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PUTIN: GOD MADE ME PERFECT ! Never made mistakes, no regrets

ROME - His relations with the West have hit another low but Vladimir Putin isn’t letting that spoil his mood. To the contrary, the Russian President says God has blessed him with " perfect judgment " & he has a clean conscience. In a bizarre interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera to coincide with his private meeting at the Vatican with the Pope, Putin said he did not regret any decisions he had made in his life. “ I will be quite frank with you. I cannot recollect anything of the kind ” he said when asked if he had any regrets. “ By the grace of God, I have nothing to regret in my life.” Putin said God had “ clearly ” built his life “ in a way that I won’t have anything to regret.” It was a whirlwind visit to Rome for Putin , who was 90 minutes late to his meeting with the Pope after flying from Milan. During the meeting , Pope Francis urged the Russian President to engage in “ sincere ” international efforts aimed at bringing peace to Ukraine. While Francis has deplored the loss of life in Ukraine & called on all sides to respect what has proven to be a shaky cease-fire , he hasn’t publicly put any blame on Russia in an apparent bid not to upset the Catholic Church’s often thorny relations with the Orthodox Church in Russia, where Catholics are a tiny minority. The pontiff presented Putin with a ' medallion ' depicting an “ angel of peace ” who, Francis told the Russian, “ conquers all wars & evokes the solidarity among peoples.”

FULL REPORT : ( June 11 , 2015 )

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - Can there be any doubt ?? This is the man . . . the end-time ' Gog ' !!! Foreshadowed over two millenia ago when God through his prophet Ezekiel said " Art thou he, of whom I have spoken in old time by my servants the prophets of Israel , which prophesied in those days many years that I would bring thee ( ' Gog ' ) against them ( Israel ) ? "

This was an eye-opening interview , a window into the mind & ego of an emerging global tyrant. On display was ' supreme arrogance ' & ' unbridled self-righteousness ' . . . a man , in whom we see the very epitome of human pride & unconstrained ambition , who sees himself in a messianic light. Vladimir Putin openly decares he has ' never ' made a mistake & deflects any personal responsibility for atrocities he has caused. Though a brutal & corrupt dictator , he proudly claims his life & judgment are ' perfect ' accrediting this to a direct blessing from God. In a sense he is actually correct. God's Hand has been behind his remarkable ascension to power. He is a man raised for a purpose !!! He has been appointed to be an instrument of the Lord , a " weapon of His indignation " to ultimately bring to pass the coming ' day of Jacob's trouble ' ; to humble His wayward people Israel & in the time of their desperate need , cause them to turn to the Lord & acknowledge the Holy One of Israel as their God.

The strange irony behind the Pope Francis' gift to Putin . . . a medallion depicting an " angel of peace " that " conquers all wars " ?? The prophet Daniel vividly described this all-conquering latter-day king Vladimir Putin , who will indeed sweep all before him in conquest , not as " angel of peace " but rather one of unprecedented death & destruction , that is until his ' final fateful war ' against the ' true ' King of Kings , the Lord Jesus Christ. All these events faithfully revealed to us ( a-fore-time ) by the prophet Daniel . . .

DANIEL 8 v 23-24 - In the ' latter time ' of their ( man's ) kingdom , when the transgressors are come to the full , a king of ' fierce countenance ' ( Russian ' Gog ' ) understanding ' dark sentences ' ( ex-KGB Chief ) , shall stand up. And ' his power shall be mighty ' but not by his own power & he shall destroy wonderfully & shall prosper & practise & shall destroy the mighty & the holy people ( Israel ) . . . . And through ' his policy ' also he shall cause ' craft ' ( deceit ) to prosper in his hand ; & he shall ' magnify himself ' in his heart & ' by peace ' shall destroy many : he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes ( Christ ) ; but he shall be broken ' without hand '.

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