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IS IT THE END OF THE WORLD ?? Giant craters appearing in Russia

RUSSIA - Yet another sign ?!? Massive & unexplained craters are mysteriously appearing in Russia. Despite scientists' best efforts , no-one has been able to offer any conclusive explanation for these baffling events. It continues an increasing worldwide phenomena of mysterious & seemingly bottomless craters appearing & terrifying locals. Three of the most stunning events being the March 2013 sinkhole in Florida which swallowed a man sleeping in his bed , the February 2014 sinkhole under the US National Corvette Museum that swallowed eight prestige sports cars & the April 2014 sinkhole in Baltimore that swallowed up almost an entire street & dozens of vehicles.

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - In scripture the earth opening up & swallowing people ( or objects ) is a symbol of ' divine judgment ' of the wicked & ungodly. So just ' what are the chances ' in a vast nation the size of the United States of America , a ' freak ' sinkhole opens up right under the U.S ' National ' Corvette Museum dedicated to arguably the most revered & idolised ' muscle car ' on the planet ?? In an age when mankind is consumed by ' materialism ' & the worship of ' the work of man's hands ' ( almost to the total exclusion of God ) was this a message from above , warning of ' coming judgment ' on mankind & his materialistic idolatry ?? Eight rare Corvette sportscars were devoured by the 40 ft sinkhole. Interestingly , in the Bible record the number ' 8 ' represents ' change -or- a new beginning '. Could this disaster at the ' altar of man's worship ' signal God's judgment & his coming kingdom. Similarly , with the more recent giant Russian sinkholes , is it merely co-incidence these apocalyptic craters have appeared in a locality actually known as ' the End of the World ' ?? & that it will be ' Russia ' that will be the nation whom Christ destroys upon the mountains of Israel at His return ?? MUST SEE >>> NEWS REPORT : CNN ( Video Report ) Numbers 16v30 - But if the LORD make a new thing & the earth open her mouth & swallow them up , with all that appertain unto them , & they go down quick into the pit ; then ye shall understand that these men have provoked the LORD. Deuteronomy 11 v 6-9 : . . . how the earth opened her mouth & swallowed them up & their households & their tents & all the substance that was in their possession , in the midst of all Israel : But your eyes have seen all the great acts of the LORD which he did. Therefore shall ye keep all the commandments which I command you this day , that ye may be strong & go in & possess ' the land ' ( God'sKingdom ) , whither ye go to possess it.

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