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ISRAEL TAUNTS RUSSIAN BEAR : Putin warns on lethal aid to Kiev

JERUSALEM - Russian President Vladimir Putin raised concerns Saturday about Israeli plans to give lethal aid to Ukraine. In an appearance on a Russian TV show , he contended giving the Ukrainian military weapons to fight pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine will increase the death toll & further undermine the Minsk II agreement. " It’s the choice of the Israeli leadership. They are entitled to do what they deem expedient " the Russian president said. " I think it’s counterproductive if the talk is about lethal weapons because it will only lead to an additional coil of confrontation , an increase in human victims & the result will be just the same.” Israel’s plans come a week after Russia decided to supply Iran with an advanced missile defense system, also known as the S-300, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said would further destabilize the Middle East. This was despite repeated claims by Russian officials the S-300 was for protection. Putin reiterated those claims Saturday, saying it was a “ purely defensive weapon ” & does “ not undermine Israel’s defense capacity in any way .” Russia supplied Iran with the system after the Middle East country came to an interim agreement with six world powers over its controversial nuclear program. The West had contended Iran planned to build nuclear weapons while Tehran maintained its program was for peaceful purposes only. Iran hopes the deal, which is to be finalized by June 30, will lead to an end of sanctions . . . allowing it to rejoin global financial markets & import & export goods. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the sale of the weapons system was a ' goodwill gesture ' rewarding Iran’s progress in the talks.

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - Israel is sticking a finger in Vladimir Putin's eye !!! Following Putin's decision to supply Iran with Russia's sophisticated S-300 anti-aircraft missile system , Israel is retaliating by an open threat to supply the embattled Ukraine military with weapon systems to counter the advances by Russian-backed rebels. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu knows it is a provocative move against Putin's interests in the Ukraine , but one which is calculated ( & hoped ) to change Russia's decision to supply Iran with the S-300 missiles. Israel's threat will prove to be a grave mistake !!! The report above conveys Putin's reaction ( to Israel's provocative threat ) as calm & even , philosophical , it belies the fury that would be coursing through the Russian President's veins , as tiny Israel presumes to interfere with Putin's grand designs on eastern Ukraine , which he considers to be the ' crown jewel ' of his vision of ' New Russia '.

While Mr. Putin claims the S-300 is " purely a defensive weapon ” that does “ not undermine Israel’s defense capacity ” he knows this is not true. Putin knows this missile system all but innoculates Iran's clandestine nuclear program from any pre-emptive strikes by Israeli jets. The S-300's will clear the way for Iran to complete their drive to attain nuclear warheads & deliver on their long-stated promise to exterminate the Jewish nation. In the mean-time Vladimir Putin will ' long remember ' Israel's foolish threat to interfere with his Ukrainian mission. The day is fast approaching when he will turn his ambition & brutality toward the Middle East . . . & to God's people , Israel.

Jeremiah 4 v 5-6 - Declare ye in Judah & publish in Jerusalem ; & say , Blow ye the trumpet in the land : cry , gather together & say , Assemble yourselves & let us go into the ' defenced cities '. Set up the standard toward Zion : retire , stay not : for I will bring ' evil ' from the north & a great destruction . . . v8 The lion ( Russia ) is come up from his thicket & the ' destroyer of the Gentiles ' is on his way ; he is gone forth from his place to make thy land ( Israel ) desolate & thy cities shall be laid waste , without an inhabitant . . . v9 And it shall come to pass at THAT DAY, saith the LORD, that the ' heart of the king ' shall perish & the heart of the princes & the priests shall be astonished & the prophets shall wonder.

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