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US ANTI-ISIS COALITION FRAYS : Gulf Arabs oppose Iran involvm't

MID-EAST - The group of nations US President Barack Obama assembled last September for an air offence against ISIS inroads in Iraq & Syria is fraying. Wednesday, Feb. 4, US officials admitted that the United Arab Emirates had suspended its air attacks in early December, directly after a Jordanian bomber was downed over the Islamic State’s Syrian headquarters in Raqqa & its pilot Lt. Mu’ath al Kassasbeh was taken prisoner. He was later burned alive by Islamic State executioners, as a video released this week revealed.

Although the UAE , Jordan , Saudi Arabia , Iraq & Bahrain joined the coalition from the start, most observers believe their participation was more symbolic than active. The UAE has the biggest & most modern air force in the Gulf region & so its withdrawal is a major blow to Washington’s war effort such as it is. The four Gulf Arab participants in the US-led group entertain profound reservations on another score : Iran’s increasing involvement in the US-led war on ISIS & the growing operational coordination between the two powersespecially in Iraq – compared with Washington’s dwindling cooperation with the Gulf participants.

It is feared in Riyadh – & not just in Abu Dhabi – that the joint US-Iranian war effort against Islamic State ( ISIS ) is providing a ' screen ' behind which the Obama administration is opening doors for Iran to advance its regional aspirations. They are adamantly opposed to Obama’s policy in this regard & are loath to lend their air strength for its support. Therefore the entire Gulf component & not just the UAE , may be quietly taking its leave of the US-led coalition against ISIS.

FULL REPORT : Debka File

PROPHECY INSIGHTS : The report above which details the increasing disillusionment of the Arab Gulf States with America's Mid-East policy & the Obama's Administration's perplexing moves to bring ' Iran ' in as a US-partner , highlights the seismic divide developing between the United States & it's traditional allies. This shocking & unthinkable move by President Obama , to partner ' Iran ' ( the world's largest ' state sponsor ' of terrorism ) is a curtain-raiser to a 2,000 year old bible prophecy which clearly states Iran ( together with Russia ) will soon attack Saudi Arabia , & invade & conquer Iraq. Almost unthinkable !!! . . . but it seems certain US President Barack Obama will soon cut a ' deal of convenience ' & to green-light Iran's Nuclear Program in return for Iran's co-operation to exterminate the ISIS threat in Iraq & Syria , thereby absolving the U.S from involvement & giving ' a pass ' to Iran's hegemonic regional ambitions as it drives thro' Iraq & Saudi Arabia . . . enroute to it's ultimate objective Israel & the Holy City , Jerusalem . . . Exactly as foretold in God's Word.

Isaiah 21v1-9 - The burden of ' the desert of the sea ' ( Saudi Arabia ). As whirlwinds in the south pass through ; so it cometh from the desert , from a terrible land ( Iran ). A ' grievous vision ' is declared unto me ; the ' treacherous dealer ' ( Iran ) dealeth treacherously & ' the spoiler ' ( Russia ) spoileth. Go up, O ' Elam ' ( Iran ) : besiege , O ' Media ' ( Iran ) ; all the sighing thereof have I made to cease. Therefore are my loins filled with pain : pangs have taken hold upon me, as the pangs of a woman that travaileth : I was bowed down at the hearing of it ; I was dismayed at the seeing of it. . . . . Prepare the table , watch in the watchtower , eat , drink : arise , ye princes & anoint the shield. For thus hath the Lord said unto me , Go, set a watchman , let him declare what he seeth . . . behold, here cometh a chariot of men, with a couple of horsemen. And he answered & said , Babylon ( Iraq ) is fallen, is fallen.

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