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IS A US-CHINA WAR COMING ?? South China Sea tensions boiling

ASIA - China’s armed forces are to extend their operations & its air force will become an offensive as well as defensive force for the first time , in a major shift in policy that will strengthen fears of accidental conflict. A policy document by the state council, or cabinet, said China faced a “ grave & complex array of security threats ”, justifying the change. The People’s Liberation Army, including its navy and air force, will be allowed to “ project power ” further beyond its borders at sea and more assertively in the air in order to safeguard its maritime possessions, the white paper stated. The navy will add “ open seas protection ” to a traditional remit of “ offshore waters defence ”, it said. The posture risks escalating the tension over disputed islands in the South China Sea and elsewhere in the Pacific, where the United States is determined to protect the interests of allies like Taiwan and the Philippines. Only last week, a US aircraft ignored repeated warnings from the Chinese military to fly a reconnaissance mission over the islands.

NEWS REPORT : Daily Telegraph

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - Not only do we have tension between America & Russia over eastern Europe we also see tensions rising between America & China. China of course from an ideological point of view is an off shoot of Russia. It has the same totalitarian, authoritarian, communistic way of thinking. It is also highly militarised & is also like Russia looking to expand its influence & take on the United States. Russia & China are often in step together & make similar anti Western noises. China is now covering coral reefs in the South Pacific with enormous quantities of sand & then concreting over it & making airstrips ! There is increased likelihood of conflict in this region over these events. WW3 might well envelop more than the Middle East.

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