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RUSSIAN ARMY PREPARES !!! : Putin's large-scale military drills

MOSCOW - Russia's Defence Ministry said on Thursday that large-scale military exercises had started in southern Russia and in disputed territories on Russia's borders. The exercises involve over 2,000 anti-aircraft troops and 500 items of weaponry and will last until April 10, Interfax news agency reported. The Defence Ministry said the exercises were taking place in Russia's Southern and North Caucasus Federal Districts, as well as on Russian military bases in Armenia, the Georgian separatist regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and Ukraine's Crimea region, which Moscow annexed last year. They are likely to be viewed in the West as a show of force as relations between Russia and the West are at their most strained since the Cold War because of the Ukraine crisis.


PROPHECY INSIGHTS - With so much happening on Russia's western border we might have expected Russia to scale back from it’s other southern borders. The opposite is true though. Russia is acting aggressively on all it’s borders –especially the south. The report above shows Russia now conducting large scale military exercises in the region of Georgia and South Ossetia. Russia annexed areas in this area – a bit like it did with Crimea. The message to the West is that Russia is seeking to control all areas that are what it deems to be in its influence of control.

We know that Russia will descend south and come through Georgia and then through Turkey. As Russia builds up forces in the south we can see them preparing for this event. There is increasing concern there could be fighting soon in the ex USSR Baltic states. Lithuania one of these countries announced it is reintroducing conscription over concerns with aggressive Russian behaviour. The president of Lithuania said they are already under attack by Russia…

JEREMIAH 4 v 6-7 - I will bring evil ' from the north ' & a great destruction. The lion ( Russia ) is come up from his thicket & the ' destroyer of the Gentiles ' is on his way ; he is gone forth from his place to make thy land ( Israel ) desolate ; & thy cities shall be laid waste , without an inhabitant. v16 Make ye mention ' to the nations ' ; behold , publish against Jerusalem , that watchers come from a far country, & give out their voice against the cities of Judah ( Israel ).

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