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RUSSIA TO INVADE UKRAINE ?? President fears 'full-scale' attack

KIEV - President Petro Poroshenko has told MPs the military must prepare to defend against a possible " full-scale invasion " from Russia , amid a surge of violence in eastern Ukraine. Russia has denied that its military is involved in Ukraine , but Mr Poroshenko said 9,000 of its troops were deployed. Clashes involving tanks took place in two areas west of Donetsk on Wednesday. There was a " colossal threat " that large-scale fighting would resume , the president told parliament in Kiev. The outbreak of violence , in the government-held towns of Maryinka & Krasnohorivka , was among the worst in eastern Ukraine since a ceasefire was signed in Minsk in February. International monitors from the OSCE said that in the hours before & during the fighting around Maryinka a large amount of heavy weapons was spotted moving towards the contact line in rebel-controlled areas.

NEWS REPORT : BBC ( June 4, 2015 )

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - Following recent reports , Russia is massing troops & weapons along the border with Ukraine , President Poroshenko is warning there is a colossal threat of large scale fighting resuming. " Ukraine's military should be ready for a new offensive by the enemy, as well as a full-scale invasion along the entire border with the Russian Federation," he said. " We must be really prepared for this.” More than 6400 have been killed in Ukraine since April 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea. It’s interesting with Bible in hand that reports always talk of “ rebels ” seizing territory in eastern Ukraine backed by Russian soldiers. The Bible says in Daniel 8 ( which speaks of the ' latter day ' king of the north ) that “ rebels ” will become completely wicked. During this time a fierce looking king , a master of deception will arise. The original king of the north was Antiochus Epiphanes . . . . the latter day king is Putin !!

DANIEL 8 v 23-24 (NIV) - In the latter part of their ( man's ) reign , when rebels have become completely wicked , a fierce-looking king , a master of intrigue , will arise. He will become very strong , but not by his own power. He will cause ' astounding devastation ' & will succeed in whatever he does.

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