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ITALIAN FM : WE NEED RUSSIA !! End-time alliance moves closer

ROME - Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni has said “ Italy can’t afford to close the doors to Russia ” & “ can’t cut ties ” with Moscow. His statements come just days after Italian officials postulated that the sanctions against Russia may be lifted. “ Italy can’t afford to close the doors to Russia. At the moment of the situation in Ukraine, we imposed sanctions on the government of Moscow, but we can’t cut ties ” Gentiloni told La Stampa newspaper in an interview. Over the past year, Italian media published articles about the economic impact sanctions had on the country’s economy, with trade turnover falling by 17 percent & the Italian economy losing 5.3 billion euros. Gentiloni added that Russia plays a major role in resolving world crises & he hopes Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit the Italian exhibition “ Expo-2015 ” & meet with the Italian premier, Matteo Renzi. The latest interview follows a recent statement by Federico Eichberg, the Head of a Task Force on Foreign Investments at the Ministry of Economic Development, who said that Italy wouldn’t support the continuation of sanctions against Russia. “ Italy has made it clear since February that the Council of Ministers will not vote for the extension of sanctions ” Eichberg said at an Italian business conference in Milan last week. NEWS REPORT :

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - The West's ' sanctions regime ' is falling apart. The moral rectitude of the Western nations is being under-cut by economic reality. International outrage against Russia's invasion & annexation of Ukraine territories is subsiding as the nations themselves feel the pain associated with the sanctions. Across the E.U , nations & whole industries are wilting & openly questioning the sanctions. Even the EU's economic powerhouse Germany , now has over 600 major corporations protesting the sanctions. But the anti-sanction sentiment is nowhere more evident than in Italy , an E.U. nation plagued by years of economic mis-management. In recent weeks , Italian officials have increasingly denounced the anti-Russian sanctions , culminating in the Italian Foreign Minister calling them " counter-productive " & " not a solution ".

This Italian pivot back to Russia is the ' economic & political ' reality , but it is also mirrored by the ' religious & diplomatic ' . . . & all foretold in Bible Prophecy. As the world watches the meteoric rise to power & influence by both Pope Francis & Vladimir Putin , we will see the Vatican increasingly aligning itself with a resurgent Russia. The prophet Ezekiel foresaw this latter-day development , describing how the ' Vine ' ( Roman Church ) seeks out & engratiates itself to the ' Great Eagle ' ( Russia ). The Vatican , in its push for ' one universal religion ' under the leadership of the Papacy , is already well advanced in its push to re-unite the Catholic Church with the Russian Orthodox Church. Added to this , the recent emergence of the ISIS threat for Rome & Moscow , will also be a catalyst for expanded co-operation & a pretext for their coming intrusion into the Middle East & the Holy Land. However the same prophecy also speaks of the demise of the Roman ' Vine ' as it is uprooted & destroyed at the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ ( ' East Wind ' ).

Ezekiel 17 v 7-10 - There was also another ' great eagle ' ( Russia ) with great wings & many feathers & behold ' this vine ' ( Vatican / Papacy ) did bend her roots toward him ( Russian Gog / Putin ) & shot forth her branches toward him , that he might water it by the furrows of her plantation. It ( Vatican / Papacy ) was planted in a good soil by ' great waters ' ( Mediterranean Sea ) that it might bring forth branches & that it might bear fruit , that it might be a ' goodly vine ' . . . . Thus saith the Lord GOD ; Shall it prosper ? shall he not pull up the roots thereof & cut off the fruit thereof , that it wither ? It shall wither in all the leaves of her spring , even without great power or many people to pluck it up by the roots thereof. Yea , behold , being planted , shall it prosper ? shall it not utterly wither , when the ' east wind ' ( Christ & His saints ) toucheth it ? It shall wither in the furrows where it grew.

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