattering windows with shock waves & debris that injured more than a thousand people. The Chelyabinsk object entered the atmosphere at about 12 miles (19km) per second. TB145 will fly past at around 22 miles per second (78,300mph), about 300,000 miles (483,000km) from Earth, slightly farther than the moon. Scientists at Nasa’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies discovered TB145 on 10 October & announced it to the public this week. The asteroid will make its closest approach on 31 October at about 1.05pm ET (5.05pm GMT). Nasa estimates that no similar object will make a comparable approach until 2027.

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - Could it just be a bizarre co-incidence ?? . . or . . is it a ominous warning from God Himself ?? Within ' only days ' of being discovered , this new mysterious asteroid ~ the size of a skyscraper ~ will buzz the earth exactly at the time many Western nations are celebrating ' Halloween '.

We know the LORD Himself controls the heavens & all the celestial orbs in their movements, so is it possible this asteroid is not simply a random event, but a heavenly sign ??

' Halloween ' is a yearly celebration observed in many Western Christian & even non-Christian countries. It is held each year on the 31st October. The word " Halloween " means ' hallowed evening ' or ' holy evening ' as it is held on the eve of the Christian feast of ' All Hallows Day ' which is a festival dedicated to the remembering of the dead ( including saints , martyrs & all the faithful departed ' believers ' ). While it is argued that Halloween has Christians origins , Celtic folklore & pagan origins also feature heavily. Moreover Halloween these days is little more than frivilous commercial & secular celebration , largely & morbidly fixated on death , the not-quite dead , the maimed & general fantasy role-playing. It is utterly devoid of any connection with the Bible & emblematic of how far ' man ' has removed himself from God's ways.

Also most interesting , the report above compares this ' Halloween Asteroid ' TB-145 to the widely-filmed apocalyptic ' Russian Meteor ' that struck Chelybinsk in February 2013. Given the ' spooky ' timing of this asteroid's fly-by , could these 2 meteor events be linked & be a pre-cursor events soon to come ??

Consider for a moment . . .


The 2013 Russian Meteor that blazed across Chelybinsk was an amazing event , unprecedented & apocalyptic in every sense. The many stunning facts surrounding the Russian meteor ' humanly speaking ' were inexplicable . . . leaving NO DOUBT as to it's divine origin !! It occurred on the exact same day as the ' closest E-V-E-R ' recorded asteroid fly-by , blind-siding astronomers world-wide ; it injured over 1,500 people , yet mercifully killed no one-one ( what are the odds ?? ). It appeared exactly at sunrise ( ' out of the east ' ) & flew due-West. Most significantly , the catastrophic damage wreaked by the meteor didn't come until ' 3 minutes after ' the meteor passed , with the destructive shock-wave. Could that 3 minute lapse be a warning , perhaps 3 minutes a symbol of sudden destruction to come . . . 3 years later ?!?!?

In the aftermath of this unprecedented event , ProphecyNewsDesk produced a dramatic video ( see below ) , which examined the incredible circumstances & facts surrounding this apocalyptic event & explained the prophetic importance it would have on coming world events. In the 3 years since this video was posted , we've seen the Middle East descend into chaos , the rise of ISIS death-cult , the emergence of Iran as a nuclear thresh-hold state & an aggressive Russia ( blind-side the West ) & sweep down into the Middle East . . . exactly as foretold in this Bible Prophecy video !!! . . . We are on the verge of cataclysmic events foretold in God's Word !!!

NOW , within just a few months of the ' 3rd anniversary ' of the Russian meteor event , we see a fearful convergence of geo-political & natural events that are shocking the world. Is it just a ' co-incidence ' that now in the aftermath of this stunning array of world events ( since the Chelyabinsk Meteor ) this new asteroid will fly-by earth precisely ' on Halloween ' a unholy & idolatrous festival that celebrates zombies & death ?? All at the very time Russia & Iran are deepening their political & military ties & tightening their choke-hold in the Middle East. Catastrophic events ARE COMING . . . & all described in detail in God's Word. Please watch the stunning video below to it's ' explosive conclusion ' . . . you will be convinced !!!

DANIEL 2 v 28 - " But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets & maketh known . . . what shall be in the ' latter days '. . . . v44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up ' a kingdom ' which shall ' never be destroyed ' : the kingdom shall not be left to other people , but it shall break in pieces & consume all these kingdoms , & it shall stand for ever . . .

v45 Forasmuch as thou sawest that ' the stone ' ( Lord Jesus Christ ) was cut out of the mountain without hands & that it brake in pieces the iron , the brass , the clay , the silver & the gold ; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter "

( Please read Daniel Chapter 2 for a full picture )

FEATURE VIDEO : ( absolutely ' must watch ' !!! )


Russian Meteor foreshadowed in Bible Prophecy

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