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PUTIN 'INFILTRATES' E.U BLOC : Russian naval bases in Cyprus

CYPRUS - Russia has gained a military foothold in Europe after Vladimir Putin signed a controversial deal with Cyprus to dock warships there. British MPs said Nicosia’s decision to let the Russian navy, including heavily armed frigates, use its ports for counter-terrorism & anti-piracy was ‘ worrying & disappointing ’. Cyprus , an EU member, thrashed out the agreement despite already hosting two British military bases & 3,200 troops. President Putin insisted the deal ‘ should not cause worries anywhere ’. But Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, who was visiting Moscow, hinted Russian warplanes could also be allowed to use a military airbase in Paphos, on the south-west coast of the island. A senior British Army officer said: ‘ This will be watched closely by London. We know Russia has long coveted a naval base in Cyprus. This is another sign we are creeping back into a new Cold War.’


PROPHECY INSIGHTS - This is a significant event in Bible Prophecy. Russia is moving into the territory of the ' king of the south ' ( Britain ). Cyprus has long been linked with Britain. Cyprus is Kittim or Chittim in the Bible. It is only mentioned 8 times. The Bible shows that Britain & Cyprus are very close. 3 times Cyprus is mentioned with Tarshish ( Britain ). In Daniel 11v30 Cyprus is mentioned sending ships against the ' king of the north '. In other words Cyprus was supporting the ' king of the south '.

In Isaiah 23v1 we read of the ships of ancient Tarshish being based in Chittim. Even now Britain has two sovereign bases in Cyprus with 3200 troops based there. Britain is also using Cyprus as a base to launch attacks on ISIS in Iraq. And so Russia arriving with ships into Cyprus will be deeply concerning for Britain. It is a step towards Russia entering the Middle East. We know that Russia will come with “ many ships ”. We are watching the king of the north v king of the south . . . in Cyprus !

Numbers 24v24 - And ships shall come from the coast of Chittim ( Cyprus ) & shall afflict Asshur ( Syria ) & shall afflict Eber, & he also shall perish for ever. ( This prophecy in Numbers has a ' latter day ' fulfillment. Asshur & Eber are territories currently occupied by ISIS. Britain is attacking ISIS from Cyprus ! )

Daniel 11v40-41 - At the ' time of the end ' shall the ' king of the south ' ( Britain ) push at him : & the ' king of the north ' ( Russia ) shall come against him like a whirlwind , with chariots & with horsemen & with ' many ships ' & he shall enter into the countries & shall overflow & pass over . . . He shall enter also into the ' glorious land ' ( Israel ) & many countries shall be overthrown

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