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BRUTAL DEATH OF PUTIN CRITIC: Warning of coming global tyrant

MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin vowed to punish the killers of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov as Russian opposition figures denounced what they called a ‘political murder’ and Western leaders called for a full probe. The 55-year-old former deputy premier, a vocal Putin critic prominent at opposition rallies, was shot in the back several times just before midnight Friday as he walked across a bridge a stone’s throw from the Kremlin walls. The brazen assassination is the latest in a string of murders of opposition figures in Putin’s 15 years in power and recalls the shooting of anti-Kremlin reporter Anna Politkovskaya, gunned down on Putin’s birthday in October 2006. Allies of Nemtsov, a longtime anti-corruption crusader who served as deputy premier under Boris Yeltsin, linked his death to his opposition to the Kremlin’s policies. PROPHECY INSIGHTS - Yet another critic of Putin is killed by ' assassins '. The list of all Putin’s opponents who have been murdered is astounding. Everytime Putin blames with West on killing them because he says they want to make it look like he (Putin) had done it!! There are some truly chilling books written about Putin that make your blood run cold. Putin is utterly ruthless and nothing and no one stands in his way. He operates completely above and outside the law. Boris Nemtsov (who was Jewish) was about to publish a report on Putin’s involvement in Ukraine. He was an open opponent of Putin who was gunned down right outside the Kremlin. Tens of thousands took to the streets in support of Nemtsov but we know it will come to nothing. Putin is the latter day Gog, king of the north and has a role to play in the future – the invasion of the Middle East and Israel… Daniel 8v23-25 - In the ' latter time ' ... ' A KING ' of fierce countenance , understanding dark sentences ( ex-KGB Chief ) shall stand up & his power shall be mighty but not by his own power & he shall destroy wonderfully & shall prosper & practise & shall destroy ' the mighty ' ( USA ?? ) & ' the holy people ' ( Israel ) & thro' his policy he shall cause craft ( ' deceit ' ) to prosper in his hand & he shall magnify himself in his heart & ' BY PEACE ' shall destroy many . . . he shall also stand up against the ' Prince of princes ' ( Lord Jesus Christ ) . .

Amazingly , we can actually know in detail Vladimir Putin's dark future & the catastrophic world events he will soon unleash that will leave the world reeling & in turmoil. God's Word in many clear references describes the coming conquests of this latter-day global dictator. ProphecyNewsDesk has laid out this stunning array of Bible proofs in a video ( Putin's End-Game revealed in Bible Prophecy ) that provides a comprehensive event-by-event insight into Vladimir Putin's future exploits before his ultimate destruction at the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please watch this video to the end to understand these events before they unfold.


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