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FEARS MOUNT OF EU 'GREXIT' : Beginning of the end for EU ?

EUROPE - A disorderly Greek exit from the eurozone would mark " beginning of the end " for the currency union & spark a dangerous domino effect of market contagion across the continent, according to the EU's top finance commissioner. Seeking to soothe talk of an " accidental " Grexit, Pierre Moscovici said any move to eject Greece from the bloc " would be a catastrophe - for the Greek economy, but also for the eurozone as a whole ” " If one country leaves this (monetary) union, the markets will immediately ask which country is next & that could be the beginning of the end " the former French finance minister told Der Spiegel magazine. Mr Moscovici's comments come after days of fractious exchanges between Greece & its international creditors. PROPHECY INSIGHTS - Europe is not quite at the stage pictured in Revelation 17 yet. Revelation 17 tells of a beast that comes out of the bottomless pit. So in other words the beast disappeared into a black hole but then reappears again. The beast was originally the Roman Empire. But it then morphed into the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire was an Empire encompassing Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands & parts of Northern Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland & France. Notice no Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Britain etc. In fact if you remove Switzerland (who are not in the Euro) you have 10 nations. If Greece does exit the Euro we may well see a core group of 10 nations forge ahead - giving up their power & strength to a true political & religious union. This will be the point when the beast ascends out of the bottomless pit – this single block make war on Christ & saints. REVELATION 17 v 12-14 - And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet ; but receive power as kings one hour with ' the beast '. These have one mind & shall give their power & strength unto ' the beast '. These shall make war with the Lamb,( Lord Jesus Christ ) & the Lamb shall overcome them : for he is Lord of lords & King of kings:

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