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NATO GENERAL DIRE WARNING : Russia is 'existential' threat to us

LONDON - Britain's most senior officer in NATO has warned that Russia could invade the Baltic States using tactics on display in Ukraine. In a speech in London, General Sir Adrian Bradshaw said there is a "danger that Russia might believe that the large scale conventional forces which she has shown she can generate at very short notice as we saw in the snap exercise that preceded the take-over of Crimea could in future be used not only for intimidation and coercion but potentially to seize NATO territory." Such a move, were it to happen, would invoke Article 5 of the organisation's constitution. This states that all NATO nations must come to the aid of other members in an act of collective defence. It would bring the Alliance into direct conflict with Russia.

Sir Adrian , the Deputy Supreme Commander of NATO forces , said " We are today seeing Russian conventional forces employed, albeit subject to continued brazen denials by the Kremlin, in eastern Ukraine to assist separatists to seize territory," He added: "The threat from Russia and risk it brings of miscalculation resulting in a strategic conflict, however unlikely we see it, represents an existential threat to our whole being." It is one of the strongest warnings yet from any NATO or EU official and comes 48 hours after UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon made similar remarks, calling Russia a "clear and present threat".


PROPHECY INSIGHTS - As Vladimir Putin continues to rise in power & influence across the global stage , alarm bells are ringing among Western analysts & military experts who are realising there is simply no global power willing or able to halt the growing ambition & power of this marauding Russian juggernaut. While carving off & annexing large swathes of Ukrainian territory , Russia's Putin continues to intimidate & threaten conflict in the Baltics & wider Europe. Nations are on edge , as the Russian bear menaces its neigbours & imposes its will worldwide , exactly as foretold in Bible Prophecy. Consistent with Putin's provocative use of his military bombers & fighter jets to aggressively test the sovereign airspace of nations such as the USA , Britain & even Japan , Putin will continue to vex the Western nations as he further extends his tyranny over the nations before his ultimate demise at the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ upon the mountains of Israel.

Daniel 8v23-25 - In the latter time ... ' a king ' of fierce countenance understanding ' dark sentences ' , shall stand up & his power shall be mighty but not by his own power & he shall destroy wonderfully & shall prosper & practise & shall destroy ' the mighty ' & ' the holy people ' ( Israel ) & thro' his policy he shall cause ' craft ' ( deceit / treachery ) to ' prosper ' in his hand & he shall magnify himself in his heart & ' by peace ' shall destroy many ... he shall also stand up against the ' Prince of princes ' ( Lord Jesus Christ ) but he shall be ' broken ' without hand

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