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THE FALL OF RAMADI TO ISIS : Iraqi army flees without a fight

WASHINGTON - Iraqi security forces ' fled ' Ramadi without putting up a fight, despite holding as much as a 10-to-1 advantage over Islamic State militants, according to two senior U.S. defense officials. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to discuss key details of the battle, said the primary blame in Ramadi rested with Iraqi security forces. In the days leading up to its fall, a combination of spectacular car bomb attacks, the ambush of an Iraq army patrol & marginal weather spooked the Iraqi forces. The trigger may have been a minor sandstorm that prompted Iraqi commanders to believe that U.S. warplanes would not be able to bomb Islamic State targets. Iraqi commandos, soldiers & police officers panicked when they thought they wouldn't be protected by U.S. warplanes, one official said, & abandoned their posts. They left behind U.S.-supplied vehicles & weapons, which are now in the hands of the militants. The fall of Ramadi last weekend, coming just days after the Pentagon declared Iraqi forces in control & holding much of the western Iraqi city, came as a major blow to the U.S. strategy to train & assist local forces in the fight against extremists from the Islamic State , also known as ISIS or ISIL. The hasty retreat prompted Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to tell reporters that Iraqi security forces " drove out of Ramadi " but weren't driven from it by the militants. PROPHECY INSIGHTS - The fall of Iraq's city of Ramadi is a major development. The ISIS rampage across Syria & Iraq has now come to the very doorstep of the capital Baghdad. Yet incredibly , the city was actually surrendered & all it's defenseless citizens abandoned as the Iraqi soldiers fled in fear , despite ' vastly outnumbering ' their ISIS foes. It is not the first time Iraqi soldiers have dropped their weapons & run away. In Mosul last year some 30,000 Iraqi troops - in the face of just ' a few hundred ' ISIS militants - threw off their uniforms , abandoned their weapons & vehicles & fled. This cowardice & inability to fight will remain , as foretold over 2,000 years ago in God's Word.

The prophet Jeremiah in Ch's 50 & 51 speaks of a coming end-time conflict , as foreign nations principally led by Iran ( ' Medes ' ) wreak death & destruction across Iraq ( ancient area of Babylon ). The fall of Ramadi is an ominous pre-cursor to this ' Sunni-Shia bloodbath ' soon to engulf the region. The recent reports of Iraq's soldiers ' fleeing ' is a feature of Jeremiah's prophecy that describes this Iraqi ' unwillingness to fight ' , stating they " became as women ". While Iranian-backed militias are presently assisting in the fight against ISIS , scripture makes clear , when the Ayatollah's in Tehran give the order , Iran's attack on Iraq will be massive & brutal . . . causing all Iraq's fighters ( Govt. & ISIS ) to flee in panic & fearfulness. Please read Jeremiah Ch's 50 & 51 for yourself.

JEREMIAH 51 v 28-30 - Prepare against her ( Babylon / Iraq ) the nations , with the ' kings of the Medes ' ( Iran ) the captains thereof & all the rulers thereof & all the land of his dominion. And the land shall tremble & sorrow : for every purpose of the LORD shall be performed against Babylon , to make the land of Babylon ' a desolation ' without an inhabitant. The ' mighty men ' of Babylon have forborn to fight , they have remained in their holds : their might hath failed ; they became ' as women '. v 47-48 - Behold , the days come , that I will do judgment upon the ' graven images ' of Babylon ( Iraq ) & her whole land shall be ' confounded ' & all her slain shall fall in the midst of her. Then the heaven & the earth & all that is therein , shall sing for Babylon ( Iraq ) : for ' the spoilers ' ( Iran / Russia ) shall come unto her ' from the north ', saith the LORD. FEATURE VIDEO :


Prophetic ' sign-post ' to coming destruction

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