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THE FALSE PROPHET - ' Bad omens ' continue in the Philippines

Pope Francis has just completed a widely celebrated visit to Asia's most populist Catholic nation the Philippines , where 80% of its 100 million population are Catholic. The Pope's mission was to visit the victims of the devastating 2013 Super Typhoon Haiyan which killed over 7,000 people & left over a million people homeless.

So could it just be co-incidence . . . Pope Francis' Philippines tour was hurriedly cut short by yet another Typhoon ?? And is this ' Rockstar ' Pope truly the divinely-approved representative he purports to be ?? We need to look past the media-hype & Francis' mesmerising popularity to understand the phenomenon that is Pope Francis.

The Pope has enjoyed an extraordinary rise to global power & influence in the 2 years since his appointment . . . but has there ever been a Pope with such a bizarre series of unsavoury & unfortunate mishaps. Consider the following :

1) Almost to forewarn of the significance of the coming Pope , Francis' predecessor Benedict resigned from office amid a storm of controversy - the first time a Pontiff had stepped down in over 600 years. Benedict's shock announcement was accompanied by a ' freak lightning strike ' on the Vatican within just 2 hours !!! A sign from above perhaps ?!?

2 ) Since then an extraordinary series of mishaps have haunted Francis' reign. January 2014 brought two bizarre & disturbing omens. On Jan. 26 before tens of thousands of followers , the Pope with two young children releases ' Peace Doves ' from a Vatican window. Within moments the ' Papal Doves ' were swooped upon & attacked by a large black crow & a seagull. A distinctly ' bad look ' ... after a prayerful request ' for Peace ' by the Pope. But was it just co-incidence or a sign ??

3 ) Just three days later . . . a freak ' Giant Rolling Stone ' crushed a 300 y.o building in northern Italy - owned by the Catholic Church. Freak Event - or - Fore-warning ?? The Vatican-owned building was destroyed after a ' giant boulder ' dislodged in a rockfall , causing millions of euros in damage. First reported on Jan 28 , ( Within just hours of Pope Francis appearing on the iconic ' Rolling Stone ' magazine's cover ) The bizarre 4,000 cubic metre rock fall occurred in the same week , the same tiny nation & directly impacted the same religious system !! All just co-incidence ??

4 ) Could there be more ?? Yet another ' freak incident ' in April on the eve of an extraordinary & unprecedented ' double canonisation to sainthood ' of two Popes ( John XXIII & John-Paul II ) an enormous over-hanging crucifix monument honoring the late John Paul - collapsed crushing & killing a 21 year old man in northern Italy.

All quite disturbing. But DID YOU KNOW ?? . . . even the Pope's historic visit to the Philippines to comfort the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan , was also marked by terrible incidents with unmistakable meaning. Aside from the irony that the Pope's visit was dramatically & hurriedly ' cut short ' by the encroaching threat of yet another Typhoon ( ' Mekkhala ' ) two events continued Pope Francis' stunning series of bad omens.

5 ) Firstly , just moments after he was whisked away from Tacloban Airport a jet aircraft carrying 11 government officials following the Pope's Tour blew its front tyres & overshot the runway & careened along the ground. Mercifully no one was hurt , but authorities closed the airport amid storm Mekkhala.

This serious incident followed . . .

6 ) another freak accident earlier in the day when a 27-year-old volunteer from Catholic Relief Services was killed when a speaker & scaffolding collapsed in winds.


Given the Pope's so-called ' mission ' in the Philippines was to comfort the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan , undoubtedly the ' most incredible irony ' is contained in a stunning video ProphecyNewsDesk published in December 2013 - just 3 weeks after Haiyan struck. The video details , not just the devastating Typhoon , but also the two little known ' earthquakes ' that straddled Haiyan. Even more amazing , the video vividly details the exact reason ' WHY ' God sent this catastrophic storm & the two earthquakes , & further provides direct-&-irrefutable proof of the Vatican's link to these disasters that befell the Philippines in just a matter of weeks.

Please watch the video to the end , consider the evidence & decide for yourself.

So , are all these mystifying events & their unmistakable timing , simply random meaningless events ?? Obviously not !! They are clear warnings of the coming ' divine judgment ' on this apostate religion that ' falsely masquerades ' as God's representatives on earth . . . & all who hold to her ungodly sorceries.

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