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RUSSIA'S WAR AGAINST ISIS : Pre-cursor to end-time invasion

MOSCOW - Russia is arming Iraq & Syria to help them fight Islamic State, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday, calling the radical militant group the main threat to his own country's security. " Islamic State is our main enemy at the moment. If only because hundreds of Russian citizens, hundreds of Europeans, hundreds of Americans fight alongside IS," he said in an interview with three radio stations. "They are already coming back... and to enjoy themselves could stage vile acts at home." Russia has criticized air strikes by a U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State positions in Syria & Iraq & encouraged Washington to work with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the battle against IS. " We are helping both Iraq and Syria, possibly more effectively than anyone else, by providing weapons to their armies & security forces," Lavrov said, without giving details of the weapons. Moscow faces an Islamist insurgency in the mainly Muslim North Caucasus region & President Vladimir Putin has warned that other countries could use radical Islam to try to weaken Russia. Ties between Moscow & the West are at their lowest point in decades over the crisis in Ukraine . . . NEWS REPORT : Reuters

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - Russia is already deeply involved in the Middle East. By it's own admission ( in the above Reuters news report ) it has been supplying weapons to both Iraq & Syria in the battle against the radical Islamic State ( ISIS ) terror group. Russia views the rise of these Islamist extremists as a threat to Russia's own stability & geo-political interests. But Bible Prophecy clearly reveals this weapons supply will prove insufficient . . . & will soon lead to a full-blown invasion of Iraq ( & the wider Middle East ) by Russia.

The prophecy of Jeremiah ( Chapter 50 ) not only provides precise details of the sequence of these coming events , but even starts by encouraging the reader , to go out & declare these ensuing events - such is the certainty their coming fulfilment. In verses 2 & 3 this ancient prophecy details the ' destruction & desecration ' of the ancient Babylonian gods & idols ~ exactly as we have witnessed in 2015 ~ by the marauding bands of ISIS extremists. Immediately after this destruction , this bible prophecy clearly speaks of a coming ' apocalyptic ' invasion of Babylon ( Iraq ) by great nations ' from the north ' principally led by Russia & Iran. If the reader doubts this prophecy relates to our time , verse 44 of the very same chapter speaks unmistakably of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. The end of all things is nigh at hand !!

JEREMIAH 50 v2-3 - Declare ye among the nations & publish , set up a standard ; publish & conceal not . . . . say , Babylon ( Iraq ) is taken , 'Bel' ( false god ) is confounded , 'Merodach' ( false god ) is broken in pieces ; ' her idols ' are confounded , ' her images ' are broken in pieces . . . For ' out of the north ' there cometh up a nation ( Russia ) against her , which shall make her land desolate & none shall dwell therein : they shall remove , they shall depart , both man & beast. v9 For , lo , I will raise & cause to come up against Babylon ( Iraq ) an ' assembly of great nations ' ( Russia / Iran etc. ) ' from the north country ' : & they shall set themselves in array against her ; from thence she shall be taken : their ' arrows ' ( missiles ) shall be as of a mighty expert man ; none shall return in vain. FEATURE VIDEO : Must see !!

ISIS . . . Proof of Christ's Return !!!

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