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THE FALL OF YEMEN -- Prophetic ' Death Knell ' for Saudi Arabia

The Middle East is unravelling rapidly. ' The fall ' this week of long-time US ally , Yemen , into the hands of pro-Iranian ' Houthi ' rebels is a geo-political earthquake , that will have grave consquences for the whole world. More immediately , this power shift now presents an existential threat to the ' Sunni ' Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a new ' hostile ' Shi'ite regime now on its southern border & controlled by its arch nemesis Iran , the global oil-giant Saudi Arabia is potentially at risk. If Saudi Arabia were to fall , world stability would crash.

Yemen - for decades a largely lawless & untamed wilderness - has been shakily governed by ' pro-American ' leaders while continuing to be wracked by warring militias. In recent years it has become home to Al-Qaeda's most violent branch AQAP ( Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula ) & the source of so many terrorist attacks world-wide in recent times , including the Paris Attacks just this month.

This week's developments as ' Houthi ' rebels - backed by the regime in Iran - overwhelmed Yemeni forces , seized the Presidential Palace & ousted the President & his entire cabinet represents a death blow to this failed nation state. Strategically , it's a major victory for Iran's Shi-ite regime , virtually completing a ' hostile encirclement ' of the Sunni-ruled kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore , the fall of Yemen now provides Iran with choke-points on both sides of the Arabian Peninsula - effectively being able to disrupt or blockade the major oil transit corridors out of the Middle East.

Saudi King Abdullah 001.jpg

The death of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah ' within a day ' of Yemen's fall ... is not mere co-incidence !!! It is part of unfolding Bible Prophecy , preparing the nations for the tumultuous end-times events that precede the return of the Lord Jesus Christ & his judgments on the nations. King Abdullah's death & the fall of Yemen are key developments that have irreversibly destabilised the Saudi kingdom & left it ready for the next stage of prophetic fulfilment.

These events are ' prophetic precursors ' to coming events foretold over 2,500 yrs ago & in one chapter of the Bible. The old testament prophet Isaiah wrote of a grievous vision , wherein he describes dark events to befall Arabia ( known as ' the desert of the sea ' or Kedar ) This vision describes in sequence the ominous approach of 2 sinister forces , ' the treacherous dealer ' ( Iran ) & ' the spoiler ' ( Russia ). The chapter details the ' fall of Babylon ' ( Iraq ) under the whirlwind advances of the Russian - Iranian confederacy before Saudi Arabia also falls " within a year ". These events we are witnessing in the Middle East , are most assuredly the unfolding of latter-day Bible Prophecy & the spring-board to Iran's coming attack on the Saudi kingdom.

Isaiah 21v1-2 - The burden of the ' desert of the sea ' ( Saudi Arabia ). As whirlwinds in the south pass through ; so it cometh from the desert , from a terrible land ( Iran ). A grievous vision is declared unto me ; ' the treacherous dealer ' ( Iran ) dealeth ' treacherously ' & ' the spoiler ' ( Russia ) ' spoileth '. Go up, O Elam ( Iran ) : besiege , O Media ( Iran ) ; all the sighing thereof have I made to cease . . . v9 he answered & said , Babylon ( Iraq ) is fallen , is fallen & all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground . . . v16 The Lord said unto me , Within a year . . . & all the glory of Kedar ( Saudi Arabia ) shall fail & the residue of the number of archers , the mighty men of the children of Kedar ( Saudi Arabia ) shall be diminished . . . for the LORD , God of Israel hath spoken it.

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