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PUTIN PROCLAIMS " PEACE " : Ukraine breakthro' or deception?

BELARUS - Vladimir Putin came out of a 17-hour marathon peace talk & ' declared a ceasefire ' to the violence in East Ukraine. The deal is being described as a breakthrough in the crisis that's claimed more than 5,400 lives. Still, questions remain whether the terms will be acceptable to both Ukraine's president Petro Poroshenko & the pro-Russian rebels.

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The peace talks had three main objectives : to secure a ceasefire, withdraw heavy weapons & create a demilitarized zone in Eastern Ukraine. Petro Poroshenko, Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkal and French President Francois Hollande were all in attendance. Hollande reaffirmed Putin’s sentiments, saying that they had reached a “ serious deal Reportedly all parties, including Putin, pledged to restore all of Ukraine’s border with Russia, some of which is currently under the control of the separatists. Likewise, both warring parties agreed to withdraw heavy weaponry by about 50 to 70 kilometers in the next two weeks, effectively creating a demilitarized zone, as part of the ceasefire. Putin also said that the rebels believed they had Ukrainian forces surrounded & expected the military to surrender. Poroshenko disagreed with that assessment & Putin & the Ukrainian president agreed to clarify the situation. The ceasefire will effectively start on Sunday. The ceasefire negotiations have been a flash-point in the Ukrainian crisis & in Russia’s overall relationship with the West. As Ukraine’s president Porshenko explained, “ the entire world is waiting to see whether the situation moves toward de-escalation, weapons pullback, cease-fire or … spins out of control.”

FULL REPORT : The Inquisitor

Dan 8v23-25 - And in ' the latter time ' of their ( man's ) kingdom , when the transgressors are come to the full , a ' king ' of fierce countenance ( Russian ' Gog ' Vladimir Putin ) understanding ' dark sentences ' ( tricks , perplexing ambiguities ) shall stand up & his power shall be mighty but not by his own power & he shall destroy wonderfully & shall prosper & practise & shall destroy ' the mighty ' & ' the holy people ' ( Israel ). And through ' his policy ' also he shall cause ' craft ' ( lies / deception ) to prosper in his hand & he shall magnify himself in his heart & ' BY PEACE ' shall destroy many . . .

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