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RUSSIA VOWS " ALL-OUT-WAR " : US-EU warned : "Don’t arm Kiev"

BRUSSELS - A close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin has told the European Parliament that "all-out war" could result if the US supplies arms to the Ukrainian government in Kiev. Alexei Pushkov, a leading Russian MP, was addressing about 100 MEPs in the parliament's foreign affairs committee. He was speaking after President Barack Obama said he had not ruled out sending arms to Kiev if diplomacy failed. The option of lethal defensive weapons was being examined, Mr Obama said. Mr Pushkov, who is on the US sanctions blacklist, warned that American weapons could "expand the war & turn it into a real threat to the whole European security system"


Dan 8v23-24 - And in the ' latter time ' of their ( man's ) kingdom , when the transgressors are come to the full , a king of fierce countenance ( Russian Gog ) understanding dark sentences ( ex-KGB Chief ) , shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty but not by his own power ( Vladimir Putin ) & he shall destroy wonderfully & shall prosper & practise & shall destroy ' the mighty ' ( U.S.A ?!? ) & the holy people ( Israel ) .

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