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HIZBOLLAH FIGHTERS GATHER : Forces massing on Israeli border

GOLAN HEIGHTS - Military and intelligence sources reveal 2,000 Afghan & Pakistani Shiite fighters have joined an equal number of Hizballah troops , who are spearheading a march on the Golan from southern Syria , directly behind the Syrian tanks. They are acting on an order from the Iranian high command in Syria to integrate Shiite fighters from Afghanistan and Pakistan in combat for the Golan sector of the Syrian-Israeli border. These fighters were recruited from two Shiite militias which the Revolutionary Guards Al Qods Brigades have established among Iran’s minority communities, notably the Hazara & Zaynubian Militias. From Israel's viewpoint , the arrival of these fighters to boost Hizballah’s push in southern Syria attests to Iran’s intention to expanding the Hizballah war effort against Israel - both from Syria & from Lebanon. The injection of this new strength is designed to consolidate Israel’s besiegement from the east & the north by a strong, continuous Lebanese-Afghan-Shiite Shiite military belt under Iranian command & teach them to fight Israel as an integrated force.

NEWS REPORT : Debka File

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - We are on the cusp of the final fulfilment of the prophetic events spoken of in Psalm 83. While the world is transfixed on the march of the ISIS death cult & the tumultuous events with Russia's invasion & annexation of Ukrainian territory, quietly in the background Iranian-backed Hizbollah & it's Palestinian allies are now bolstering their forces along Israel's border in the Golan Heights with foreign mercenary fighters from both Afghanistan & Pakistan. These battle-hardened Shiite fighters further adding to the coalition of forces that will soon attack Israel in an effort to exterminate the Jewish State forever. Over 2,000 years ago Bible Prophecy accurately foreshadowed these events & this coming war between Israel's & its hostile neighbors , that will ' precede ' Russia's military invasion of the Middle East

Psalm 83v2-7 - Thine enemies make a tumult & they that hate thee ( God , the Holy One of Israel ) have lifted up the head. They have taken ' crafty counsel ' against thy people ( Israel ) & consulted against thy hidden ones. They have said , Come & let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have ' consulted together ' with one consent : they are ' confederate ' against thee. The tabernacles of Edom ( Arabs ) & the Ishmaelites ( Arabs ) of Moab ( Jordan ) & the Hagarenes ( Egypt ) Gebal ( Lebanon ) & Ammon ( Jordan ) & Amalek ( Jordan ) the Philistines ( Palestinians ) with the inhabitants of Tyre ( Lebanon )

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