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WORLD'S JEWISH POPULATION : Nearing pre-Holocaust levels

ISRAEL - The world's Jewish population has grown to be nearly as large as it was before the Holocaust, according to an Israeli think tank. The Jewish People Policy Institute said there were currently 14.2 million Jews in the world. When factoring in individuals with one Jewish parent & others who identify as part Jewish, the figure approaches 16.5 million - the Jewish population on the eve of the Second World War. The Nazis & their collaborators killed about 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. The report said the rise has been due in part to natural growth , mainly in Israel , which has about 6.1 million Jews & one of the Western world's highest fertility rates. The United States has the world's second largest Jewish population , at 5.7 million. France is a distant third with about 475,000 Jews, followed by Canada.

NEWS REPORT : Daily Telegraph ( July 2 , 2015 )

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - It is amazing to think that it has taken 70 years for the population of the Jews in the world to get back to where they were before the Second World War. Over 6 million were killed. It is difficult to comprehend the number & the atrocity. But here we are with numbers almost the same again but we stand again with a new holocaust on the horizon. We know from Bible Prophecy that there is another great time of trouble coming on Israel. Initially with the neighbours of Israel who attack to destroy them. Israel wins but is left weakened. Russia & Iran then sweep into the void & this time Israel is overpowered & Jerusalem is lost. Two thirds living in Israel are killed ( Zechariah 13 v 8-9 ). It’s another holocaust. But when all seems lost , Christ returns with the saints ( who have been ' judged & glorified ' by this point ) to save the remnant of the Jewish people & establish the kingdom centred in Israel with its capital as Jerusalem. Let us pray for the ' peace ' of Jerusalem

ZECHARIAH 13 v 8-9 - And it shall come to pass , that in all the land ( Israel ) , saith the LORD , ' two parts ' therein shall be ' cut off & die ' ; but ' the third ' shall be left therein. And I will bring ' the third ' part through the fire & will ' refine them ' as silver is refined & will ' try them ' as gold is tried : they shall call on my name & I will hear them : I will say , It is my people : & they shall say , The LORD is my God.

PSALM 122 v 6-7 - ' Pray for the peace of Jerusalem ' : they shall prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls & prosperity within thy palaces.

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