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IN RUSSIA'S CROSS-HAIRS ?? Will 'Georgia' be Putin's next victim ?

MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin has been organizing so many military exercises in so many parts of the Russian Federation a process that has required Moscow to shift units from one area to another that it is virtually impossible to say just where he intends to use military force next. But there is one possible clue. A recent article on the Kavkazskaya Politika website ( suggested that Moscow is preparing for a new war in the Caucasus against a country pursuing membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Moscow is not just strengthening forces in the North Caucasus in line with its general program of re-armament & militarization of the country as a whole, but that the Kremlin is putting itself in a position to be able to, at a minimum, threaten new military action and, quite probably, to attack one of more of Russia's neighbours in the Caucasus.

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - Russia is strengthening its forces in the North Caucasus in line with its general program of re-armament & militarization of the country as a whole. This region is very interesting. When you look at a map & work out the route Russia will take when it comes down to Israel it will definitely come through Georgia. There is almost a land bridge between the Black Sea & the Caspian Sea. So with reports of Russia building up military equipment just north of Georgia we can see preparation being put in place to swoop down. Putin of course has attacked Georgia before. Back in 2008 Russia invaded South Ossetia (a region inside Georgia) & effectively annexed the region for the separatists that wanted to breakaway from Georgia. Russia then recognised South Ossetia as a separate country on 26th August 2008. But this was just a pause … a little insight back then into Putin & what he would do. He will descend down to Israel . . .

EZEKIEL 38 v3-8 - And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD ; Behold , I am against thee , O Gog ( Russian leader ) , the chief prince of Meshech & Tubal : And I will turn thee back & put hooks into thy jaws & I will bring thee forth & all thine army , horses & horsemen , all of them clothed with all sorts of armour , even a great company with bucklers & shields , all of them handling swords . . . in ' the latter years ' thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword & is gathered out of many people , against the mountains of Israel

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