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SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS ABOVE : Solar eclipse warns of judgment

BRITAIN - Power supplies could drop suddenly next month when the UK is plunged into darkness with an eclipse of the sun. Energy experts warned there could be possible blackouts in the biggest solar eclipse since 1999. Nearly 90 per cent of the sun's rays will be blocked out in parts of Europe on March 20. In London and the South East , 85 per cent of the sun will be obscured by the moon whilst in northern Scotland, more than 95 per cent will be covered. The National Grid has warned that solar power output in Britain will halve during the event. The eclipse will last around two hours from 8.40am. The next one will not be until 2026.

NEWS REPORT : Daily Telegraph

Solar Eclipse 2015.jpg

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - In a just few weeks time on March 20th a shadow will be cast over Europe as a solar eclipse occurs. It is actually quite interesting to note exactly where the shadow falls. The map above clearly shows the shadow of the eclipse covering the whole of Europe, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Iraq/Iran & north Africa. Obviously the sun will only be partially dark at the edges but a shadow is created.

This shadow covers the exact nations mentioned in the Bible as being part of the final judgement of the world. All 3 stages of the final conflict are covered here. Stage 1 being war with Israel’s immediate enemies ( Hamas, Syria, Hezbollah ). Stage 2 being Russia, Turkey, Iran, northern African nations. Stage 3 being Europe / Vatican. Could this darkening of the sun over these ' very nations ' be a sign that the final judgement is about to happen ? Let us see !

ACTS 2v20-21 - The sun shall be turned into darkness & the moon into blood , before that great & notable ' day of the Lord ' come . . . And it shall come to pass , that ' whosoever ' shall call on the name of the Lord . . . shall be saved.

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