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RUSSIAN NUKE THREAT TO U.S : Fears of new Cold War arms race

EUROPE - Reports that America is upgrading its nuclear arsenal in Germany prompts threat of retaliation. Russia has threatened to take “ countermeasures ” if the United States goes ahead with the deployment of a new type of nuclear weapon to bases in Germany, raising fears of a return to a Cold War style arms race in Europe. The Kremlin said plans reported by German media for the US to upgrade its nuclear weapons arsenal in the country would be “ a serious step towards raising tension ” in Europe. “ Unfortunately, in the case of these plans - and we can say with certainty that they are moving towards realisation - this can lead to a violation of the strategic balance in Europe,” said Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman. “ Therefore, of course, that would require Russia to take counter-steps and countermeasures to restore balance and parity,” he added.

NEWS REPORT : Daily Telegraph ( September 23 , 2015 )

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - As well as tensions between Russia and America over Syria they are also taking place between Russia and America in Europe. The deployment of new US nuclear weapons in Europe was supposed to be secret, but details appear to have been leaked in recent weeks. The US is planning to replace 20 nuclear weapons deployed at Büchel airbase in western Germany with a more modern variant, according to details first reported by ZDF television. The new version of the weapon is more accurate and less destructive. They can also be fired as missiles, while the older version had to be dropped from aircraft. It has led some to think that governments may be less cautious about using them due their lower power. They are “ tactical ” nuclear weapons. The world is speeding towards war – but Christ will probably return before Armageddon begins - not to prevent or intervene in this apocalyptic conflict - but to collect His faithful followers.

ZECHARIAH 14 v 12 - And this shall be ' the plague ' wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem ; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth. " It is possible that nuclear weapons are used and cause the ' plague ' mentioned here

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